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@ericliptonnyt Eric Lipton @ericliptonnyt

NEWS: Trump's Interior Depart has ordered National Academy of Sciences to halt study of health risks/harm caused by…

@realjameswoods James Woods @realjameswoods

The fact is I am a 70 year old man who takes blood thinners for health. #MatthewEJacob threatens to bash my head in, it's a death threat.

@kylegriffin1 Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin1

Trump admin tells Nat'l Academy of Sciences to cease work on study of health risks of mountaintop coal removal.

@NAMICommunicate NAMI @NAMICommunicate

Everything parents should know about college mental health, but don't @phillyhealthsci

@MacroMindMedia MacroMind Media @MacroMindMedia

Petition in Atlantic Canada for Full Mental Health Curriculum in Schools. Where can we sign? @OpeningMindsCA…

@_greatunwashed The Great Unwashed @_greatunwashed

The VA Can’t Provide Cannabis to Veterans With PTSD, so This Group Gives It Out for Free #cannabis #leafly v @Leafly

@jackiecrowe24 Jackie Crowe @jackiecrowe24

We need personalised & targeted approaches in MH that minimise risk & maximise benefits for people via @smh

@health_fitnessp Kidney Knowledge @health_fitnessp

The prognosis of chronic nephritis … WhatsApp +86 15081883719

The prognosis of chronic nephritis

@maestrogaeta Mike Gaeta @maestrogaeta

No money for single payer health care or adequately paid teachers and librarians, though. #Afghanistan

@DanielBurrus Daniel Burrus @DanielBurrus

#ShareTheLove @LilianaSnchez9 @evankirstel @goaudax for being top High Value Members this week :)

@HealingMB Mindfulness Wellness @HealingMB

Coconut Oil has many amazing health, skin, and cooking uses ... #SuperFood #Nutrition #Healing #diet #Vegan

Coconut Oil has many amazing health, ski...

@healthworksbc PaulGallant CHE,MHK @healthworksbc

Well said! @CDNMinHealth urges doctors to use power, privilege to help Canada's vulnerable v @globeandmail #cdnpoli

@aishamusic Aisha @aishamusic

Athletes And Heart Health

@kenspope Ken Pope @kenspope

Canadian Health Minister Jane Philpott Urges Clinicians to Use Power, Privilege to Help Canada's Vulnerable

@pharma_global Global Pharma News @pharma_global

International headache conference in Vancouver next month - Ottawa Citizen

@pharma_global Global Pharma News @pharma_global

Health Minister Jane Philpott urges physicians to use power, privilege to help Canada's…

@paularenee6 Team Waldorf&Statler @paularenee6

@crazymamaa we have free medical but if you work & once you hit a certain age you have to have private health or yo…

@Eugene_Robinson Eugene Robinson @Eugene_Robinson

It’s time to talk about Trump’s mental health:

@paulfcostello Paul Costello @paulfcostello

So cool & so sneaky with the "garlic" notes @grabbagreennc29 #Charlotte #health

So cool & so sneaky with the 'garlic...

@LouDobbs Lou Dobbs @LouDobbs

#DitchMitch – Sen. McConnell says path to health care repeal is “murky.” @edrollins joins #Dobbs FBN7p #MAGA #TrumpTrain

@AdamMGrant Adam Grant @AdamMGrant

People who accept negative emotions have better mental health than those who try to avoid them.

@SenSanders Bernie Sanders @SenSanders

We have the most expensive, inefficient and bureaucratic health care system in the world. That has got to change.

@meakoopa Anthony Oliveira @meakoopa

what kind of health-goth steampunk hat does he got going on

@TheAtlantic The Atlantic @TheAtlantic

Did Trump hurt his eyes when he looked at the eclipse? @jameshamblin investigates

Did Trump hurt his eyes when he looked a...

@eyilanke Adepetty @eyilanke

No. You're not owed other people's health information. Additionally, mind your business. #TheRants

@Fact Fact @Fact

A German study concludes that staring at women's breasts for 10 minutes a day is better for your health than going to the gym.

@normanswan Norman Swan @normanswan

Spread this wide: @ARobM: The seven tactics unhealthy industries use to undermine public health policies @NCDFREE

@dagenais Daniel D Wisconsin @dagenais

Dublin screening of anti-vaccine film sparks protests

Dublin screening of anti-vaccine film sp...

@crowd_culture CrowdCulture @crowd_culture

Health care is complex, so we're trying to break it down for you. Check it out and educate yourself ⬇️

@BernieSanders Bernie Sanders @BernieSanders

I am heading to Indiana, Michigan and Ohio this week to make one simple point: ALL Americans are entitled to health care as a right.

@__QueenDes 👑NBA Des @__QueenDes

I'm at a point in life where I just want my family happy, my faith strong, my health good, mind right, dollars tight,& no unnecessary drama

@stitchfeather Stitchfeather🌱🌈😽 @stitchfeather

@desjardins Around 8yo. He picked up the habit when living with my mom who is v bad re:training pets. In v good hea…

@AlejandroCid_uy Alejandro Cid @AlejandroCid_uy

(Investigación Harvard2017):"Estudiar con celular sobre la mesa baja rendimiento académico: cuánto más cerca, peor"…

@kbbartel Kyle Bartel @kbbartel

Biggest reform that needs to happen in the US is food stamps. You want your centralized health care, that's how you get it.

@Protectcare ProtectCare @Protectcare

After a dramatic vote to reject health care changes, challenges remain. Pledge to #protectcare, no matter what.

@antisocialrhx jocelin @antisocialrhx



@tomdohertys ً @tomdohertys


@mariatcarney Maria T. Carney MD @mariatcarney

Caregivers, women's health, aging issues, children's health just to name a few...

@OH_HiHeels ♡❀~ OH-Hiheels ~ ❀♡ @OH_HiHeels

Now i get why he announced the comeback right after Party People broadcast. He takes advantage of Hayi's health condition to make excuses

@drveddelhi Dr Ved Upadhyay @drveddelhi

@myogiadityanath, @NoidaAuthority pls act promptly n swiftly to relocate DUMPYARD frm Sec 137,138,143. Poor Air Quality causing bad health

@namjoonpicsbr Daily/pics Namjoon @namjoonpicsbr

Health is number one priority, he is so caring and precious

Health is number one priority, he is so...

@OH_HiHeels ♡❀~ OH-Hiheels ~ ❀♡ @OH_HiHeels

In the end, he wants to say the hiatus did not affect her at all, it was all because of her health condition, her company is not at fault😒

@llstarlight Linda L Starlight @llstarlight @LindaCollins11

@glrm8892 grichrathmott @glrm8892

It’s time to talk about Trump’s mental health Ya think....@realDonaldTrump

@TrumpGirlStrong Saltwater❤️🅿️ 🇺🇸 @TrumpGirlStrong

Total B.S. 👉🏽New Bill Would Require @realDonaldTrump To Undergo Mental Health Evaluation…

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