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@vanpokemap Vancouver Poké Alert @vanpokemap

[North Vancouver] Gyarados (M) (IV: 75% - CP: 45) until 09:13:52AM at 2000 Lillooet Rd

@juancnuno Juan C Nuno @juancnuno

*drops Gyarados off at gym, is ready to go inside because it's FREEZING COLD* "A Wailmer? Fine." *catches it, is re…

@mega_gyarados_ メガギャラドス @mega_gyarados_

とりまMS(無職)だし 就職したら いい感じ?

@becrazeh Lennert Van Overloop @becrazeh

@JoriyunVGC @JeanMarcVGC @wiegelinho_VGC @vgcstats It is indeed mega gyarados

@mega_gyarados_ メガギャラドス @mega_gyarados_


@gyarados_bot ギャラドス @gyarados_bot

ギャラドスは 寝るようだ。

@ceballos989 Ceballos989 @ceballos989

18 de Marzo tipo siniestro fav de 1 gen: Gyarados Como no hay siniestros en esta gen, podre uno que inspira temor…

@moonlithxwls ༺ 𝕍anilla ℍowls ༻ @moonlithxwls

@twinsis132 Well i was going to go with an icebeam on my gyarados, but i may evolve my eevee into a glaceon. though…

@shellshocker571 shellshocker571 @shellshocker571

I liked a @YouTube video POKEMON GO - Shiny Magikarp evolve to shiny Gyarados

@atremis_ Atremis @atremis_

@schnebka Gyarados. :'D

@moonlithxwls ༺ 𝕍anilla ℍowls ༻ @moonlithxwls

Gonna be playing Pokemon moon. but im going to do a nostalgia team. which gen tho? gen5: Oshawotte, Riolu, Trapi…

@rondeva Perrin A. @rondeva

Ulan eşek kadar oldun hala oyun peşindesin gyarados

Ulan eşek kadar oldun hala oyun peşindes...

@drakinthebox Drakeryn @drakinthebox

@MShuckle Red Gyarados is the only shiny I caught in the main games, so I'm happy with my collection here. Gotta th…

@schnebka Jan Schneeberger @schnebka

@Atremis_ Uh podle názvu jsem myslel, že to je nějaké elektro a ono ne! Dokonce tu písničku znám! 😁Já se dnes nepod…

@gymnmons ジムンモンス (Mike S) @gymnmons

@JeanMarcVGC @wiegelinho_VGC @vgcstats It’s specs was thunder fire blast hurricane hydro pump. The standard gyarados set

@gyarados_bot ギャラドス @gyarados_bot

ギャラドスは 持ってる 木の実を 見て よだれを 垂らしてる……

@ChambersFineArt Cedric Chambers @ChambersFineArt

This is the final print run of the #Pokemon Gyarados sinking some ships.

This is the final print run of the #Poke...

@poke_gyarados テッ輝夜LUNA @poke_gyarados

モイ!iPhoneからキャス配信中 ホモと見るマギアレコード

@btgw0 BTGW @btgw0

@JordanLBurke ...I'll be honest, on one SoulSilver game I had, I caught FOUR shiny Pokémon: Red Gyarados (that's a…

@jeanmarcvgc [Corrupt Politician] Jean-March @jeanmarcvgc

@wiegelinho_VGC @vgcstats Was Lennart's Gyarados Z Move, berry, or did you just never see if it was mega or not?

@mk_pogo MK Pogo @mk_pogo

A wild Gyarados has appeared! Available until 14:27:24 (28m 52s).

@eryazmi woah mau doks leks bro @eryazmi

@safwans562 Sperma gyarados. Nak cari baka red gyarados

@sweany6290 Patrick Sweany @sweany6290

@lionbrian10 Hey I have a rainbow rare Buzzwole GX! I really like that rainbow rare +gyarados

@epicsgpokemon Epic SG Pokémon @epicsgpokemon

[Bukit Merah] Gyarados (F) (IV: 77% - CP: 44) until 10:17:31PM at 2 Keppel Bay Vista

@natizilda Mãe Eu Tenho Medo de Acordar Igual o Marcos Mión @natizilda

@twero esse processo de idealizar a historia pelo menos nos meus casos é bem demorado, eu fiquei de 2012 ate 2015 cozinhando Red Gyarados

@poke_gyarados テッ輝夜LUNA @poke_gyarados

モイ!iPhoneからキャス配信中 ホモと見るマギアレコード

@gyarados_ebooks Gyarados_eBooks @gyarados_ebooks

Gyarados (noun): a destructive force who roams earth's waters, with a spirit of menacing atrocity inside the body of a massive dragonfish.

@arkeus88 Arkeus @arkeus88

@AzureSamurott @Jambo971 They did have a Gyarados submarine

@AzureSamurott @Jambo971 They did have a...

@ianvalez Ian Valdez @ianvalez

Tiny Wild Gyarados

Tiny Wild Gyarados

@MilesExpress999 frequent flyer miles ✈️ @MilesExpress999

I don’t think this one will make it to Gyarados

I don’t think this one will make it to G...

@montrealpokemap Montréal Poké Alert @montrealpokemap

[François-Perrault] Gyarados (M) (IV: 28% - CP: 398) until 08:34:53AM at 7741 Rue Marquette

@vanpokemap Vancouver Poké Alert @vanpokemap

[Burnaby] Gyarados (M) (IV: 82% - CP: 624) until 05:29:25AM at 49.25250182, -122.9998264

@bloody_chi 血 (東京まで122日) @bloody_chi

This must be some glitch cause I cannot explain a gyarados on level 12 otherwise😯

This must be some glitch cause I cannot...

@lesbian_pokemon Lesbian Pokémon @lesbian_pokemon

Lesbian Gyarados

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