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@davidhogg111 David Hogg @davidhogg111

We should pay our politicians the same amount as our teachers both jobs are just as important. If you say that’s no…

@charliekirk11 Charlie Kirk @charliekirk11

College has become a place where students are going into debt to study majors that don’t matter to go find jobs that don’t exist

@askanshul Anshul Saxena @askanshul

As you know 50 IIT alumni quit jobs & formed Bahujan Azad Party for SC, ST, OBC rights. Now, Their first demand is…

@simonlporter Simon Porter @simonlporter

As AI shapes the Future of Work, employers focus on human skills

@programmingncr Programming Gurgaon @programmingncr

[Hiring] Machine Learning Programmer for video game: Elo Hell - Seattle, WA #BigData submi…

@burkaproject Burk A Project @burkaproject

RT latimes: U.S. is way behind other nations on workers' readiness for jobs of the future, report says…

@alfred_hill Alfred Hill @alfred_hill


@tmj_inm_recruit TMJ-INM Recruit Jobs @tmj_inm_recruit

We're #hiring! Read about our latest #job opening here: Junior Recruiter/Sourcer -…

@k3shtk4r Mohammad Keshtkar @k3shtk4r

Uber’s tech jobs are still mostly held by white men under new CEO

@uppittynegress phoenix calida @uppittynegress

Sex workers and the sex work industry itself is far too diverse too stereotype. Some sw’s love their jobs, some hat…

@tmj_ich_legal TMJ-ICH Legal Jobs @tmj_ich_legal

Interested in a #job in #Chennai, TN? This could be a great fit: #Legal #Hiring #CareerArc

@alfred_hill Alfred Hill @alfred_hill

#93191 Certified Phlebotomist Tech II

@medicalaxioms Mark Reid, MD @medicalaxioms

Things that generate jobs in healthcare: 1. Regulations that slow you down 2. Patients in the wrong place 3. Emerge…

@AitheonOfficial Aitheon @AitheonOfficial

The hope of the company is to alleviate the effects of technological unemployment with technology! #Aitheon engages…

@fien_charlie Charlie Fien @fien_charlie

Lucy is on the right in pink jumper. Lucy works two jobs. She’s won employee of the year at hospital she works at.…

@kinougarderh Kinougarde Recrute @kinougarderh

Offre d'emploi: Baby-sitting 3,3 h/sem à CORMERY pour 2 enfants, 4 ans, 9 ans (CORMERY)

@alfred_hill Alfred Hill @alfred_hill

#93190 Certified Phlebotomist Tech II

@altsampiper SamPiper @altsampiper

@alt_labor I caught part of a public speech a while ago (want to say it was local level politician) who said it was…

@kinougarderh Kinougarde Recrute @kinougarderh

Offre d'emploi: Cherche nounou 11,5 h/sem à PARIS pour 2 enfants, 2 ans, 4 ans (PARIS)

@KlinikenJobs KlinikenJobboerse @KlinikenJobs

Bad #Neustadt a. d. #Saale #Bayern #Klinik #Krankenpflege Gesundheits- und #Krankenpfleger (m/w), #Altenpfleger (…

@kinougarderh Kinougarde Recrute @kinougarderh

Offre d'emploi: Baby-sitting 4 h/sem à GRANDCHAMPS DES FONTAINES pour 2 enfants, 2 ans, 5 ans (GRANDCHAMPS DES FONT…

@lesbonner Les Bonner #FBPE @lesbonner

#ThursdayThoughts @TopazStopBrexit: For every £1 we spend on EU we get almost £10 back in jobs,trade, growth and l…

@burkaproject Burk A Project @burkaproject

RT latimes: Jobs and work support could curtail L.A.'s stubborn homeless crisis, study says

RT latimes: Jobs and work support could...

