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@amyohconnor ⭐ amy o'connor ⭐ @amyohconnor

why does this calf look like it's gonna post a Facebook status saying, "Gogglebox, tea and biccies. Perfect Monday…

@givebloodnhs GiveBlood NHS ❤ @givebloodnhs

A @C4Gogglebox star barely survived after developing a rare disease and his family are doing something amazing.

@channel4 Channel 4 @channel4

That's... not how subtitles work Julie 🤣 #Gogglebox #GBBO

That's... not how subtitles work Julie 🤣...

@moviebore ChrisH @moviebore

@Polquinn @Jenny0493 Not always though! Sometimes it's just irritating. I like most of the current Gogglebox crop though.

@Kimboowee Kimberley_Keiller @Kimboowee

I would LOVE a dog called Dave #Gogglebox

@messengernews_ Messenger Newspapers @messengernews_

Gogglebox star urges people in Trafford to donate platelets

@sara_ierace Sara Ierace @sara_ierace

Lovin my fave shoes at the moment #BoldandBeautiful #BacheloretteAU #gogglebox

@markyinau Mark Sales @markyinau

@SydneyCityTV now if only Foxtel and Ten would get rid of that stupid Gogglebox.

@eldiablo0786 El Diablo @eldiablo0786

#celebrityhunted The bloke from #gogglebox couldn’t find his best pair of glasses only to realise he was wearing them 😂😂😂

@x_nuttall Alice Rose Nuttall @x_nuttall

When looking for a new uni house the one and only question to ask is "can u imagine smoking and watching gogglebox there?"

@rabtheladdie Rab McEachern @rabtheladdie

@StuartClark10 Fuck. That. I gave that a major swerve. Ignored liar too. Didn't like what I saw on gogglebox haha

@basslake0405 Joseph O'Brien 💅🏻 @basslake0405

the German guy on Gogglebox is hilarious, his accent

@theronster Aaron Abernethy @theronster

Accidentally ended up with Gogglebox on TV. How does anyone watch this shit? Morons spouting inanities.

@ameliarobinson7 Meelia 🎃 @ameliarobinson7

The fam on #gogglebox with the bowl of jammie wagon wheels on their foot stool are what I aspire to be

@justcarlytbh carly henderson @justcarlytbh

@C4Gogglebox should watch #Gogglebox on a episode see how they react to watching themselves on tv 😂

@TGKY7 Terry Kinnersley @TGKY7

I’d love to know how Giles once woo’ed Mary into Marriage. #Gogglebox

I’d love to know how Giles once woo’ed M...

@benmatthews1993 вєn @benmatthews1993

Jenny and Lee are also very funny 😂 @C4Gogglebox @goggleboxshow #Gogglebox

@fawkeofff Em @fawkeofff

@goggleboxshow where is Chris on Gogglebox? Only just catching up, where is he??

@mirrinlawrence mirrin @mirrinlawrence

ma love for gogglebox knows no boundaries x

@goggleboxshow Goggleboxshow @goggleboxshow

June what's for dinner?" "What you want?" "You" 😂 @LeonAndJune #Gogglebox

June what's for dinner?' 'What you want?...

@jamiewahyu Jamie Brooks @jamiewahyu

I need to stop watching Gogglebox!

@C4Gogglebox C4 Gogglebox @C4Gogglebox

Headband goals #Gogglebox

Headband goals #Gogglebox

@benmatthews1993 вєn @benmatthews1993

Giles and Mary possibly make me laugh out loud a little too much and far too often @C4Gogglebox #Gogglebox @goggleboxshow

@benmatthews1993 вєn @benmatthews1993

#Gogglebox catchup 👍😂


Gogglebox Duo Steph Dom Turn Down The Jungle Preferring … : ....

Gogglebox Duo Steph Dom Turn Down The Ju...

@redheavenmedia1 Red Heaven Media @redheavenmedia1

Love @homeandaway It's getting sexier every episode! @sarahjanexxx86 @Herts_house #fishnet #socks #threesome #legs…

@WilliamjMc Will Mc Sweeney 🎯 @WilliamjMc

#salonconfidential Gogglebox meets Fair City meets Big Brother meets The Hand that Rocks the Cradle

@TheMalonesGB Gogglebox Malones @TheMalonesGB

Morning Everyone!!cant wait for my Friday night Wine ,knitting and Gogglebox what about you x

@robwpjones Roj Bones 💀 @robwpjones

@Channel4News @All4 Love your programme by the way - just wish it was as easy to access as Gogglebox or First Dates. Why restrict it?

@thediyora diyora @thediyora

21. When Sandy got an electric shock from a fly swat on Gogglebox

21. When Sandy got an electric shock fro...

@georgiaXbutler georgia ☯ @georgiaXbutler

I can almost hear Craig cash on this weeks #gogglebox episode..."in the week where the sky turned orange, we enjoyed lots of great telly"

@fayreilly00 fay @fayreilly00

Me and Josey would be unreal on Gogglebox

@drsherbetpants Dr Sherbet pants @drsherbetpants

@secretsexpot That’s the dude of gogglebox who lets rotties sit on his face!

@secretsexpot That’s the dude of goggleb...

@goggleboxshow Goggleboxshow @goggleboxshow

A posh fish finger sandwich #noitsagoujon #Gogglebox @leegogglebox

A posh fish finger sandwich #noitsagoujo...

@eimeardignam Eimear Dignam @eimeardignam

@ddiggers Next stop Gogglebox!! 😂😂

@amyhalfordx Amy Halford @amyhalfordx

@AndyMartindale It would be very worth it 🤗 we could go to Steph and Dom’s from gogglebox! To deal for liar &then p…

@stu_art_ist Stuart McCrone 🎃 @stu_art_ist

@Shirley82829043 You 'see' me watching LOL.... should I be paranoid that twitter is now watching us tweet :)) Am I the new #Gogglebox :))

@tessumbrella tess @tessumbrella

if giles & mary aren't your favourites on gogglebox i don't wanna know ya (will also accept leon & june)

@unfaaithfulrose diament. @unfaaithfulrose

Oglądam #Gogglebox i co się stało z BigBoy. Połowa człowieka się zrobiła. XD

@goggleboxshow Goggleboxshow @goggleboxshow

Goggleboxers reactions to Liar 😂😂 #Gogglebox #Liar @leegogglebox @PeteandSophie @Petesandiford

Goggleboxers reactions to Liar 😂😂 #Goggl...

@orlabaz Orla @orlabaz

@Gemma_Fox Only on episode 2, but having seen a snippet on Gogglebox, I hate this man intently. From the moment he came on the screen.

@archct #RIPDickGregory 🎧 @archct

@goggleboxsid @baasitsiddiqui @umarksiddiqui I died at "strictly come boat" 😭😂😭 #Coracle #Gogglebox #britainafloat…

@XKatieMatthewsX Katie Heath @XKatieMatthewsX

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist GLASGOW AND GOGGLEBOX! | Vlogtober 11 | Katie KALANCHOE

@harryscape kamila ♡ @harryscape

gogglebox time

@xkatiematthewsx Katie Heath @xkatiematthewsx

GLASGOW AND GOGGLEBOX! | Vlogtober 11 | Katie KALANCHOE: via @YouTube

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