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@c4gogglebox C4 Gogglebox @c4gogglebox

Good to know Leon is still open minded when it comes to politics #Gogglebox

Good to know Leon is still open minded w...

@channel4 Channel 4 @channel4

The incredible results of a teacher’s support and a student’s courage. #Gogglebox

The incredible results of a teacher’s su...

@thesun The Sun @thesun

Look which #Gogglebox star has signed up for #CBB

@arney_dorcas Dorcas Arney @arney_dorcas

Last nights gogglebox and the worlds strongest wine. And that's our Saturday night.

@faebelline 2 Doom 2 Cookie @faebelline

The first episode is with Reverend Kate from Gogglebox and it's the most wholesome and pure episode of TV I've seen for a while

@robynbirdybirch Robyn Birch @robynbirdybirch

#xmascatchup @FreeviewTV cant sleep so little catch up on celeb first dates and gogglebox 📺

@twittorylane Twittory Lane App @twittorylane

Gogglebox - to re-stream again without spoiling the ending use @TwittoryLane app #gogglebox

@TheBiteTweets The Bite @TheBiteTweets

#Gogglebox’s Sandra Martin ‘signs up for Celebrity Big Brother’ after best pal Sandi Bogle’s stint #CBB…

@DevonMMurray Devon Murray @DevonMMurray

Am I the only person that doesn’t get GoggleBox??? Why would you wanna watch other people on tv watching tv?

@DevonMMurray Devon Murray @DevonMMurray

Ok ok ok, I’ll watch a full episode next week when I have time to kill. I’ve only ever watched bits a pieces. Wait…

@urm_whatsmyname Soph @urm_whatsmyname

Wanting to get fit and healthy in every aspect but I’d just sit like a fat potato watching gogglebox 🙃

@vlchesh Victoria @vlchesh

"The over-cheering, over-praising.....and the unrealistic expectations of people who don't have that much talent".…

@dakeb_mcfc DaKeB @dakeb_mcfc

Why don't the people on Gogglebox ever get filmed watching Gogglebox?

@thebruvstv The Bruvs @thebruvstv

TheBruvs can't get through the audition stage #Gogglebox

TheBruvs can't get through the audition...

@thebruvstv The Bruvs @thebruvstv

TheBruvs did this #comedy #animation #cartoons #Gogglebox #GoggleboxIRL #goggleboxau

@JackRoseReal Jack Rose @JackRoseReal

Forgot about this in all the gig excitement @theSandiBogle @sandragogglebox Video:…

@courtsthomasx Courtney Alexandra @courtsthomasx

Them two Leeds birds on Gogglebox wind me right up. So fake and not even remotely funny. 🤨😐

@georgiancle G @georgiancle

You’re never innocent if you’re a Tory. -Leon on gogglebox, 2017

@goggleboxshow Goggleboxshow @goggleboxshow

Huge thanks to everyone who helped us reach 10k likes!!! Please like if you’d like to stay informed and help us gr…

@clodaghshortall Clo @clodaghshortall

Everytime I ever hear or read anything about Kind George VI, I only every picture Colin Firth ! #TheKingsSpeech #Gogglebox

@abii_d abii @abii_d

I absolutely hate them two fat bitches on gogglebox

@tracykowoloski tracy @tracykowoloski

Wow chlamidiya testing kit as a christmas gift. And i thought i gave shit gifts..#gogglebox

@mecspjshvfs Matty @mecspjshvfs

'You're never innocent if you're a Tory. ' - Leon, Gogglebox. 😘

@Channel4 Channel 4 @Channel4

Sometimes it's best not to overthink the choreography on Strictly... #Gogglebox

Sometimes it's best not to overthink the...

@hdwhitehouse_ Hayden Whitehouse @hdwhitehouse_

Why watch tv when #gogglebox can sum it up for you 🧐

@cooperwl87 cooper87 @cooperwl87

@mrtonymartin @mredkavalee listening to all the get this episodes and on EP 142 you had rove on and asked for tv i…

@grumpymami bitch lasagne @grumpymami

omg the old bristolian ladies on gogglebox are beautiful

@multitaskingcat MTC @multitaskingcat

@iainlee Well done Iain 👏👏👏 I wasn't even watching it but after hearing about your openness about mental health, th…

@johnnyspacey2 Johnny Two Hats @johnnyspacey2

“ at me vagina first”, word. #Gogglebox

@eilishpaleish Lish 🔮 @eilishpaleish

The Tapper Family on Gogglebox are SO annoying. Cannot imagine my fam (esp the mum & daughter) acting the way they do 🤦🏻‍♀️

@pikkab00 *Pika* @pikkab00

Gogglebox, a show where we watch in slow motion one of the participants turn into a sofa.

@martinemmetmck Martin McKiernan @martinemmetmck

Gogglebox is one of my favourite shows of all time #c4

@danwittred Dan Wittred @danwittred

So I got home this eve and #gogglebox is on... my main comments... how/when did #xfactor become so bad that I didn’…

@ShaunCanTweet Shaun @ShaunCanTweet

#Gogglebox badman Leon of @LeonAndJune 👏👏👏

#Gogglebox badman Leon of @LeonAndJune 👏...

@chelleroth1 Michelle Rothwell @chelleroth1

@LeonAndJune @TheMalonesGB Just watching Gogglebox as I missed it last Friday. Nice to see you back Leon & June 👍

@alfies12 Alfie Sheldon @alfies12

Sandra from Gogglebox has reportedly signed up for #CBB. Hopefully she's better than Sandi was!

@youmenaturally0 T 👸🏽 @youmenaturally0

I can't be the only one who lovvvves gogglebox 🙈

@tnmilner tim @tnmilner

@jeremycorbyn I bet gogglebox & that GQ photo shoot were a breeze compared to that one Jezza?

@tracykowoloski tracy @tracykowoloski

I can't even.😂😂He said Wyclef Jean is like a shit about is kinda true #gogglebox

@thinkrightuk Right Thinking @thinkrightuk

I could listen to these two all day. Hope they get their own show #Gogglebox

I could listen to these two all day. Hop...

@tallsam @tallsam

@LeonAndJune I hope I'm like Leon when I'm his age. Everton fan and untrusting of the Tories. #gogglebox

@todddddddddddie Toddie Lloyd @todddddddddddie

Just watched #Gogglebox never expected this @Channel4

Just watched #Gogglebox never expected t...

@clarebeaar Cluur @clarebeaar

I want me and Bec to be on gogglebox

@angec76 AnDrea @angec76

Why do they call it #BluePlanet 😂😂😂 #jennyandlee #Gogglebox

@goaliesbhoy Paul Devanny @goaliesbhoy

Leo on Gogglebox just said “your never innocent if your a Tory “ I thought it was only me that thought that way , Respect Leo lol

@DannyHannan Danny Hannan @DannyHannan

@welby_aaron @Clive_laddie Leon on #Gogglebox said he believes the accusations against weedy little Damian Green; so do I!

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