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@dafnalinzer Dafna Linzer @dafnalinzer

Three more tweets on NFL and still none on Puerto Rico:

Three more tweets on NFL and still none...

@jamilsmith Jamil Smith @jamilsmith

Puerto Rico’s governor is pleading for more help while the president tweets about Steph Curry and athlete protests.

@shadowingtrump Shadow Cabinet @shadowingtrump

Q: What happens when a POTUS has far more hate than empathy? A: He tweets 13X on black athletes kneeling & 1x on Puerto Rico drowning.

@mclissefandomph MCLISSE FANDOM ✨ @mclissefandomph

More fresh tweets Fam. Mahihirapan tayo lalo later, kasi primetime na. Kaya ngayon pa lang, buhos na, #McLisseMakingMegaLaunch

@PaulReggio1 Paul Reggio @PaulReggio1

Trump tweets that Puerto Rico "owes billions to Wall Street". Just when you think you can't hate him more, this motherfucker says this.

@EdMay_0328 ⚫Cha's busy.Be back. @EdMay_0328

233K tweets when most MWs are either at school or at work. What more if we tweet in full force. EDWARD OPPOSaranghaeyo

@JustJared @JustJared

.@jimmykimmel is back with another round of Celebrities Read Mean Tweets and it's hysterical!


The former NBA great has been more outspoken on social issues in the past year.

@mbchavez86 ⚫Marydale💎Edward @mbchavez86

Pataas ng pataas ang tweetcounts pero pababa ng pababa naman tayo sa trendlist.More fresh tweets siguro dapat! EDWARD OPPOSaranghaeyo

@etnow EntertainmentTonight @etnow

Gal Gadot, Jake Gyllenhaal, Elisabeth Moss and more celebs read new "Mean Tweets."

Gal Gadot, Jake Gyllenhaal, Elisabeth Mo...

@chimingkook calicocat 😽GA on 🔗 @chimingkook

[AAA link 🔗] [Stream DNA 🔗] [Billboard Social 50 📈] Mention @BTS_twt in ur tweets More ⬇️

@wise_tweets WISE @wise_tweets

Congratulations to the 2017 #WISEAwards winning projects! Find out more: #education…

@mechablues Mecha Blues @mechablues

More Zaibatsu related tweets after the break.

@nicochan33 Nicolas Babin @nicochan33

@satiricalterror thanks 4 connecting, I hope you enjoy my tweets on #data and #gamification. Find more

@barcastats11 Barcastats11 @barcastats11

Sorry for our lack of themes and colouring in our tweets we would try to be more legible and attractive.

@yerpalmildsauce 359 Days to SauceDay @yerpalmildsauce

Yes I deserve more followers; no I'm not willing to pander by "posting good tweets" or "having a fun personality" or "being a good person"

@ChurchofSatan The Church Of Satan @ChurchofSatan

If our tweets are the most unholy thing you’ve ever seen, you definitely need to get out more.

@TSwiftFCT Taylor Swift Facts @TSwiftFCT

Taylor Swift got more hate for discounting her song than Cardi B for posting homophobic and racist tweets.

@x3_brendaa HER BTS DNA ♡ @x3_brendaa

@dirtykook I feel you. My RTs of memes or gifs get more love than my tweets to stream & vote.

@talhaaamir1 Talha Aamir 💯⬇ @talhaaamir1

thanx for follow rt my tweets to gain more @Aksiyonisci Aksiyon Sözler via

@talhaaamir1 Talha Aamir 💯⬇ @talhaaamir1

thanx for follow rt my tweets to gain more @ozkanyaziyor Özkan Özkan via

@davidmackau David Mack @davidmackau

Sarah on Trump tweets: "It really doesn't take that long to type out 140 characters & [he's] capable of doing more…




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