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@rollingstone Rolling Stone @rollingstone

Lin-Manuel Miranda recruits Riz Ahmed and K'naan for "Immigrants" video from 'Hamilton Mixtape.' Watch here…

@juanandresmejia Juan Andrés Mejía @juanandresmejia

#28Jun - Solidario con el Dip. @jguaido que recibió impactos de perdigones (en cuello y espalda) durante trancazo…

@asambleave Asamblea Nacional @asambleave

#28Jun Dip.@jguaido resulta herido durante brutal represión por parte de la GNB en la Av.Francisco de Miranda.

#28Jun Dip.@jguaido resulta herido duran...

@corbettreport James Corbett @corbettreport

How a Malaysian Money Scandal Ensnared Leonardo DiCaprio, Miranda Kerr, and Martin Scorsese #MediaMemes

@TheKennyDevine Kenny Devine @TheKennyDevine

Miranda's next column will focus on the 'fact' Cardinal Pell cannot/will not get a fair trial...…

@Carol_ASL123 Carol ASL @Carol_ASL123

#Ham4All Since I can't sing, I might as well sign! :) If @Lin_Manuel sees this, I WILL LITERALLY SCREAM!…

@thehill The Hill @thehill

Model Miranda Kerr turns over $8 million worth of jewelry to the Justice Department

Model Miranda Kerr turns over $8 million...

@qktipcom QkTip @qktipcom

Miranda Kerr has handed over millions of dollars worth of jewelry that U.S. authorities say was given to her as...

@qktipcom QkTip @qktipcom

Supermodel Miranda Kerr Returns $8M in Jewelry Tied to Alleged Scheme

@nuriagonza6861 Comey @nuriagonza6861

News Corp's Miranda Devine says police are 'hunting Catholics ... #HuntingCatholics ➡️ ➡️

@miranda_army10 •Miranda• @miranda_army10

¿Dónde Quedó El Poder Army? Si Se Puede, Somos El Mejor Ejercito!💕 #BTS en #KCAMexico

@anitam2483 Ana Mercedes Pèrez @anitam2483

#URGENTE ESTOS SON LOS paramédicos que se llevaron detenidos en San Antonio de los altos #28jun difundir! #carrizal…

@Jeff_Sparrow Jeff Sparrow @Jeff_Sparrow

So the people demanding all Muslims take responsibility for ISIS now think the police are ‘hunting Catholics’.

@alfredoromero Alfredo Romero @alfredoromero

#28JN 9pm Al menos 60 arrestos de manifestantes hoy: Altos Mirand7, Arag 2, Carabo6, Ccs9, Cojed 2, Lara 2, Miranda 2, Tach 1, Zul 29

@mrtonymartin Tony Martin @mrtonymartin

WTF Victoria Police? Andrew Bolt and Miranda Devine HAVE ALREADY CLEARED HIM!

@mykacuisonnn Khaleesi✨ @mykacuisonnn

Solid last night chito miranda!

@_lysssflo alysss ✨ @_lysssflo

so I watched all of sex and the city the series and I'm a little bit of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. 😅

@vanbadham Van Badham @vanbadham

Now, a short twitter break to recite twenty soothing Hail Marys rather than what rage may otherwise inspire me to yell at Miranda Devine. 😡

@miranda_esc miranda escalera✨ @miranda_esc

Hey @mathew_romo I thought you said your team was gonna win🤔

@ohmy_miranda 🤞🏾 @ohmy_miranda

@Pleigher but you don't respond via text 🤷🏽‍♀️

@shellzzz Michelle Roberts @shellzzz

Miranda Devine in fit of rage has now deleted a hysterical tweet #HuntingCatholics is what paedophile priests do…

@SeanBradbery Seano @SeanBradbery

Sorry Miranda Devine this looks less like #HuntingCatholics and more like #DueProcess... #CardinalPell

@botmedx botmedx @botmedx

DonaMed_VE:OSEUM Acido ibandrónico Comprimidos 150Mg. en Miranda disponible para donación en este link ->...

@lvov8011 Иван Львовскiй @lvov8011

Майдан работает! #перемога

Майдан работает! #перемога

@_emylia16 disco lemonade @_emylia16

if we ever ended on bad terms just know it's all good now (at least for me) u can stay mad if u want but idc anymore&i hope all is well w/ u

@daltonhenders27 Dalton⚾️ @daltonhenders27

@Miranda__Mars Our Guy Struckout ball got away runner advanced to third from second Grandal threw away the ball to first and we scored

@botmedx botmedx @botmedx

DonaMed_VE:OSEUM Acido ibandrónico Comprimidos 150Mg. en Miranda disponible para donación en este link ->

@ladylancing Ahsoka @ladylancing

@miranda_saea parece que vos necesitas atención por eso bardeas :/ Que bajón que no te hayan dado afecto en tu casa…

@audreyfashion4 Audrey Clark @audreyfashion4

Miranda Kerr Returns Jewellery Worth Millions From Jho Low … : .

Miranda Kerr Returns Jewellery Worth Mil...

@sophiebeerdraws Sophie Beer @sophiebeerdraws

Miranda Devine: Safe Schools sexualises children!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also Miranda Devine: Catholic paedophiles are okay tho

@Kimostrong3 Kimo🐶🔌 @Kimostrong3

Thank you😊

@luisdanielmenao luis daniel mena O @luisdanielmenao

@luisvicenteleon Entonces Simón Bolivar nuestro maxima referencia como pais fue muy malo y muy violento al igual qu…

@miranda_arlett Arlett @miranda_arlett

I'm not buying fast food 🤞

@domisfat baby boy 🥀 @domisfat

wow how can I achieve this level of confidence and self love 😿

@jaucheezy Chai Tea เจพี @jaucheezy

Miranda is real life losing it right now.

@Maby80 M.Gabriela Chávez C. @Maby80



@Vic_Rollison Queen Victoria @Vic_Rollison

If you, like me, are blocked by Miranda Devine and want to see her #HuntingCatholics tweet, here it is:

If you, like me, are blocked by Miranda...

@Angels Angels @Angels

#LightUpTheHalo! That was interesting. #Angels win 3-2!


That was interesting....

@mstanlick Mike Stanlick @mstanlick

Lin Manuel-Miranda's new charity challenge has inspired celebrities to sing some 'Hamilton' hits ...

@miranda_saea Miranda Saea @miranda_saea

@Ramastered ah dale

@hayleykelller_ hay @hayleykelller_

can't wait for my next tattoo👅

@nickkuk Nick @nickkuk

Craig Miranda is now following me on Twitter!

@boobietraphouse 𖤐journ€¥𖤐 @boobietraphouse


@fernandocegarra Fernando MRD @fernandocegarra

#NoMas Capriles en Miranda, corrupto ladron, esos 15 años de inhabilitación se convertirán en 15 años de carcel.

@ceceleigh07 Cece Leigh @ceceleigh07

@__xann__ thank you miranda <33

@trends5au Trends5Australia @trends5au

Top 5: 1: #FFACup +3 2: Cardinal George Pell -1 3: Michelle Payne -1 4: #HuntingCatholics -1 5: Miranda Devine +6

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