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@tlc TLC Network @tlc

#SYTTD designer @misshayleypaige and her trusty team of interns are ready to take @kaitlynbristowe from Bachelorett…

@meghankfry Meghan Fry @meghankfry

Finally got to watch my dvr-ed #HayleyEverAfter episode with @kaitlynbristowe last night and it's official....she c…

@chloeofficial13 Chloë Greeley 🍀 @chloeofficial13

Can I have Darcy’s design for my wedding in the future? #hayleyeverafter

@kat3naa Katrina C. @kat3naa

Watching @kaitlynbristowe’s episode on #HayleyEverAfter and she is literally the cutest.

@ginamariegrace Gina Marie @ginamariegrace

OMG @VernecciaE I love the dress you designed for @kaitlynbristowe How can I get my hands on one for my April wed…

@ernrse4u Lisa Cooley Scott @ernrse4u

Great job ladies but I think the dress @kaitlynbristowe picked is perfect for her!!! #HayleyEverAfter

@ernrse4u Lisa Cooley Scott @ernrse4u

Watching @kaitlynbristowe on #HayleyEverAfter on @TLC ❤️💍👰🏻

@mary_beth_wade MB 💟 @mary_beth_wade

#SYTTD and #HayleyEverAfter is my guilty pleasure. 👰🏽

@jodimcnear Jodi. @jodimcnear

Finally catching my girl @kaitlynbristowe on #hayleyeverafter 👰🏽 💍 you will be the most beautiful bride

@hayleyghoover Hayley G. Hoover @hayleyghoover

New blog post! Just a typical tale of two six-year-olds and one electrocuted squirrel 🐿️⚡

@laurabenetti lauranetti @laurabenetti

Great now I have another wedding dress obsession on @TLC #HayleyEverAfter So good!!

@nina04y Nina @nina04y

#HayleyEverAfter loved seeing @kaitlynbristowe try on such beautiful and flattering dresses!

@kahlyiles Kiley Caswell @kahlyiles

When your favorite designer has a show 😍😍 #HayleyEverAfter

@monikaloefflad Monika Loefflad @monikaloefflad

I looveee @misshayleypaige's tv show. #hayleyeverafter

@myers26_myers Kathleen @myers26_myers

#HayleyEverAfter so chill today!!!

@BrettClaywell Brett Claywell @BrettClaywell

I'm genuinely surprised how much we like @misshayleypaige's show on TLC! #HayleyEverAfter

@TLC TLC Network @TLC

From Bachelorette to bride! 🌹👰 #HayleyEverAfter

From Bachelorette to bride! 🌹👰 #HayleyEv...

@hayleyghoover Hayley G. Hoover @hayleyghoover

NEW BLOG POST! Seven @BlackMirror episodes I should write:

NEW BLOG POST! Seven @BlackMirror episod...

@onthequirkyside Heather Quirk @onthequirkyside

Quietly bawling by myself while watching people I don’t know find their wedding dresses on #HayleyEverAfter.

@RCouriHay1 R. Couri Hay CPR @RCouriHay1

We hope you were able to catch @TLC’s #HayleyEverAfter on Saturday, featuring @BacheloretteABC 's @kaitlynbristowe…

@thecurlymolly Molly Lighthart @thecurlymolly

I ADORE @misshayleypaige even more, we drink the same prosecco #HayleyEverAfter 👰👑🍷🦄

@cajucomtrish trish cajucom @cajucomtrish

In case you missed #HayleyEverAfter over the weekend, fear not! Catch it on #TLCgo right now! You won’t regret it. @TLC

@nikkivee503 Nikki Vee @nikkivee503

Finally watching #HayleyEverAfter with @kaitlynbristowe love starting the day with two badass #bossladies

@jesscole Jessica Coleman @jesscole

Watched my first episode of #HayleyEverAfter and I basically have no choice but to wear a @misshayleypaige dress at…

@paolaanicole_ pronounced թɑ-օհ-ӏɑ @paolaanicole_

that moment when i realize that one of my favorite wedding dress designers has her own show 😭🙌🏽❤️ #HayleyEverAfter

@syttd Say Yes to the Dress @syttd

Watch last night’s full episode of #HayleyEverAfter! 🦄✨ Download the #TLCgo app or watch it here:…

@fantasiabridal Fantasia Bridal @fantasiabridal

My new treat champagne, cupcakes & reality TV #HayleyEverAfter #fantasiabride #fantasiabridal @misshayleypaige

@t_felix06 TAY @t_felix06

Those dresses look STUNNING on @kaitlynbristowe 😦😦😦 how do you choose just one!!!! #hayleyeverafter

@mhenson22 Macy Jo @mhenson22

#HayleyEverAfter is Say Yes to the Dress mixed with Project Runway. The amount of INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION has been GLOWING!!!! ✨✨✨

@gabrielledurb Gabrielle Durbin @gabrielledurb

Just watched #hayleyeverafter and I’m even more obsessed with @kaitlynbristowe than I was before 🙈

@katiemsjohnson Katie Johnson @katiemsjohnson

Watching @kaitlynbristowe on #HayleyEverAfter and can’t handle, suh kewt. #kenyounot be so adorable?

Watching @kaitlynbristowe on #HayleyEver...

@thecurlymolly Molly Lighthart @thecurlymolly

As a girl and a bridal consultant I am geeking out over @misshayleypaige new show! #HayleyEverAfter

@cwholley Colleen Wholley @cwholley

Absolutely obsessed with #HayleyEverAfter!! All four dresses were absolutely incredible! 😍😍

@TLC TLC Network @TLC

.@kaitlynbristowe is not your traditional bride, so @misshayleypaige sets out to make a dress that is as unique as…

@elb3 Dr.Eve @elb3

#HayleyEverAfter: Enjoyed the show. Love that the interns are diverse. Really happy that Hayley talked my girl…

@MarkAKoops Mark Koops @MarkAKoops

#HayleyEverAfter can't wait for it to start! Spread the word! @HayleyPaige_JLM @misshayleypaige

@taradeprihale Tara Depri Hale @taradeprihale

Just caught up on #HayleyEverAfter and I’m in love, not only with her designs, but also with her she seems like the…

@kellywarren28 Kelly Warren @kellywarren28

I typically don’t like bridal shows but I LOVED every second of #hayleyeverafter 💗✨ YAS queen @kaitlynbristowe @misshayleypaige

@sierra_schultz Sierra Burgdorf @sierra_schultz

it’s fine. just balling crying watching @kaitlynbristowe try on her custom wedding dresses 😭😍 @fleissmeister televi…

@TLC TLC Network @TLC

Watch last night’s full episode of #HayleyEverAfter! 🦄✨ Download the #TLCgo app or watch it here:…

@emilyann152 Emily @emilyann152

Watching @kaitlynbristowe on #HayleyEverAfter and I forgot how much I miss her on TV. She’s so cute.

@theslimesand Stephanie @theslimesand

Just watched #HayleyEverAfter and loved it! @kaitlynbristowe you looked amaze-balls in all the dresses! I love…

@kaitlynbristowe Kaitlyn Bristowe @kaitlynbristowe

So proud of @misshayleypaige and her show #HayleyEverAfter. So stoked to be a part of the first episode on @TLC

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