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@chrissyteigen christine teigen @chrissyteigen

where are all the rom coms? there is a shortage of rom coms and thus a shortage of my happiness

@narendramodi Narendra Modi @narendramodi

Happy Ugadi! I pray for a year filled with happiness and good health.

@kimkardashian Kim Kardashian West @kimkardashian

Happy Birthday to my brother Rob!!! I love you so much and wish you all of the happiness in the world! I love raisi…

@PoemPorns Poems Porn @PoemPorns

self-improvement leads to happiness ??

self-improvement leads to happiness ?? h...

@malumwhoo liv // valentine @malumwhoo

@Goochiharry When do I ever not bring you happiness

@flora990928 뚱뚱한나🐷 @flora990928

All this brings happiness to my life

@klauhsmikaelson rose @klauhsmikaelson

sending love to all my mutuals cuz they deserve love, respect and happiness

@WomenOfHistory World Changing Women @WomenOfHistory

In daily life we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy.

@Famousquotes066 Famous Quotes @Famousquotes066

Comparison that isn't used for inspiration, will only kill your happiness. Don't forget that everyone is on a separate path.

@ourladyofmxs Lilibet Greig @ourladyofmxs

@akaWorf @PiaGuerra holy..... *brain shorts out and is replaced by flailing squid of happiness*

@pierrebourne 🅿️i'erre 🅱️ourne @pierrebourne

Money ain't bring me happiness. The music did.

@Kaitlllynx mom @Kaitlllynx

While our lives look different now than we thought it would be at this point, it only changed us for the better. Be…

@PromoHarrySquad Harry Styles Promo Squad @PromoHarrySquad

He’s my happiness. #KCA #FavBreakoutArtistHarryStyles

He’s my happiness.

#KCA #FavBreakoutArt...

@HermaineM HermaineM @HermaineM

You can’t break a person that seeks happiness from God 🤗💕

@IamJakiLynn Jaki Lynn @IamJakiLynn

Have a wonderful week! Happiness and blessings will be abundant this week. #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha…

@gayanaxo GAYANA @gayanaxo

I pray that god will send happiness to those who think I don’t deserve to be happy. I say this because I want them…

@mariacake23 Maria walker @mariacake23

Before I had a baby I used to sleep and I was skinny but nothing can compare to the love and happiness he makes me feel ❤️

@_gothjuice gia @_gothjuice

@sara_davidson I don't know if this will help at all but sometimes it helps me to remind myself that we have SO muc…


You are responsible for your own happiness. Not your boss, not your colleagues, not your children, not your wife, n…

@ChrisJZullo ♻️ Christopher Zullo @ChrisJZullo

Military spends $42 million on viagra but Republicans have a problem paying $8.4 million for transgender care. Tran…

@loa_lover LOA Lover Tex @loa_lover goldrings

@tigress_preety 💫✨Dazzling_Fia ✨💫 @tigress_preety

We should be Together: Let Me love You Like no one ever has or will Let Me show You How sincere admiration Loyalty…

@iamspectacular Spectacular Smith @iamspectacular

Smile, things are going to work out. You may not see it now, but you're being directed to a much greater happiness.

@gracerandles grace randles @gracerandles

if you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine. if you can’t find the good, be the goodness. if you can’t find…

@TheLuckyPupp Lucky Pupp @TheLuckyPupp

Baby Leo is getting ready to leave us in NY on March 30th to start his journey home to his new Mom @Locnlode in IA.…

@Adeyvnka Yinka @Adeyvnka

There's absolutely nothing that makes life more meaningful than discovering that you can personalise your happiness…

@kamryaragon kam @kamryaragon

on the pursuit of happiness

on the pursuit of happiness

@starrydonghan 🌻vinz♡jbj @starrydonghan

i'll fight for your happiness v(・∀・*) #ONGOING_787

i'll fight for your happiness v(・∀・*) #O...

@locketspocket 🖤 Lucy Locket 🖤 @locketspocket

@do_the_posture I know, but I wish I could bring happiness to others I care about. 😔

@mijoochic ℳ𝓲𝓼𝓾𝓪𝓵 🌸 이미주 @mijoochic

2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Kpop Festival Fancam: Happiness #러블리즈 #Lovelyz #LeeMijoo #Mijoo #이미주 #미주

2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Kpop Fe...

@Nivea__mc ŇiShak💙BlueSoul @Nivea__mc

@CorOfTheSUN Thank you so much my dearest...explosion of happiness in waves of love for you 😉💙🌞

@CorOfTheSUN Thank you so much my deares...

@gg_positivity ♡ for girl groups!! @gg_positivity

꒰ nayeon ♡ twice ꒱ i hope nayeon knows just how loved and appreciated she is. she deserves all of the happiness in…

@KNaomi_N K Naomi👑 @KNaomi_N

...and all I can think of is my Happiness. If Happiness is not a priority to you, I really don’t know how you are…

@TheBookDealerNG Book Dealer @TheBookDealerNG

Happiness is ...

Happiness is ...

@_kendoll K E N $ O @_kendoll

when your boyfriend smiling at his phone but his happiness is sitting right in front of him.

@aleexmaaartin ✨alexandra @aleexmaaartin

why can't others be happy for others. we all deserve to live happy lives, and if it's not your time yet your time w…

@httpclarizza CF. @httpclarizza

Ang pangarap ko kay joshua ay ang: makita syang naglalakad papalapit sa altar at naghihintay na maglakad sa aisle a…

@ThatsLudaChriss Big Smoke @ThatsLudaChriss

Women stingy when they like you all they do is take food off your plate, your lingo, clothes, and even your happiness smh

@_LifeOfNaay Naay😍🤑👅 @_LifeOfNaay

Where did my happiness go⁉️🤯🤦🏽‍♀️

@helloKittet 🎂🎉🎈 @helloKittet


@lameamerlcan kat @lameamerlcan

what if we carried that “abroad” mentality w us everyday in the states/wherever we reside? would tht increase happi…

@mikadofficial Mikado Maikudi @mikadofficial

Happiness can make you drink #water from the shower

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