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@tostitos Tostitos @tostitos

Tostitos wants you to get together with your friends, otherwise you might get replaced by someone else...…

@jcvd JCVD Official @jcvd

Happy Birthday, Chuck Norris! Wishing you an amazing day, my friend! #JCVD #ChuckNorris #HappyBirthday

Happy Birthday, Chuck Norris! Wishing yo...

@jcvd JCVD Official @jcvd

My wife, my daughter and my Mama. Three strong, beautiful and independent women. Every day should be International…

@KFMovieGuide Kung Fu Movie Guide @KFMovieGuide

NEWS: There's a two-disc Blu-ray/DVD Collector's Edition of the 1990 @JCVD film, #Lionheart (aka #AWOL), coming out…

@VanDammeFanz VanDammeFanz @VanDammeFanz

Petition: Blu-ray Release von „THE ORDER“ in Deutschland @JCVD @VanDammeFanz #JCVD…

@bot_jcvd Bot_JCVD @bot_jcvd

Le rêve, it's a feeling, c'est une sensation, une sensation réelle qui se produit si on veut. @putaindesashimi

@jazzyblue_7 Will O’thenorth👽 @jazzyblue_7

@kjcollard @JCVD Careful! No issues myself, but the Twitter police...

@keahikaiwi Keahi @keahikaiwi

@EVT_JClark @mattmanpadres Hard Contact sounds like a 90’s JCVD flick.

@jasonthibault Jason Thibault @jasonthibault

I made my buddy a JCVD Bloodsport themed 4-pack for his B-day.

I made my buddy a JCVD Bloodsport themed...

@eskadit eva piccininni @eskadit

@Not_JCVD Y e S

@not_jcvd I am not Jean-Claude Van Damme @not_jcvd

@eskadit OMG OMG OMG all the tropical drink emojis!!!

@eskadit OMG OMG OMG all the tropical dr...

@eskadit eva piccininni @eskadit

@Not_JCVD hawaii!!!

@rafasombroso Raffaelle @rafasombroso

He añadido un vídeo a una lista de reproducción de @YouTube ( - Universal Soldier: Regeneration - JCVD vs.

@david_wright18 David J. Wright @david_wright18

Finally touched the land of JCVD #Brussels

@bot_jcvd Bot_JCVD @bot_jcvd

Dans les magasins de lingerie, on ne voit pas de calendriers avec des photos de garage. @osakuest_1

@not_jcvd I am not Jean-Claude Van Damme @not_jcvd

@eskadit Ooooh where are you going?

@radzero83 Rad Zero [TeamLazor] @radzero83

For #SNESfriday and #RadMemories from 1992, I was playing Super #DoubleDragon for #SNES, reading #NintendoPower Mag…

@crispykareem Kareem @crispykareem

@Tostitos @JCVD

@Tostitos @JCVD

@thegarzanator Nick Garza @thegarzanator

I bet @JCVD drives a Jean Claude Trans Am

@fernanjvb Fernando @fernanjvb

@___JCVD Noob


Christmas is about spending time with family and loved ones. It’s about creating beautiful memories that will last…

@jluisperezg José Luis #LET @jluisperezg

@Lentejitas Agree en Amazon Primevideo. Es una gamberrada genial de este hombre 😁, recomendable también la película…

@rwfishbu1 BillF ❄ @rwfishbu1

The latest The Brewspective! Thanks to @jennifercassada @Not_JCVD @BrewYourOwn #craftbeer #beer


I’m happy to announce my new movie ‘The Bouncer’ starts shooting soon, which will be directed by Julien Leclercq.…


Hi friends! Thank you all for voting, here are the three winners of a signed ‘Kill ‘Em All’ poster! 1 -…

@___jcvd Jessica Cristina @___jcvd

Cosas que odio: 1)Guiar en la metro 2)Guiar en la metro

@raging_ivan1 ivan knight @raging_ivan1

@Tostitos @JCVD 👍👍👍

@Tostitos @JCVD 👍👍👍

@jonhawkins15 Jon Hawkins @jonhawkins15

JCVD is doing Tostitos commercials now eh?

@joecomposer Joseph Trapanese @joecomposer

@DavidLoPanned @Atencio The music for this spot is highly sub-par for the quality JCVD deserves

@jcvd_du_93 JCVD DU 93 @jcvd_du_93

J'adore les cacahuètes. Tu bois une bière et tu en as marre du gout. Alors tu manges des cacahuètes. Les cacahuètes…

@jaywolf24_u Jay @jaywolf24_u

@Tostitos @JCVD

@Tostitos @JCVD


Shout out to the Kickboxer Krew Killing it last night @ArcLightCinemas Photo by Jacom Stephens #kickboxer…

@Ronn_Gowan Ronān @Ronn_Gowan

@KarapetGopnik Seagal est une merde, le pire du pire. Keanu is life, Keanu is everything. Et puis JCVD >>>> Seagal.

@chgrand666 christian666 φ ✊🌿 @chgrand666

La fille de JCVD s'entraîne

La fille de JCVD s'entraîne

@That_Fing_Cat Ronald McReagan @That_Fing_Cat

You should get drunk today, but not because of some tired stereotype of national pride that has been hijacked and b…

@jackelitheone Jack Naiper @jackelitheone

@rickygervais have you seen the movie JCVD? I think you'd like that.

@not_jcvd I am not Jean-Claude Van Damme @not_jcvd

German dog doesn’t have time for your St Patrick’s Day shenanigans

German dog doesn’t have time for your St...

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