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@cbssportsnba CBS Sports NBA @cbssportsnba

tonight the NBA returns RT if you're ready for more classic moments like this

tonight the NBA returns

RT if you're re...

@6lack bear @6lack

sacrifices are real. u lose money/friends/moments & you’ll push ur body & it’s health to new limits. but if u love it, go for it. one life.

@brianstelter Brian Stelter @brianstelter

This tweet came moments after @CNNSitRoom discussed the new Forbes magazine list showing Trump’s net worth ⬇️ $600…

@emmakfreeman Emma K. Freeman @emmakfreeman

Highly recommend visiting @MigrationUK insightful & excellent exhibition on 7 migration moments that changed Britai…

@CDP2017 立憲民主党 @CDP2017

政策関係をまとめたいけど手が回らない...と思っていた中の人の代わりに、モーメントを作成してくださった方がいます。本当にありがとうございます!ぜひご覧ください。 #立憲民主党の公約 #枝野語る

@felix_nzl Felix_NZ @felix_nzl

She had my vote! ⚡️ “Jacinda Ardern and NZ Labour win New Zealand Election”

She had my vote!  ⚡️ “Jacinda Ardern and...

@btsportfootball BT Sport Football @btsportfootball

⚡️⚡️⚡️ Great sportsmanship from Man Utd players consoling 18-year-old Benfica player after error

@tenisow TENI @tenisow

#Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. #sahara…

@cloudencyte Julien Nelson @cloudencyte

Some of the best moments in life are the ones you can't tell anyone about.

@j_ilogical J.Ilogical Crazy @j_ilogical

<⚡️ “Detalles de la vida con mis toques” por @j_ilogical

@TwitterMoments Twitter Moments @TwitterMoments

BTS made some new friends, and one of them is a corgi.

@londonbaker221b er@美容垢 @londonbaker221b


@gekkan_fujitomo 月刊セレンディピティアイドル@編集部 @gekkan_fujitomo いよいよ明日、#月刊セレアイ がスタートするわ!企画の概要や注意点をまとめたから、一度、確認してね!

@whoiskwam COACH KEV - RIP PABZ @whoiskwam

@MomentsES Moments en Español @MomentsES

⚡️ #Flicker de @NiallOfficial está a unas horas de salir y su fandom ya no puede más 😍

@ARanganathan72 Anand Ranganathan @ARanganathan72

Servile, casteist, sectarian, bigoted, communal - SHOCKING views of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan missing from our textbooks:

@KingKrakens King Kraken @KingKrakens

@HopeStillFlies @mombot

@ryannnmckee Ryann @ryannnmckee


@_m_0_ Benny Adam @_m_0_

@h_oct1812 りほっく @h_oct1812

@MomentsAU Moments Australia @MomentsAU

BTS made some new friends, and one of them is a corgi.

@DeabanNero Lyon (リョン) @DeabanNero

⚡️ “まふまふさん誕生日2017&明日色ワールドエンド発売記念カウントダウン”

@denis_psbeyond Video Games Feed @denis_psbeyond

The Best Moments In #Batman'S WTF History

The Best Moments In #Batman'S WTF Histor...

@adrparsons Andrew Parsons @adrparsons

Usually in movies the audio of dialogue overrides the background. Nice use of creative subtitles following characters' punctuated moments.

@kappa_kptr かぱたろー @kappa_kptr

⚡️ 「はいふりイラストまとめ」(作成者: @kappa_kptr)

@GintamaHub Gintama Hub @GintamaHub

Lets just take a moment and appreciate Gintama’s beautiful moments and aspects like these

Lets just take a moment and appreciate G...

@Squawka Squawka Football @Squawka

Stunning performances 👏 Huge milestones 💯 Broken records 💥 What a week of Champions League football. 🙌

@narratagemovie 映画『ナラタージュ』 @narratagemovie

主演:#松本潤 × ヒロイン:#有村架純#ナラタージュ』が大ヒット上映中✨ 2人の「許されなくても一生に一度のすべてを捧げた純愛」の切なさ・愛おしさにコメントが続々と到着💞

@_______cyqt_3__ ㅤ       田柾國 @_______cyqt_3__

@qk about me

@iempress_1 Empress👸 @iempress_1

🔻🔶🔻🔶🔻🔶🔻 Let FIRE CRACKERS Burn ur Sorrows LAMPS Light up ur Life RANGOLIS add Color 2 ur Days& SWEETS bring Sweet M…

@_s_op Sisipho M @_s_op

One of the most funniest moments in SAn television 😂😂😂😂. It never gets old and gets me all the damn time 😂😂😂

One of the most funniest moments in SAn...

@jahirjrsystems ஜாஹிர் @jahirjrsystems

#Mersal - a gud family entertainer for this #Deepavali many goosebump moments for fans. Congrats @Atlee_dir…

@rameshlaus Ramesh Bala @rameshlaus

#Mersal [3/5]: Cinema is a visual medium.. @Atlee_dir has made sure movie looked rich.. Combining Mass Moments with Medical System msg works

@j_ilogical J.Ilogical Crazy @j_ilogical

⚡️ “I LOVE MUSIC part 5” por @j_ilogical

@Dr_laila_alamri ليلى العامري @Dr_laila_alamri

كفو #حمدان

@mcintacartes Maria Cinta @mcintacartes

@VilaWeb Ay ay ay això no es fa. Però, en aquests moments es fan tantes barbaritats ...... Portaves una samarreta xulissima!!!!!

@ShakkrPara Bajwa ☬ @ShakkrPara

@AamAadmiParty Moments for #CleanPoliticsThisDiwali

@lvrv_honokoto25 もちごめ @lvrv_honokoto25

Last Moments 鳥コン! 初見ビビったけどやってるうちにそうでもなく感じてきた

Last Moments 鳥コン!

@j_ilogical J.Ilogical Crazy @j_ilogical

⚡️ “Cuidate y serás feliz pero Shhh... es un Secreto...” por @j_ilogical

@swachhpolitics Swachh Politics @swachhpolitics

⚡️ “Scam of Sheila Dikshit Govt” by @AamAadmiParty

@babycarebot here's your reminder @babycarebot

✨: Life isn't perfect, but it has perfect moments.

@HWPL_PeaceMom Peace Mom @HWPL_PeaceMom

One doesn't recognize the really important moments in one's life until it's to late. - Agatha Christie #peace…

@rmdrk R. M. Drake @rmdrk

from friendship to feelings to moments. hold on to them while you can, love them dearly, and don't forget to always remember that.

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