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@c4gogglebox C4 Gogglebox @c4gogglebox

Ring the bell Dave 🐶🛎️ @TheMalonesGB #Gogglebox

Ring the bell Dave 🐶🛎️ @TheMalonesGB #Go...

@channel4 Channel 4 @channel4

Dad Malone's face often says more than mere words ever could. #Gogglebox

Dad Malone's face often says more than m...

@c4gogglebox C4 Gogglebox @c4gogglebox

Yeah save them. They’re too nice to eat. Me: … #Gogglebox

Yeah save them. They’re too nice to eat....

@oliviasesme amira @oliviasesme

gogglebox | "MY NAIL"

gogglebox | 'MY NAIL'

@TomdeKeyser1 Tom de Keyser @TomdeKeyser1

June from gogglebox is watching our This Is Elvis at the @LiverpoolEmpire tonight....that’s has made my year!!!!!!…

@johnmgodly 𝖑𝖔𝖗𝖉 𝖘𝖊𝖎𝖙𝖆𝖓 @johnmgodly

Me and Jamie wouldn't make it in Gogglebox because we're high and enjoying jelly silently

@lollysuckwell ᗯᕼO Iᔕ @lollysuckwell

Tonight at the bar,we talked about ovaries,vaginas,fit girls,bastard boys ( though agreed that not all males are ho…

@realitybitecom Reality Bite @realitybitecom

Look who we bumped into 👀 the lovely @revkatebottley from #Gogglebox filming a Songs of Praise special for the…

@danafoster Dana Marie Foster @danafoster

Gogglebox.....absolutely cracks me up everytime 😂😂 @leegogglebox @LeonAndJune #cheersmerightup

@official_ben_yt Ben Janos @official_ben_yt

I liked a @YouTube video Looks like Jeremy Corbyn is winning round the swing voters of Gogglebox!

@bryonysdavies Bryony Davies @bryonysdavies

I need a new TV show to invest in cos as much as i love waiting for Dinner Date, Gogglebox n First Dates every week it's not enough hours

@melanivanessam ᗰEᒪᗩᑎIE @melanivanessam

I want to put Luke’s parents forward for Gogglebox. They’re constantly ripping into each other and just make a stor…

@icstond steven 🌙 @icstond

Przypomniało mi się jak w Gogglebox oglądali ten polsatowski program, w którym postarzają pary o 25 i 50 lat. Jacek…

@navayawang ✧⁎ yoυrнearѕe⁎✧ @navayawang

jednym z niewielu programów w polskim tv jakie szanuje jest gogglebox

@danimansuttii Danielle @danimansuttii

Tv shows (aka mostly reality / trash guilty pleasures) I’m currently watching every week: 1. Vanderpump Rules 2. Th…

@mrpudu Darren van der garry @mrpudu

People on the TV tonight are giving me the boke. I hate dirty nails and clothes and men who eat with their hands, l…

@helendryden Helen Dryden @helendryden

I have some new card designs for my Etsy shop! Eugene from Walking Dead and Giles and Mary from Gogglebox. Coming s…

@pinkthouse PinkThouse @pinkthouse

Gogglebox Stars Giles Wood and Mary Killen - Alan Carr: Chatty Man Chris...

@simon_pegg Simon Pegg @simon_pegg

@EmdudsCo Drinking wine, hot water bottle, BBC2. It's like a set up for Gogglebox

@C4Gogglebox C4 Gogglebox @C4Gogglebox

… and that’s his eyeball. 👁️🐄 😱 #TheYorkshireVet #Gogglebox

… and that’s his eyeball. 👁️🐄  😱 #TheYor...

@sophcollinsxox Sophie Mimi @sophcollinsxox

Giles and Mary from Gogglebox are literally my fave couple ever

@GoggleboxQuotes Gogglebox @GoggleboxQuotes

tb to this great Gogglebox moment...

tb to this great Gogglebox moment... htt...

@lyndsmcdermott LyndsShirMcPour @lyndsmcdermott

I love these two🤣😂 #Gogglebox @C4Gogglebox

@moreno31311 Mike Anthony Moreno @moreno31311

45 quid for a heated butter knife that doesn’t work #nothanks #Gogglebox

@mc_org Marine Connection @mc_org

@Jools_Orca @ScarlettMoffatt @VirginHolidays She came from the series Gogglebox..and has gone on to work with Ant &…

@TornadoNewsLink TornadoNewsLinker @TornadoNewsLink

They can not believe that so many people are not falling for their propaganda anymore. #Zionists #BBC #GoggleBox…

@imaginemyshockk The Yorkshire Dripper @imaginemyshockk

@navman1977 @ljgravesart Are you that cunt off Gogglebox?

@charlwhelan charl @charlwhelan

unpopular opinion but Gogglebox is unfunny and cringe

@engteachervng englishteachervng @engteachervng

#tippingpoint I hope this is on #gogglebox on Friday.

@robbievans11 Rob @robbievans11

@nataliesawyer Nice to see you back on the gogglebox 👍

@lisac_dover Lisa Dover @lisac_dover

@AnnaKendrick47 Same as “let’s get people to sit on the sofa and watch other people sitting on a sofa watching othe…

@sboneauthor Stuart Bone @sboneauthor

This is a really sweet photo, but does anyone else see Mary from #Gogglebox ?

@fenrisgames geronimo @fenrisgames

@BadSquiddoGames @Thee_Other_Matt @Heresy_Andy Haven't seen it, but suspect this might be like a way less glamorous…

@lovecookingmum kim wigman @lovecookingmum

@DaveAndShirley @Channel4 Aww thank you for getting back to me. You guys make gogglebox along with the Malones and Jenny and Lee. xxxx

@vanessabooty1 Vanessa Booty @vanessabooty1

@Ruthlfc4eva @TheEmmerdaily @abbymarks @janeewilkinson Obviously a funny scene came soon after...#emmerdale…

@bigreegs1985 𝕽𝖊𝖌𝖔 𝕯𝖎 𝕾𝖙é𝖋𝖆𝖓𝖔™ @bigreegs1985

#Gogglebox has gone from me laughing my head off to pure devastation in the space of 6 seconds. God bless that little girl. I'm a mess! 😢

@rookieyoung1 Si @rookieyoung1

haha this is a funny watch. Are you a fan of Gogglebox?

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