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@sambitswaraj Sambit Patra @sambitswaraj

At All critical & important Political moments the Congress always conspires with the “otherside” Be it during the c…

@nbcthisisus This Is Us @nbcthisisus

Today, the happiest moments are simply happy. Congratulations to the cast and crew of #ThisIsUs on their…

@garethbale11 Gareth Bale @garethbale11

No easy draw in the @ChampionsLeague last 16. Looking forward to getting out there and more moments like these 🏆⚽

No easy draw in the @ChampionsLeague las...

@taylorboludeame Mural de flores🇦🇷 @taylorboludeame

@Riveters Metro Riveters @Riveters

Check out the highlights from our 4⃣-2⃣ WIN 💪 over the @BuffaloBeauts yesterday! Relive the best moments from our 3…

@camera_suzuki カメラはスズキ 横浜ジョイナス店 @camera_suzuki

また、フィルムだけでなく様々なカメラの使い方や特徴も紹介してゆこうと思います。 ↓ はロモグラフィーの「SIMPLE USE FILM CAMERA」の特徴と使い方をまとめたもの。 使い捨てカメラ…と思いきやフィルムが交換できる…

@Suz7Fd すず七@C93/3日目東パ60a @Suz7Fd

⚡️ "ハイボールを美味しく飲む本「安」" 新刊・サークルの情報はこちらに追加していきます。

@shadowmega24 itsserjuuu @shadowmega24

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Robot Chicken | Star Wars Episode II & III | Funniest Moments

@ndtv NDTV @ndtv

⚡️ “Yes, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are married. The rumours are true” by @ndtv #VirushkaWEDDING @AnushkaSharma…

@renao renã @renao

Fiz um moments com todas as gays patrocinada de até então pq nem pra fazer thread o Twitter presta

@stjulien julien @stjulien

this is what matters today. ⚡️ “Seedless avocados now exist so people won't injure themselves ”

@momentsbrasil Moments Brasil @momentsbrasil

O @Gremio entra em campo às 15h pela semifinal do Mundial de Clubes! O @HTE__Sports fez um #Moments⚡️ para relembr…

@DearWanderlust Dear Wanderlust™ @DearWanderlust

"Our happiest moments as tourists always seem to come when we stumble upon one thing while in pursuit of something else." #tourism

@hannahhe579 Hannakkah Herring 🎄 @hannahhe579

@PeanutButterGmr @sharigenae I always watch NC's. I think they made a new video listing off the top 5 moments in the movie

@eliesaaab femme fatale @eliesaaab

Still one of my favorite oscar moments ever

Still one of my favorite oscar moments e...

@hudson_reporter 📰Hudson Reporter🗞 @hudson_reporter

Great moments in history

@coreales XBlackWhiteBrown @coreales

You can focus on living or you can focus on dying. (Although only one would result in moments--good/bad/whatnot, an…

@x_khan1 Asiya Takher @x_khan1

@Trainfo_ とれいんふぉ 首都圏エリア 非公式運行情報 など @Trainfo_

■ Trainfo NEWS 速報 ■ 5:30頃、東武アーバンパークライン・野田線の運河〜江戸川台で発生したパンタグラフ損傷事故では、6両の当該編成を移動させるために回送の6両を連結して12両編成で現場から移動する準備中です。

@april_golightly April Golightly @april_golightly

My daughter never wants to smile for pictures. I usually have to make it a game of chase. When I start chasing her,…

@samthelambjam samantha @samthelambjam

💌some of my fav moments from the 12 year journey💌

💌some of my fav moments from the 12 year...

@ssb0807 やすはる@はるみ @ssb0807


@save_sungkyu 성규 저장소 @save_sungkyu

@pup1one Adam Hamilton @pup1one

Ever have those moments when you look on social media to see what the weather is like outside rather than going out to check it?

@Maichardology Justine ❤ @Maichardology

@kemmebebe I never thought I had the heart for photography. But it all changed when I came across these two. I le…

@nfeese Natalee Feese @nfeese

Some moments are worth remembering-both boys on the @ModelBasketball court together. So tickled. Thanks, Coach for…

@JynErso_2017 Jyn Erso @JynErso_2017

Things might get crazy out there people, but we have a strategy so don't panic. We in #TheResistance just need to…

@JohnsoJudi Judi NorthernJohnson 🐺 @JohnsoJudi

Its has been a long day Zach Fans and #ZachsCrew !! Missed all of you and hope you all had a fantastic beautiful da…

@cristalsnows Sarah ❄️ @cristalsnows

Can BTS release Best of Me MV as Compilation from The Wings tour and their happy moments with armys the song is abo…

@nancy_faust 🕊Nancy Faust @nancy_faust #nycbombing #portAuthority

@_mcskin Michael Ruskin @_mcskin

‘Jason K - Feel You Ft. Alice Janes (Beautiful Moments EP)’ on #SoundCloud #np

@pelicanovoa PelicanoVoa @pelicanovoa

Timeline de notícia do moments, só tem corrupção. Vai veno!

@scarletheart29 c•a•t•h 🐱 @scarletheart29

Marco: there are moments that i see maymay and edward, and they are totally fine...and then five minutes after and…

@Trainfo_Central とれいんふぉ 東海エリア 非公式運行情報 @Trainfo_Central

■ Trainfo NEWS α ■ 東海道線の名古屋〜枇杷島を走行中の岐阜行の普通列車でパンタグラフが破損して走行できなくなりました。当該編成は大垣車両区所属の313系Y107編成です。立往生前の区間を走行中に既に異常が確認さ…

@aollifestyle AOL Lifestyle @aollifestyle

Jennifer Lopez's best style moments in 2017

@Tweets2Motivate Motivational Tweets @Tweets2Motivate

Life is short, time is fast. No replays, no rewinds. So just enjoy every moments you have and make the best out of it.

@blancmodenuit Michelle @blancmodenuit

As a fan of Queens of the stone age this is not acceptable. I hope that the photographer is okay and that Josh Homm…

@faithcompassion LibertyBea @faithcompassion

Give Children a Chance dear Oxford😍😍😍

@MotivatedLiving Motivation for Life @MotivatedLiving

Life is short, time is fast. No replays, no rewinds. So just enjoy every moments you have and make the best out of it.

@shima_lima underwater @shima_lima

@Asynca Moments later Asy transcends and publishes 3 novels in an hour... that’s sounds like a lot of caffeine

@ajeng_rhm 아중 @ajeng_rhm

@teteco20007671 teteco @teteco20007671

Twitter初めて3ヶ月半 好きなセックスやら何やらについてつぶやいたものをまとめてみました ひとり時間のあるうちに…♪

@thiaguetesdothi @thiaguetesdothi

Vi isso e lembrei que já tava pensando em comprar o álbum da copa, mas eu tenho ctz q vou ficar com preguiça de ir…

@dagirldatswho The Girl 💙 @dagirldatswho

@GhanaianGold More accomplishments on the way. More moments to make it happen!

@wni_jp ウェザーニュース @wni_jp

【今年最強の寒波】12/12(火) 最強の冬将軍です。日本海側は大雪に警戒してください。太平洋側は、晴れても風が冷たいです。暖かくしてお過ごしください。今日の天気まとめ。 @momentsjapan #モーメント #天気 ▼画面を…

@deefoxyy Deana Fox @deefoxyy

I love the Toms drunk moments on #VanderpumpRules

@nolamandez Illegirl | ❄️ It’s always you, Crystal Snow ❄️ @nolamandez

One of the most beautiful moments 😭💜

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