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@jcvd JCVD Official @jcvd

Hi friends! Lionheart came out 27 years ago! What do you think of this movie? #JCVD #Lionheart

@thr Hollywood Reporter @thr

Saban Films nabs @JCVD, Dolph Lundgren thriller 'Black Water'

Saban Films nabs @JCVD, Dolph Lundgren t...

@rsafilms RSA Films @rsafilms

The @NationalPost says @JCVD is "ascending toward triumph again" with @JCVanJohnson. Read their in-depth coverage o…

@dafeenom TheFrenchPhenom @dafeenom

Grave erreur d'annuler la série de JCVD

@wildersimon Simon @wildersimon

@JustinPinotti Absolutely. You know he’s a movie star the moment he enters the frame during his prime. He just neve…

@ahlephia Rhiannon Irons @ahlephia

@ZoeEHiddleston JCVD seems to have the majority of fans for this poll 😊

@tripastepod TriPastePod @tripastepod

@SarahKSilverman But I said why about JCVD at the start of it not the end ;)

@eilfmovies Steve-EILFM Podcast @eilfmovies

Jean Claude Van January is in full effect! Catch up at! #jcvd #moviepodsquad #PodernFamily…

@RareHorror Rare Horror @RareHorror

Jean-Claude Van Damme and Carl Weathers on the set of The Predator, when JCVD was still playing the monster

Jean-Claude Van Damme and Carl Weathers...

@yunglay Lay @yunglay

@JCVanJohnson @amazonprimenow @JCVD @iamkatfoster I just heard JCVJ got canceled!!!!!!!! Wtf? I’m so disappointed.…

@lesaviezvxus_ Le saviez-vxus? @lesaviezvxus_

D'après le théorème de JCVD, 1+1=1

@silvajuribrasil ANDRÉ LUIZ DA SILVA @silvajuribrasil

Adicionei um vídeo a uma playlist @YouTube DAMME - JCVD - Filme Completo Dublado

@allhotvidi Allhotvideos @allhotvidi

Al Hot News & Video's: "Top 10 Epic JCVD Moments" | Check the website: All Hot Video's Onli…

@thelastrowpod The Last Row @thelastrowpod

D: In case you were wondering, @JCVanJohnson is awesome and you should watch it @JCVD

@jean_roucoule Jean Roucoule 18_25 @jean_roucoule

@Celestin__JCVD @AnusDePute1825 J'imagine qu'on fêtera la fermeture de ton compte aussi 🌝

@letmebefell Especially Confused @letmebefell

@UberGuber JCVD was the catch here

@prof_ras August Profesa @prof_ras

@JCVD It's so amazing n reveals how to succeed in difficult situations through courage n self sacrifice. Trust the…

@ballestathomas Thomas Ballesta @ballestathomas

J'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "THE TRAINING OF JCVD" à l'adresse

@pepeyanez Pepe Yañez @pepeyanez

Por qué nadie me había recomendado ver Jean Claude Van Johnson? Ven cómo son? #JCVD

Por qué nadie me había recomendado ver J...

@thenaggingdick The_Nagging_Dick @thenaggingdick

@JCVD congrats on the US acquisition of BLACK WATER! Can’t wait to see #VanDamme and #DolphLundgren back in action!

@JCVD congrats on the US acquisition of...

@gay_ryan 🎈 @gay_ryan

@ACSFX @ricky_martin Ricky looks like Jean Claude Van Damme out for revenge @JCVD 😍

@sultan000015 سلطان @sultan000015

@JCVD o o o o 27 years ago! You must put this movie the museum

@buffa82 Dan Buffa @buffa82

Keep fighting the good fight, JCVD.

@ripgrimey Tyler Grimes @ripgrimey

Nooooooo!! Not JCVD!!!!!!!

@baekdosan Baek @baekdosan

JCVD était trop intelligent

@7youngjedi THuNDeRLiPPZ 💎🎧 @7youngjedi

@Sac1775 @The_Diamonding @TenMinPod @TommyBlacha @chadkultgen @WillSasso The first “oh wait” from the Skype call ha…

@_trending_vids Trending Videos Site @_trending_vids

Top 10 Epic JCVD Moments

Top 10 Epic JCVD Moments

@whotony TonyD @whotony

@IMDb Yeah nice timing since @PrimeVideo just cancelled #JCVD.

@chrbohnenkamp Christian Bohnenkamp @chrbohnenkamp

@SarahKSilverman And by the way JCVD is hilarious. Not every second but enough of it.

@TheDooge DJ Rothenbecker 🌮 @TheDooge

Goddamit! #JeanClaudeVanJohnson was great! @JCVD @JCVanJohnson All I wanted was 20 that too much to a…

@newwtubedotcom Neww Tube @newwtubedotcom

Top 10 Epic JCVD Moments

Top 10 Epic JCVD Moments

@___jcvd Jessica Cristina @___jcvd

Quiero ir al concierto de Tommy Torres 💔😭

@ilirlajcaj Ilir Lajcaj @ilirlajcaj

@M__Krc @BleacherReport Too 5 JCVD movies... 1. Double Impact 2. Kickboxer 3. Bloodsport 4. Nowhere to run 5. Hard Target

@metrosdawn Grant Ramsey @metrosdawn

@PrimeVideo don't let it be true. Did you guys really just cancel @JCVanJohnson but renewed The Tick. @JCVD is the…

@m__krc MK @m__krc

@IlirLajcaj @BleacherReport Top 5 lol, Same here, so tremendous. Is Double Impact greatest JCVD movie?

@mattzphelan BOUCHON DOLLAR MENU @mattzphelan

@WebBarr People need to realize that there was a time before JCVD was meta.

@18dMedia 18d.Media @18dMedia

Top 10 Epic JCVD Moments

Top 10 Epic JCVD Moments

@anthonyc59000 Anthony Caudron @anthonyc59000

@daniel_todd @JCVD @JCVanJohnson Bad 2018 prédiction. @JCVanJohnson is canceled.

@keithpentz Keith Pentz @keithpentz

Hey @JCVD can you pretty pls befriend and train @minakimes ? #mina-Li 🙇🙏🥋 #streetfighter

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