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@realdonaldtrump Donald J. Trump @realdonaldtrump

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and loved ones of the brave troops lost in the helicopter crash on…

@phil_lewis_ Philip Lewis @phil_lewis_

Let’s go Cooper!!!

Let’s go Cooper!!!

@davidhogg111 David Hogg @davidhogg111

#WhatIf we could go to school without fearing for our lives? Join us on March 24th and visit…

@MGigger Devil's Agvocate 2.0 (aka Michelle) @MGigger

I collect all cell phones and iPads from the kids at night and keep them in my room. Last night those little ***h…

@GovMikeHuckabee Gov. Mike Huckabee @GovMikeHuckabee

If Mueller has no proof @realDonaldTrump colluded with Russia-fold the tent and go home! Taxpayers shouldn’t pay f…

@thehadou Rick @thehadou

@JWonggg @jchensor Needed to go to the first KI World Cup. You'd need to buy it off James at this point.

@choi_bts2 Soo Choi @choi_bts2

Manager: it’s time to go.. let’s go JM:I suddenly feel I have problem on my throat. M:You can relax while we are r…

@na9rawi__nfc عٌأّلَمًيِّ | بًرشُـلَوٌنِيِّ @na9rawi__nfc

@alhilal_go هذا زعيم اسيا هههههههههههه ناديك حصيني اسيا 😂👌

@alhilal_go هذا زعيم اسيا هههههههههههه ن...

@DewRelease Dew K. @DewRelease

รางวัลเด็กดีตลอดกาล คิ้วท์บอยแห่ง EXO Planet since 2012 😭😭❤️❤️👍🏻 ขอบคุณน้าน้องฮุน วันนี้ก็ทำได้ดีมากเช่นเคยยยยยย เพ…

@sel_forexosehun Selsy✨ @sel_forexosehun

[INA GO 🇲🇨] B-Day Project 'Twins Stars' by @centenary9294 Close : 4 April 2018 Price: IDR 445.000 Details :…

@AaronCGShore Aaron Chalmers @AaronCGShore

Competition upgrade!!! To win just retweet this post And reply and tag 2 x mates (don’t quote retweet it won’t cou…

@blueberry_1275 silvia @blueberry_1275

I can't stand people like you, ready to sh*t on an artist because they do great, a group like bts that makes their…

@RealMoneyBaggYo MoneyBagg 💰💰 @RealMoneyBaggYo

I used to be so hurt when someone stopped fucking w me but now if u wanna go, then go. life goes on. i got things t…

@dog_go_home Michael @dog_go_home


@ThatKiddDeonRaw DΣӨП @ThatKiddDeonRaw

Once you go night mode on twitter you’ll never go back.

Once you go night mode on twitter you’ll...

@nickysmall30 Nicky Swizzie Small @nickysmall30

I need everyone to go wish my @LNC_Wolves fam @AndreFabre_LNC #happybirthday he is such an…

@goingglocal Chris @goingglocal

When I hear them all the lies coming from the far right lately, I can’t help but to think that: a) right is the o…

@RealJamesWoods James Woods @RealJamesWoods

You might have a little trouble getting Jewish Americans to embrace this look. Do you have some shiny jackboots and…

@foundmyfitness Dr. Rhonda Patrick @foundmyfitness

People that have even just a little bit of light while they sleep at night had a 65% increased chance of developing…

@cholochavador 🍭🍑 @cholochavador

This hot Canadian guy wanted me to go to Canada for #StPatricksDay but tickets are like 500$

@_xmaannnii Lil〽️ani @_xmaannnii

go back to sleep 💤


멜론 10시 차트 DNA - 34위 (▼1) 봄날 - 41위 (-) 고민보다 Go - 84위 (▼5) 🚨🚨MIC Drop - 100위 (▼8)🚨🚨 🚨🚨피 땀 눈물 차트아웃🚨🚨 #BTSLoveMyself #ENDviolence @BTS_twt

@jas_sleepy Look! A faithful wholesome Jamaican man! @jas_sleepy

@ReddLiteSpecial My Grama taught me to do that. I'd do a sandwich or something light (if we're eating). But if food…

@n5lsm Leo @n5lsm

@LakeDallasPD How about work, stay sober and go home?? That’s the best to spend the day. Not in jail.

