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@channel4 Channel 4 @channel4

THIS is the correct pronunciation of pouffe... #Gogglebox

THIS is the correct pronunciation of pou...

@pringles_uk Pringles @pringles_uk

We sent #Gogglebox's Siddiqui family a few cases of the new 'perfect flavour' Pringles, here's what they got up to…

We sent #Gogglebox's Siddiqui family a f...

@tinadaheley Tina Daheley @tinadaheley

I would pay-per-view to see Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn watching #ITVDebate together on Gogglebox.

@jos21bell Jos Bell @jos21bell

'please don't reduce the fate of 65m people to clothing accessories' - anr top quote from #Gogglebox

@morgancrawf Morgane le Fay☾ @morgancrawf

Yaaaaas @Louisxmichael defending Corbs! #Gogglebox

@holly_louiset holly louise turner @holly_louiset

@JamieDornan what I wouldn't give to be that pizza #Gogglebox #SU2C

@ruth_clark @travelprincess99 @ruth_clark

just catching with #gogglebox has @Stephenwebb71 had a nose job?

@morgancrawf Morgane le Fay☾ @morgancrawf

Don't forget Gillian McKeith's iconic faint on tv #GoggleBox #theislandwithbeargrylls

@blackskinygenes Daniel McMinn @blackskinygenes

One day, Leon and June from Gogglebox are gonna die, and I'm not okay with that

@milanmatejka Milan Matejka @milanmatejka

Imagine, Made in Chelsea, but with 8 Out Of Ten Cats commenting a la Gogglebox every week. Already I'm in for that.

@archipelington @archipelington

Just seen some of Gogglebox for the first time ever. Ffs, that's 20 mins of my life gone forever. What a load of bollocks.

@horanshappypill ♡ Chloe ♡🥝 @horanshappypill

@TomMaloneTweet is my absolute fave on gogglebox 😍♥️

@kr1664uk llllllllll @kr1664uk

#gogglebox talking about #threegirls all totally pissed of with the reaction of #gmp and social services.#notforforpurpose

@wellofcourseido Nadine @wellofcourseido

They should do gogglebox with a bag of cans

@Jodi_Beauchamp jodi @Jodi_Beauchamp

SAY IT LOUDER, SAY IT CLEARER #gogglebox #GeneralElection2017


@br0ken_r3cord Aishling @br0ken_r3cord

@EllieCalder Just watched it and she is fantastic! It's on gogglebox

@saimaferdows Salma Ferrous 🙄 @saimaferdows

Trump special on Gogglebox?

@missusjp2 jossip @missusjp2

Couldn't stomach #3girls #gogglebox cos it would boil my blood to a nosebleed

@_rhibear rhiannon @_rhibear

Louis on #gogglebox genuinely is the voice of our generation!! VOTE LABOUR ❤️

@skyscully Sarah Appleby @skyscully

"Dont reduce the fate of 65 m down to clothing" - quote of the show #gogglebox 😊

@thenameisturner PhilipJamesTurner @thenameisturner

#gogglebox "put a tie on" twit.

@parsons1z Sara Parsons @parsons1z

Mum please don't reduce the fate of 65 million people to clothing accessories. #gogglebox

@missusjp2 jossip @missusjp2

#Gogglebox...Ok steptoe enough is actually enough 😷😷😷

@megamberlong meg X @megamberlong

Cannot stop laughing at gogglebox 😂

@missusjp2 jossip @missusjp2

Ohhh do behave #Gogglebox he's got all the personality of a fucking prawn..😣

@michelle_d32 me Shell @michelle_d32

Wow that puffer fish ! It's art is amazing 👌 go on son #gogglebox

Wow that puffer fish !  It's art is amaz...

@missusjp2 jossip @missusjp2

Catching up on #Gogglebox ..Giles " pouf Mary " not poof..😂😂😂😂

@_Shaun_Williams Shaun Williams @_Shaun_Williams

Gogglebox 👌🏻

@tombiddiss97 tom biddiss @tombiddiss97

Gogglebox is the most fuckin pointless programme in the world

@08cc05 CC @08cc05

Ellie & Izzi fr @C4Gogglebox dear me, their accent is soooo sloooow they sound terrible and annoying. Time for a change plse #gogglebox

@sophie5951 sophs @sophie5951

Theres nothing more i want in life than for me an kp to go on gogglebox

@stephiom stephy @stephiom

You know you're watching an old episode of #gogglebox when they all have a shit sofa #123sofalogy

@thathodder Darren Hodder @thathodder

Cobra my ass. #GoggleBox


#Gogglebox kangaroo vaginas bloody hysterical

@muckymac lisa mckenzie @muckymac

Tremaine is 🔥 #justsaying #gogglebox

@mpc1980 Mark McCabe 🏳️‍🌈 @mpc1980

Haha. "I bet there are hundreds of poofs going begging at the recycling centre" #Gogglebox

@5tevej #dilligaf @5tevej

I love the two old Bristolians 😄 #Gogglebox

@Finsla Emma H ✯ @Finsla

Has anyone else noticed the Jury on #thetrial are Gogglebox doppelgängers? @C4Gogglebox

Has anyone else noticed the Jury on #the...

@horanshappypill ♡ Chloe ♡🥝 @horanshappypill

Gogglebox time ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

@Kos_Nation Kos Nation @Kos_Nation

I liked a @YouTube video Gogglebox ANNIHILATED

@scottando99 Scott Oliver @scottando99

Some of the sofas that the people sit on in gogglebox look shit

@iansedge Ian @iansedge

#gogglebox huge respect to the Muslim Family on here I find them all amusing at times But I also respect what the the father said.Take a bow

@lukeyboy115 Luke Walker @lukeyboy115

#gogglebox the siddiqui family have nothing to be ashamed of the see decent good people not scum like those. No one would ever compare

@groorganicuk Gro-Organic C.I.C. @groorganicuk

Ok can I officially adopt the 2 nans off #gogglebox ?This is me in 40 years sipping wine, talking rap & chillin' let me meet these ladies 🙌🏻

@tuckers_gold Savannah @tuckers_gold

Best quote from gogglebox: "Romanian men are very sexy."

@sophiedweebens Stevo @sophiedweebens

Gogglebox always has me in stitches😂😂😂

@maryjaynerober1 Mary-Jayne Roberts @maryjaynerober1

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