@kinougarderh Kinougarde Recrute @kinougarderh

Offre d'emploi: Baby-sitting 4,9 h/sem à TOULOUSE pour 3 enfants, 2 ans, 4 ans, 8 ans (TOULOUSE)

@frankviewz Frank Views @frankviewz

@almacs2 @shserere @Trends_SADC A routine description for a job is: " any routine activity for which we earn income…

@logz05 Nick Loggie @logz05

The Best 7 Jobs for People Who Like to Read, Write and Share Content via relevance

@kinougarderh Kinougarde Recrute @kinougarderh

Offre d'emploi: Baby-sitting 4 h/sem à LILLE pour 1 enfant, 3 ans (LILLE)

@dailyjobupdates dailyjobupdates @dailyjobupdates

Health Care Assistant-Hindley/Ashton jobs in England and UK

@EmperorGoldhead Paul✝️ @EmperorGoldhead

There are more jobs because of our GREAT President Trump. Maybe the ignorant protesters who don’t have jobs should…

@km_stellenmarkt Kulturmanagement.Net @km_stellenmarkt

#Studentische #Aushilfen in der #TVProduktion in #Berlin gesucht! #Kulturmanagement #Jobs mehr erfahren:

@Nonchalantx3 🇻🇮 Sacred Entity🇻🇮🍥 @Nonchalantx3

I pick the laziest person to do the hardest job because they will find the easiest way to do it. - Steve Jobs

@mikefdupjourney Brickman in the Mirror @mikefdupjourney

#SomeThingsIDontMiss elementary school, middle school, high school, college, old jobs and internships, jury duty, etc.

@thewire_in The Wire @thewire_in

Half of India’s 1.3 billion people are below 25 and two-thirds are under 35. And they are desperately looking for j…

@vocabulary20000 難関英単語20000(英to英) @vocabulary20000

Lionize【li'e uhn iez】 (verb) "to treat as a celebrity" After the success of Apple, Steve Jobs was lionized by the media."

@uhs_jobs UHS Jobs @uhs_jobs

#Recruiting B5 radiographer in main x-ray #Southampton #ThinkUHS

@frankshovlin Frank Shovlin @frankshovlin

Assistant Professor in Literature (fixed term) at University of Nottingham #jobsacuk

@vexyvox Vexy Vox @vexyvox

"The Top Jobs Where Women Are Outnumbered by Men Named John"

'The Top Jobs Where Women Are Outnumbere...

@jobs_apple_bot Steve Jobs (Fake) @jobs_apple_bot


@ombudstvedt Ingvild Ombudstvedt @ombudstvedt

In Norway, today’s focus is the potential for new jobs and growth in industry when deploying #CCS. Important discus…

@tmj_ger_writing TMJ-GER Writing Jobs @tmj_ger_writing

Can you recommend anyone for this #job? Project Manager - #BHGE #SkilledTrade #Celle, Lower…

@juicencrackers G. Cracker @juicencrackers

I forgot that Drake (from Nickelodeon) was on a Challenge spin-off. I'm continuously surprised he keeps getting opp…

@tmj_uke_itpm TMJ-UKE IT PM Jobs @tmj_uke_itpm

Join the Mastercard team! See our latest #job opening here: #ProjectMgmt #Edinburgh, Scotland #Hiring #CareerArc

@tmj_sws_acct TMJ-SWS Acct. Jobs @tmj_sws_acct

Want to work at FARO Technologies, Inc.? We're #hiring in #CHE! Click for details: #Accounting #Job #Jobs #CareerArc

@tmj_inh_it TMJ-INH IT Jobs @tmj_inh_it

We're #hiring! Read about our latest #job opening here: Apps Programmer/Analyst 2 - #IT…

@amin_marine85 Amin Mohamed @amin_marine85

Epigenetics #postdoctoral #fellowship @CSIROnews

@theengineerjobs The Engineer Jobs @theengineerjobs

Electrical and Mechanical Engineer /Site Maintenance Technician, £30000 - £35000 per annum, Alfreton

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