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@hereisgina Gina Rodriguez @hereisgina

The moments you spend criticizing others are wasted moments you can spend working on yourself.

@shaunking Shaun King @shaunking

I believe Black Panther is one of the most important cultural moments in American history. I sincerely place it o…

@finnbalor Finn Bálor Forever @finnbalor

Forget about any controversial moments over the last 2 years, I’ve nothing but respect for @WWERollins & his perfo…

@MgaPatama Mga Patama Quotes @MgaPatama

Unexpected moments are the best moments.

@2020Comms #BackTo60 for #50sWomen #OneVoice @2020Comms

@carolynharris24 @timloughton When #APPG #StatePension #Waspi bias question remains unanswered, what conclusion is…

@daywalker1975 Day @daywalker1975

@missjillscott Moments like what? Cuz I'm still not convinced personally

@TwitterMoments Twitter Moments @TwitterMoments

Teenage survivors of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland, Florida, are inspiring people as th…

@moritz_hauptman 橋本りん 2/25 え02a @moritz_hauptman


@mintamya_317 min @mintamya_317


@heaven_1776 HEAVEN 17-76 • 🐒 @heaven_1776

Let’s talk about one of Michael Moore’s most deceptive moments- a little bit of editing magic that would be downrig…

@_Arobase__ Jr. @_Arobase__

Quand j'ai appris que le catch était scénarisé et que c'était faux mdrrrrrr cette trahison. Ça m'a détruit. Vraime…


if someone's going through the worst moments of their lives, try to help them smile. cause just one smile amongst a…

@RogueRepub1981 Rogue Republican @RogueRepub1981

This is awesome God rest his soul! He did not die in vein!!!

@charmscot Charmscot @charmscot

Quiet moments : Worship God #MORPinoyBiga10 Nais Kong Ibalik by Noven Belleza @mor1019

@69catm Çatm_69 @69catm

@shirotoki 白鴇◆閃華春大祭あ34a @shirotoki

あと実はモーメントというやつも作ってみたりしたんだよ!!! ⚡️ 「とうらぶログ」(作成者: @shirotoki)

@ryo_manatsu 真夏オタ@文字噛り @ryo_manatsu

@dewydoughty Ab.bae🌵🌸 @dewydoughty

I’m just so sick of how my parents treat me and my dog and then wonder why I backlash at them so often lately. You…

@rather_dashing Hispanic! At The Disco @rather_dashing


@MomentsJapan Twitter モーメント @MomentsJapan

#焼酎 で味わう #金魚#カッパ どんな飲み方?

@_sweetmonica Monica @_sweetmonica

@EnglandRugby England Rugby @EnglandRugby

MOMENTS OF THE YEAR | 15.11.16 Charlton Park head into the last minute of their match against Old Colfeians. Then…

@eybui abel @eybui

@shiba_hitoshi 仁@犬は仲間‼︎ @shiba_hitoshi


@goldoww GolDoW @goldoww

@ArthurPithude @LeLapinTaquin Je ne suis pas d'accord! Bien que la proportion de débiles et de collabos joue en not…

@kirasdarklight Haley Shearing @kirasdarklight

Black Panther was such a good movie! Not one of Marvel's funniest moments movie, but there were a couple gems that…

@Salvesayson SALVE ALDUBKingdom @Salvesayson

we cannot choose our beginnings… we cannot choose our end… but the moments in between… we choose who we are.…

@peacelovemariah A Queer Queen🏳️‍🌈 @peacelovemariah

@we_r_sunrockers サンロッカーズ渋谷 @we_r_sunrockers

人気者のサンディー🐻💛かわいいのですが…自由奔放でクラブもついていけてません💦なので皆さんの目撃ツイートを集める事にしました😆🎶この機会にアルバムに眠っているサンディーの動画、写真も #サンディー #サンロッカーズ渋谷 をつけてア…

@tdetae ☀️☀️☀️ @tdetae

Fav moments from this week's episode of BTS run!!

Fav moments from this week's episode of...

@taehyungpiics v @taehyungpiics

Here is one of taehyung’s cute and funny moments youre welcome. V TATA #iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy #BTSARMY…

@Natsuyasumin 夏@大阪都構想 (#選挙に行こう ) @Natsuyasumin

とてもわかりやすいです! 藤田あきら大阪市議の街頭演説を、早瀬さんが書き起こししてくださって、それをぴえぴえさんがモーメントにまとめてくださいました。 @daie_4442 @fujita_akira_

@mamitadamita Mita @mamitadamita

We fell off, we left, we hurt people & each other, we made mistakes, we have regrets, moments we want to change, bu…

@jsto JessicaMae Stover ✘ @jsto

So much material here My mind spins ⚡️ “The world was robbed of a majestic Olympic sport called ski ballet ⛷”

@yeolspuppy Baekhyun's laugh™ @yeolspuppy

I've watched some videos of their moments, couple things & etc. Well, I wouldnt claim theyre a couple but these pos…

@salvesayson SALVE ALDUBKingdom @salvesayson

Live for moments you cant put into Words. @lynieg88 @jophie30 @wengcookie @lovers_feelings #ALDUBLoveKeepsUsAlive

@zz3jovo3fvixtmn Евгений Туркин @zz3jovo3fvixtmn

Мне понравилось видео "|PUBG| FUNNY MOMENTS #3|Арабский дрифт| Такого вы еще не видели!|

@eyreflare Shishene Jing @eyreflare

Some of the victims, like Mr. Beigel, were remembered for having tried to spare others in the moments of chaos that…


🗣️ The BEST MIC'D UP Moments from the 2018 #NBAAllStar Weekend! 🗣️

🗣️ The BEST MIC'D UP Moments from the 20...

@Friendstagram Feelings ☾ @Friendstagram

We do not remember days. We remember moments.

@vanzmercado Vanessa Mercado @vanzmercado

"Happiness is a blur.." Candid moments with this babe are always ❤️ @delavinkisses #StyledByVanMercado

'Happiness is a blur..' Candid moments w...

@SadeOfficiaI Sade @SadeOfficiaI

@13015amartin Alexis 💋💀 @13015amartin

I also kinda hate them for being teases.

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