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@kamalaharris Kamala Harris @kamalaharris

Your Senators will be home starting this weekend. Keep up the pressure on health care — keep calling and show up at public events.

@braddjaffy Bradd Jaffy @braddjaffy

American Academy of Pediatrics: “deeply alarmed” by his decision … “the risk to infant and children’s health and de…

@aslavitt Andy Slavitt @aslavitt

Here is a new summary of the health bill the Senate is considering passing. RT if helpful.

Here is a new summary of the health bill...

@SenSanders Bernie Sanders @SenSanders

Sen. Rand Paul and I have very different ideas on providing health care in this country.

Sen. Rand Paul and I have very different...

@VOA_MN VolunteersOfAmerica @VOA_MN

CHW Deqa and Mohamed enjoy the afternoon after a health screening to prevent and control chronic health conditions.…

@SenFeinstein Sen Dianne Feinstein @SenFeinstein

Republicans don't have the votes on their health care bill. That’s good news—but it doesn't mean they won't try again. We can't let up!

@RealMuckmaker Muckmaker @RealMuckmaker

The Senate bill has united the country,the approval rating for their health bill is at 12% in the USA Today poll!

@fivefifths Vann R. Newkirk II @fivefifths

I spent a good portion of the last year reading, reporting, and thinking about what eventually became this piece:

@SenSanders Bernie Sanders @SenSanders

We will not rest until we’re sure Republicans’ immoral, unconscionable "health care” bill never sees the light of day in the Senate.

@hlthnews Hlthnews @hlthnews

A Dire Weekly Total for the U.S.: 25 Children Killed by Guns

@barbshellian Barb Shellian @barbshellian

To be Canadian is to be grateful-as global citizens we must work with others to achieve health for all…

@HynesLegal Hynes Legal @HynesLegal

Hynes Legal listed as leading law firm in Doyles Guides Leading Health and Aged Care Firms - Queensland 2017

@bzbx Boz Beck @bzbx

Key Republicans Want to Scrap Health Bill's Tax Cuts for Wealthy - Bloomberg #MitchCare #Trumpcare #Swampcare

@winvest2311 Barry Watts @winvest2311

New #Health and #Beauty products and advice from 4

@marileshernand1 Mariles Hernandez @marileshernand1

Puyat ang beauty ni @Miho55Nishida Take some ready and lots of vitamins. Health is wealth . GANBATTE MIHO

@SenKamalaHarris Kamala Harris @SenKamalaHarris

Who the Republican health care plan hurts: Americans with disabilities Seniors Millions of kids   Who it helps: Millionaires

@SenKamalaHarris Kamala Harris @SenKamalaHarris

The GOP health care bill would take away coverage for 22 million Americans to give tax cuts to the 0.4%. It's immoral. Retweet if you agree.


Mitch McConnell stole a Supreme Court seat He blocked a bipartisan response to Russian hacking He's still coming for your health insurance

@bishnoikuldeep Kuldeep Bishnoi @bishnoikuldeep

Energy, health, education, food security, jobs, #climatechange #SDGs: they are all linked:…

@MoveOn @MoveOn

.@SenDanSullivan #ProtectOurCare. Do not take away health coverage from the vulnerable in #AK.

.@SenDanSullivan #ProtectOurCare. Do not...

@homeswithgrace Grace @homeswithgrace

@kim @realDonaldTrump @lisamurkowski @DeanHeller @JeffFlake Resist all you want. Trump will succeed in health care…

@StayYoungMedia Staying Young Show @StayYoungMedia

A new study says that #cigarettes are killing you, quickly, from the inside out! #health #SecondHandSmoke #Smoking

@sryimnate @sryimnate

"do u have health insurance?" me:

'do u have health insurance?'
me: https:...

@RogueWhiteHouse Rogue White House @RogueWhiteHouse

Just how unpopular is the Senate Republican health care bill (12% support)? More people believe in Bigfoot (14%)!…

@lasirena_txo Xingona 💃🏽 @lasirena_txo

I'm so proud of Colorado there's like 5 Free Women's health clinics here

@liberal_hippo Progressive Potamus @liberal_hippo

@SenCapito Shelley Moore Capito @SenCapito

The draft Senate health care bill is not the right fix for West Virginia, and I cannot support it. 6/7

@ThePlumLineGS Greg Sargent @ThePlumLineGS

Good job by @brianbeutler cutting through fog of spin and lies GOP uses to mask basic reality of health bill:

@RealBuch1 UKPAKA @RealBuch1

If our people could take bullets and die while holding #Biafran flags, ignoring #Health&Safety risks bu ofe-nkupu.

@KeralaTourism Kerala Tourism @KeralaTourism

Vattayappam, a fermented steamed rice cake, is a treat for the health-conscious.

Vattayappam, a fermented steamed rice ca...

@mmoreno_UNICEF Manuel Moreno @mmoreno_UNICEF

New glasses for Geormayorny | Powerful story about defending #ChildRights. By @alfonsofreca via @uniceflac…

@ciscofujiwara Ciscopoulos @ciscofujiwara

My brother just said that I can't hit him Bc he has 500 health lmaooo

@djcampbellphd Debra Campbell @djcampbellphd

The only "fix" is HEALTH CARE FOR ALL! #healthcare #SinglePayerNow

@MoveOn @MoveOn

.@SenTomCotton #ProtectOurCare. Do not take away health coverage from fathers in #AR.

.@SenTomCotton #ProtectOurCare. Do not t...

@globalgapa GAPA @globalgapa

At #WHO Forum: "a legally binding instrument to strengthen the public health response to harmful use of alcohol is…

@HealingMB Mindfulness Wellness @HealingMB

Cancer fighting FOODS #cancer #superfoods #nutrition #wellness #cancer #cancer

Cancer fighting FOODS #cancer #superfood...

@maalaimalar @maalaimalar

கேழ்வரகு - ரவை டோக்ளா #ragirecipe, #snacks, #dhokla, #ragidhokl #recipes #indianfood…

@thepuppydogking Michael S. Sandoval @thepuppydogking

GOP health-care bill could strip public schools of billions for special education

@lcijiyaju Dr.Jon Cate @lcijiyaju

#Tips on the #health.

@jacqualinestobb Jacqualine Stobbe @jacqualinestobb

hello friends...,is there anyone ever try acai berry, i heard it's good for diet and health

@KristofDecoste1 Kristof Decoster @KristofDecoste1

Stakeholders commit to work together towards universal health care for all Africans - WHO Afro

@TopherSpiro Topher Spiro @TopherSpiro

Polls show GOP health bill bleeding out via @politico

@hawk_jr_ Joseph E Hawkins JR @hawk_jr_

I spent 38 minutes working out with Apple Health. 353 calories burned. #LoseIt

@CitizenCohn Jonathan Cohn @CitizenCohn

"Terrifying" -- five people on the front lines of health care in rural America talk to @jasoncherkis about Trumpcare

@Jim_Brunner Jim Brunner @Jim_Brunner

#waleg budget details Thurs night. Vote Friday. Makes U.S. Senate GOP health care bill process look positively tran…

@lfxxceidxt1bb5u Ксения Андреева @lfxxceidxt1bb5u

خليجية ممحونة.. مقاطع_سكس دياثه اثاره 7684

خليجية ممحونة..

@nderuimisheck Nderui misheck. @nderuimisheck

#AgriBusinessTalk254 Agricultural presents key opportunities for improving nutrition and health. But this connection is not given attention.

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