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@elongreen Elon Green @elongreen

Part of why the Parkland students are so effective is they're assigning blame. They're saying YOU are the cause of…

@loishh Lois van Baarle @loishh

catching up on artwork I forgot to post here last month! I've been lazy!! *is ashamed*

catching up on artwork I forgot to post...

@migunamiguna Dr. Miguna Miguna @migunamiguna

The primary reasons why despots, lazy drunkards and certified thieves have RULED Kenya - not GOVERNED - since 1963…

@ClintFalin Clint Falin @ClintFalin

This is how lazy malamute puppies become a little husky.

This is how lazy malamute puppies become...

@SixBrownChicks SixBrownChicks @SixBrownChicks

Q7. My husband's final check came from his former job. I opened it and discovered that he's paying child support. H…

@NlBOLE big baller baby @NlBOLE

Blac Chyna out here getting cars and jewelry with lazy head and I be making macaroni noises and choking for free I’m sick

@thesoloharry M @thesoloharry

is little mix rlly winning y’all GET UR LAZY ASSES UP AND VOTE ON ALL OF UR ACCS

@pixelthecat369 Pixel in Valhalla @pixelthecat369

@realDonaldTrump Questions: Why do you care? Where are your feelings on the recent mass murder of high schoolers? W…

@cnin_ Baal-Iarii @cnin_

This. I won’t. I know the right side it’s entire spectrum; are inherently good, but sometimes I can’t help it, why…

@iamhalseylinson SOUDE @iamhalseylinson

Move your lazy arses and vote for harry I'm about to choke #BRITVOTEHARRYSTYLES

@TypicalFratGuy Typical Frat Guy @TypicalFratGuy

If your girl doesn’t text you while she’s drunk she’s not your girl anymore.

@ConservGayGuy Conservative Gay Guy @ConservGayGuy

Unpopular opinion: The voting age should be HIGHER, not lower. The brain doesn't fully develop until we're 25 years…

@Mk16_sherbet MK16 @Mk16_sherbet

Avoid the car wash in china town at all costs. Says it’s open til 9pm, goes in, lazy cunt says can’t do it, put my…

@sinfulshinyfrog ↤↤ωαƒu↦↦ @sinfulshinyfrog

@PMDkadabra (He is whenever, the writer is not feeling lazy to do so.)

@tregresarah Sarah Tregre @tregresarah

Also wish I wasn’t so lazy so I could put self tanner on instead of hating myself bc I’m so pale

@pr0tus Trevor Brown @pr0tus

@transportworker Yeah, nah. Unions just allow lazy people to be payed way too much money for stupid simple tasks (at least in my field)

@TaurusTweetss Taurus @TaurusTweetss

#Taurus is smart and productive, but can be really lazy most of the times.

@11jackan busycity @11jackan

You'd have to be a real piece of fucking shit to make lazy jokes about recent tragedies and then tell people not to be sensitive.

@jerriesdutchie Aniek 🙅🏼 @jerriesdutchie

Okay so tonight are the @BRITs We have already voted the girls into the top 5 for tonight, but we aren’t done yet!…

@KusmiTeaUS Kusmi Tea @KusmiTeaUS

Happiness is a 3-day weekend, and a lazy afternoon #teatime with the new #WhiteAnastasia >>…

@hotgirlauty angel @hotgirlauty

I’m just lazy af and it take too long

@76mel Marcus Lambert @76mel

This Data Viz Tool Explains Privacy Policies You’re Too Lazy To Read

This Data Viz Tool Explains Privacy Poli...

@RubysBubys ruby? @RubysBubys


@thegomesfamily SCE to AUX @thegomesfamily

"Young people are so lazy and entitled they don't fight for anything" *young people fight* "No, not like that."

@yourfavgirlk kimberly @yourfavgirlk

I wanna go out but this weather makes me lazy

@avonsfrost 🌹 @avonsfrost

I'm so lazy like it's a problem

@dicaxluna 「 B. Y. 」 @dicaxluna

For the first time in my life. I am not the most lazy one from my group.

@cigarettehands M. @cigarettehands

harry when his lazy ass stans won’t vote

@____colombia Colombia @____colombia

@FedEx get your shit together, change your lazy ass employees or something! How you going to tell me my package was…

@blownrosee I L I S H A 🦖 @blownrosee

@TheSageNicole I did not expect to sleep for so long and it’s left me feeling sluggish ALL DAY. Guess I needed it or I’m becoming lazy?

@dsyimjaureguii Kimberly ~ @dsyimjaureguii

Because my lazy ass ain’t trynna wake up at 6am to be around your students.. I don’t like any of them.. and 8 hours…

@harryversxce angelina @harryversxce

Stop being lazy and vote #BRITVOTEHARRYSTYLES

@cloebernauw Cloë Bernauw @cloebernauw

you don’t get it okay it’s not easy for me to explain but i’m not trying to be lazy, it’s just that i’m so fuck…

@eny_oladele Eniola Oladele @eny_oladele

Nigerians, having and using a washing machine does not mean you're lazy or that you lack home training. This pov…

@mmithoney meche @mmithoney



@emilio_estimand America's Next Top Pot Hole @emilio_estimand

Old people: Kids these days are lazy, give up too easily and want everything handed to them. Also Old People: I do…

@quickslanding Quicks @quickslanding

Wray still director of FBI along with lazy agents who didn’t follow up on leads that would have saved 17 deaths mos…

@_sindyyLou Տíղժվ օϲɑʍԹօ @_sindyyLou

What a beautiful day to be lazy

@richardmarx Richard Marx @richardmarx

I’m constantly witnessing people of my generation criticizing the “youth of today” and some of it is valid. But I f…

@mattbarcomb Matt Barcomb @mattbarcomb

If your company has actually hired a department full of lazy slackers, the issue isn't your tools or development pr…

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