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@joebiden Joe Biden @joebiden

Thank you to the #AmericanPromiseTour moderators and thousands of readers who attended events or picked up a copy o…

@barackobama Barack Obama @barackobama

ME: Joe, about halfway through the speech, I’m gonna wish you a happy birth-- BIDEN: IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! ME: Joe.…

@mcfaul Michael McFaul @mcfaul

Just saw this now. Awesome. @JoeBiden is the kind of boss who generates this kind of love.

@ginas504 GinaS504 @ginas504

@bel_artsy @eugenegu @BarackObama @JoeBiden I don't know. I'm kinda new to twitter. maybe I somehow did that?

@RealDryHeat115 Rampant Chaos @RealDryHeat115

Remember the day of August 6, 2011 when creeper #JoeBiden runs in 2020. #JoeBiden2020 #31Heroes #Extortion17 🇺🇸 Say…

@blehaibi Déjà Bu || بشرى بنت أ/نوال @blehaibi

You can sit on a pinecone, mr. @JoeBiden #CallABirchOut

@imo_snarcasm Snarcasm @imo_snarcasm

@BarackObama @JoeBiden Creep

@adrielhampton Adriel Hampton🌹 @adrielhampton

@ReallyAmerican1 @BarackObama @JoeBiden Remember when we had a President and Vice President that the world respected? I miss those days!

@kuklapolitan13 Chris B. @kuklapolitan13



@nyeinchanaungg Nyein Chan Aung @nyeinchanaungg

@BarackObama @JoeBiden NLD supporters are going to kill and threatening the reporter

@BarackObama @JoeBiden NLD supporters ar...

@dieseld1969 Stop and Think @dieseld1969

@maxineperry72 @eugenegu @BarackObama @JoeBiden You are confusing morals with hatred and stupidity. O’idiot wil go…

@john3_and_16 hey it's me! 🇺🇸 @john3_and_16

Someone should contact important people like @JoeBiden to help this message get out!!

@ethbustanutstor caro misses ywt + is going to pax @ethbustanutstor

@BarackObama @JoeBiden dad come home the new guy is scary

@emmanuelmgalla2 Emmanuel Mgallah @emmanuelmgalla2

@BarackObama @JoeBiden Good my president I think for now you rest in peace

@inllhrprhntr Tera Hunter @inllhrprhntr

Excellent testimony from the Congr. women who forced the Senate to hear Anita Hill. Still clear @JoeBiden has yet t…

@NoScience4War Q_QuestionsStuff❓ @NoScience4War

@PrisonPlanet #CreepyJoeBiden #JoeBiden #Biden #Biden2020 #ExposeThePerp He pinches this little girls nipple She f…

@DeepStvte Deep Stvte @DeepStvte

Jeff Sessions Swats Joe Biden's Hand Away From Touching His Child... #CreepyUncleJoe #CreepyJoeBiden #PedoJoe…

@icon1226 MalcomFlexxx @icon1226

Son , @JoeBiden a whole perv

@the_boy1da Jarien Barlow @the_boy1da

This nigga @JoeBiden a pedophile.

@TheEllenShow Ellen DeGeneres @TheEllenShow

Happy birthday, @JoeBiden. Love, your running mate.

@emmanuelmgalla2 Emmanuel Mgallah @emmanuelmgalla2

@BarackObama @JoeBiden I appreciate you as the best president in the wold

@dieseld1969 Stop and Think @dieseld1969

@BarackObama @JoeBiden You really hate America and everything about it don’t you. I’m proud to say I NEVER voted fo…

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