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@randpaul Senator Rand Paul @randpaul

Page 594 sec 626: No $ to require disclosure of content of an electronic communication. Good amendment here. It w…

@flatbushzombies Flatbush ZOMBiES @flatbushzombies


@jackposobiec Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 @jackposobiec

Flashback: Analysis shows Guccifer 2.0 metadata deliberately altered to appear to be from Russia

@dylanmckaynz Dylan McKay @dylanmckaynz

and the metadata of every cellular call I've ever made, including time and duration 😬😬

and the metadata of every cellular call...

@ActualidadRT RT en Español @ActualidadRT

No se trata del único sitio web que explota la metadata de geolocalización

@dylanmckaynz Dylan McKay @dylanmckaynz

metadata about every text message I've ever received or sent spoiler: I don't use messenger for SMS

metadata about every text message I've e...

@metadata_haikus Metadata Haikus @metadata_haikus

DPLA Subject Haiku #31765 Bituminous coal Xenophon. Anabasis Manufactures--Costs

@KentonVarda Kenton Varda @KentonVarda

Holy crap. Facebook logs your phone call and text metadata even if you don't make them using messenger?

@joryls Jory Soderman @joryls

@DLind Don’t make a filing system. Add metadata and use search.

@pittsburghnerd Pittsburgh Nerd Podcast @pittsburghnerd

For honest conversation about pop culture and more, you should check us out #PodernFamily #PodEcho #PodGenie

@mattburgess1 Matt Burgess @mattburgess1

Some really interesting details on how GCHQ responded to the London 7/7 bombings in this by @rj_gallagher – Surve…

@Jason_Aldean Jason Aldean @Jason_Aldean

NEW SONG! Check out “Gettin' Warmed Up” on @AppleMusic!

@dylanmckaynz Dylan McKay @dylanmckaynz

@LisaLeysen This metadata is something they internally use, but don't expose to third-party apps or programs in any…

@dylanmckaynz Dylan McKay @dylanmckaynz

@LisaLeysen I don't think that's possible - this is a read-only printout of the data The only way to write a progr…

@dylanmckaynz Dylan McKay @dylanmckaynz

@Flyfiddlesticks @codingo_ @aendrew I've adjusted the script so that it also dumps CSV files for each type of metad…

@with_integrity 🔥Adam Carter🔥 @with_integrity

@AdamSchiffCA @POTUS June 12 - Assange announces leaks. June 14 - CrowdStrike claims they found hackers on network,…

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