@tass_agency ТАСС @tass_agency

Конькобежка Воронина стала третьей в зачете Кубка мира на дистанции 3000 м

Конькобежка Воронина стала третьей в зач...

@jschue1 엄지와지원이🌱 @jschue1

국민들은 정부 개헌안을 지지합니다. 정부의 개헌을 꼭 실현시켜 주십시오. 청원 5일째 4만 돌파

@MetroUK Metro @MetroUK

Couple ignored baby’s broken thigh so they could go to Disney on Ice

@ihts_freeman 🏪gang @ihts_freeman

You let the thief go 😂😂😂

@MrPaulFerrer #FerrerFamily❌🤙🏼 @MrPaulFerrer


@CoinMetro CoinMetro @CoinMetro

The Main Sale Is Live! XCMs only available at #CoinMetro #cryptocurrency #blockchain…

@de_unique99 derlinnne @de_unique99

Imma go ahead and retweet this for good luck cuz damn

@davelite93 Dave the Don. @davelite93

The visitor list for spring practice is impressed, way to go @CoachDanMullen

@itsmeaidil 𝒶𝒾𝒹𝒾𝓁 @itsmeaidil

You know why? Because when it’s over, you‘ll never look back again. You’ll accept it that it isn’t right for you an…

@chuggaaconroy Chuggaaconroy @chuggaaconroy

Thought I'd let you know that there's shoes available through SplatNet right now that otherwise aren't in the game…

@macblazy_solo Paa Kwesi @macblazy_solo

@quophi_kay Ma guy dis stage be da real champions league, if u be champion show am fr here, da team u go meet no for matter

@stripling23 shay stripling @stripling23

Phil Collins didn't have to go THAT hard for the Tarzan soundtrack, but he did that, he did that for us.

@fgoproject 【公式】Fate/Grand Order @fgoproject

【カルデア広報局より】 4週連続・全8種クラス別TV-CMが「Fate/EXTRA Last Encore」内にて放送!第3弾はランサー編、第4弾はアルターエゴ編!来週3月24日(土)24時からの放送では第5弾・第6弾を放送予定!…

@swind_go スウィ @swind_go


@hunhanfancouple HunHan_Fancouple @hunhanfancouple

วันนี้คุณโอเซฮุนหลังจากจบ Solo เพลง Go มาถอดเสื้อเปลี่ยนชุดอยู่ตรงทางลง AR ด้วยนะคะใครเห็นบ้าง 😂😂😂

วันนี้คุณโอเซฮุนหลังจากจบ Solo เพลง Go ม...

@MaineDems Maine Democrats @MaineDems

Eryn Gilchrist is stepping up to challenge Les Gibson, who called a Parkland survivor a "skinhead lesbian," because…

@nraforever56 BM @nraforever56

Ohhhh...Go ahead

@duskeeeyrblx Duskeeey (ART CONTEST) @duskeeeyrblx

where is my hand i lost it in vietnam i kinda want it back — Go find it in Vietnam than.

@DoubleTheHoneyy 4•26 🌸 @DoubleTheHoneyy

Agreed. Go from 😡👊🏾🔪 to 😍😇🤗 real quick.

@SheylaRFans Sheyla Rojas FCO ♡ @SheylaRFans

Este fandom es muy unido y fuerte, go SHEYLALOVERS COME BACK

@MaseDenver Andrew Mason @MaseDenver

Why quarterbacks go in the top five … in part because the chances of finding a viable starting QB drop precipitousl…

@lezah_bey Beeeeya ✨ @lezah_bey

Paasa ka g@go 😂😂

@flynnjack515 Jack Flynn @flynnjack515

Back on the horse!! Go @GenFlynn !!! McCabe Fired Strzok has “special” relationship with recused Judge Contreras. M…

@AdoptCCAnimals AdoptMeContraCostaCA @AdoptCCAnimals

Adoptable #Dog #Bagel_CCSTCA_02 I have lots of energy and like to go on long walks!!

Adoptable #Dog #Bagel_CCSTCA_02 I have l...

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