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@andrewkanatsky Andrew Kanatsky @andrewkanatsky

This girl is going to grow up and AMAZING things! It makes me happy to see victims not lose their voice in the medi…

@dodo The Dodo @dodo

"I am the only good girl!!" 😂

'I am the only good girl!!' 😂 https://t....

@dloesch Dana Loesch @dloesch

A white, blue-eyed blonde girl pretending to be Native American is perfect casting for Warren.

@AmyMek Amy Mek @AmyMek

#ToImmigrantsWithLove, Young Polish girl: "You will not introduce any of your islamic rules! This is Poland! This…

@fortune_press 【ふぉーちゅん】コスメ・メイク情報配信中 @fortune_press

💖MiMC新作コスメ💖 💛ファンデーション 💜アイシャドー ❤️リップ どれかを計6名様へプレゼント☺️🎀 欲しい方🙋‍♀️は FORTUNEをフォロー🍀 →このツイートをRT♻️ の、2ステップで応募完了🎈 記事中の質問…

@reyorganah macy @reyorganah

this girl is a national trasure

this girl is a national trasure https://...

@ayychuyy chuy @ayychuyy

Baby tori make me smile every time I look at her 😊 love my little girl

Baby tori make me smile every time I loo...

@anonym_minyoon anonym_minyoon @anonym_minyoon

Plz RT - A Girl with 2 Dads (4) #พี่เลี้ยงมินยูน #minyoon @WINNERth_fic @WinThaiFictions…

@june_girl_93 عَنتـــَـــرُ المُلـــــوكــــــ @june_girl_93

@sky_girl_95 بيچاره مامانت حق داره منم ب مامانم گفتم دوستم مهمانداره گف چ دلي داره مامانش :|

@zaksnowmdr fruit du demon @zaksnowmdr

ta femme elle pratique un islam chico chico holà holà hello girl tu touchera pas la balle on te fait la brésilienne

@Sean_O100 Sean @Sean_O100

When your girl’s always approached cause she’s peng but it’s your fault cause you wanted a peng ting

When your girl’s always approached cause...

@mindlesscy Portrait of a black woman -- Jean-Michael Basquiat @mindlesscy

@PBNtweets Girl, I been thinkin about it since I saw one in a store here... Haha. O feel like it's Lucky Charms... But Nintendo flavored...?

@btsanalytics worldwideBTS 🌎 @btsanalytics

[@BTS_twt iHeart: Vote Rate] Tweets + RTs for Best Fan Army in the last hour (5:45pm - 6:45pm) 1. BTSARMY - 565.6…

@soompi Soompi | #SoompiAwards @soompi

#OhMyGirl Reveals Their Celebrity Friends And Who They Want To Be Close With

#OhMyGirl Reveals Their Celebrity Friend...


180217 - 180218 SHINee WORLD THE BEST 2018 - FROM NOW ON - Kyocera Dome Hello Dazzing girl Encore #태민 #TAEMIN #テミン

180217 - 180218 SHINee WORLD THE BEST 20...

@amberxwhitworth Amber Whitworth @amberxwhitworth

Funny when some boys see a girl in real life n be like 'shes not as fit as her instagram'😫😂What girl wants to get d…

@tardisrey elise☽ 44 @tardisrey

@curiousbello @iamfoxes GO GIRL DO IT!!!!

@mx_hw_girl そでやまバブみ @mx_hw_girl

@BLOSSOMYUGI あれお前ってきひょんちゃんぺんだっけ?

@sky_girl_95 اِسکای گِرل @sky_girl_95

@TohidSadr هواپیمای آسمان صبح سقوط کرده هنوز پیداش نکردن

@NinEverything Nintendo Everything @NinEverything

Wonder Festival 2018 Winter news - new Mythra figure, Inkling Girl figma, more

Wonder Festival 2018 Winter news - new M...

@TessCagle Tess Cagle @TessCagle

Current aesthetic: last girl left at happy hour so quietly drinking in corner + organizing my expenses on my @QuickBooks app 🤓

@phuckwut imbisaat @phuckwut

Almost 20 years old, 0 ex, every girl is my crush and I've no goals in life.

@haemyamina Kotarou ☆ @haemyamina

On parle pas assez du talent d'Oh my girl ici je trouve

@_candyclover CANDYCLOVER @_candyclover

ซึงฮี จาก OH MY GIRL พูดถึง @BTS_twt ในโพรไฟล์ The STAR คนดังที่สนิท : V, จีมินนี่ #iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy…

@i_ris_girl さとぅ。🍫 @i_ris_girl


@cuntchaeng Ren the cryptid dead gay @cuntchaeng

Maybe it was just her misfortune, Sana guessed (It really was), to not be able to slide under that thick skin of th…

@jkthenewwave Jay kay @jkthenewwave

I think we should talk about Shuri. She’s a young black girl who is responsible for Wakanda’s modern technology. A…

@sabrinaclaudioo SC @sabrinaclaudioo

I'm that girl that gets mad at you & doesn't want to talk to you but gets extra mad when you don't even try to talk to me lmao

@IvyKungu Nyambura ✨ @IvyKungu

This girl is always doing some bullshit for rts. Whether it be posting fake stories about people or this shit, it’s…

@datmastermind Ayodeji @datmastermind

I'm always glad when i text a girl and she reads and doesn't reply...... I've made her speechless

I'm always glad when i text a girl and s...

@nungguindia dee. @nungguindia

@askmenfess youre speciallllllll girl. but God has one person who is more special than you<3

@gabrielgastelum Gabriel Gastelum @gabrielgastelum

Bendelacreme: Hi Shangela Shangela: Hey girl Shangela’s confessional: Oh miss Ben isn’t fooling anyone with that…

@demirockz521 Choon-hee(Demi) @demirockz521

@jbsfivehead @Jae_Day6 Ya gonna be rich by the end of the year girl, especially since JAE NEVER STOPS TWEETING XD

@MilkyLazarus milky @MilkyLazarus

If you're not my best friend, close friend or family then girl code doesn't exist. Some girls are deluded and will…

@yamada____girl 🌈 🎈 ; ま な か @yamada____girl

@Yume_Yuuuto 今度行ったら我にくれてもいいんだよ♡

@DOMtheB0MB Dominic DeAngelis @DOMtheB0MB

Most of all when a guy gets mad at his GIRL because she got a compliment from a guy is ridiculous. It ain’t her fau…

@naijalander #agbalumo @naijalander

Hi guys, Please I'm looking for this girl called Anne Verona, I borrowed her N81,000 to get a place in Ibadan and m…

@iHeart_BTSrt BTS iHeart 투표(RT계) @iHeart_BTSrt

나를 안아줘 girl #iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy #BTSARMY @BTS_twt

@laura_kate1989 Laura Kate☽ @laura_kate1989

@Elise_Christie @BBCSport @TeamGB Go on girl, you can do it! 💪🏼👊🏼🇬🇧🇬🇧

@yoncesgalore tyanna 🇵🇷 @yoncesgalore

Normani is that girl pass it on

Normani is that girl pass it on https://...

@soompi Soompi | #SoompiAwards @soompi

Girl’s Generation’s #YoonA And #GoHyunJung Named Most Buzzworthy Stars Of The Week

Girl’s Generation’s #YoonA And #GoHyunJu...

@IgotCharlize 04/28😌 @IgotCharlize

Rt to save a girl's life 😮

Rt to save a girl's life 😮

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