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@bizness_venture Spelling_Biz @bizness_venture

When does @HYBPA come back to tv?

@kimzjoyz84 Kimberly Walker @kimzjoyz84

@HYBPA When’s it coming back onto our screens? C’mon already!

@muffo80 Adam Van Unen @muffo80

When is @HYBPA coming back? Mondays aren't the same without it.

@gazz1801 Gary from Bundeena @gazz1801

@HYBPA when are you back on air?its already nearly april?looking forward to it.gaz

@wdstevens63 W.D. Stevens @wdstevens63

The Bachelor: Paradise is nearly starting. Hopefully @HYBPA will be back soon to keep us abreast of all the "unmiss…

@liamclarkson97 Liam Clarkson @liamclarkson97

@BeccaHayne I'm going to see Celia Pacquola tonight, she has said on HYBPA she knows very little of sport. I know T…

@petayoung Peta Young @petayoung

@HYBPA when are you guys starting back? So bored with TV at the moment!!

@mark_iscfc Mark Longden @mark_iscfc

@HYBPA Please come back soon :(

@bluey_clarke Damian Clarke @bluey_clarke

@rosewal At least gives more time to listen to MMM’s, quiz next, HYBPA👏👏👏

@velvettealeaf VelvetTeaLeaf @velvettealeaf

@Colvick I agree. I'm good with HYBPA and Hughsey We Have A Problem. It really depends on who the panellists are.

@colvick Colin Vickery @colvick

Ch 10 hitting the light entertainment genre too hard after success of HYBPA and Gogglebox. Cram, Hughesy, Rove’s Show Me the Movie - stop.

@amarjaa Amarjaa @amarjaa

Having #HYBPA withdrawal symptoms... When will you be returning?? @HYBPA


Were you paying attention in 2017? Celebrate the year that was with the #HYBPA To 2017? Special, 8.45 Tonight on…

@ricekat79 Katie Maree @ricekat79

Shows like #HWHAP and #HYBPA really highlight the amazing comedic talent we have in this country!! Absolutely lovin…

@jsadles John @jsadles

@HYBPA when are you clowns back on air?? #mondaylaughs @TomGleisner

@dulciengabbana7 DK @dulciengabbana7

Hello when does @HYBPA come back on?

@margare99378443 Margaret (maggie) Weir @margare99378443

@channelten whats happened to #HYBPA its one of my favorite shows #putHYBPAbackontv

@jadawhite Jada White @jadawhite


@aus_warrior АЦک ЩАЯЯЮЯ @aus_warrior

@Jane_L_Kennedy come back already with @HYBPA we miss ya Janey <3 It's like something is missing from life.

@bacon8100 Bacon Bacon Bacon @bacon8100

PSA: besides being my fave @HYBPA star (although we did half-famous spot Georgie Carroll down rundle street),…


We definitely can't pay this answer from Sam... #HYBPA

We definitely can't pay this answer from...

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