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@senwhitehouse Sheldon Whitehouse @senwhitehouse

OK I guess I have to admit I'm a bit of a geek. But getting big special interest money out of politics ought to be…

@jeffreyareddick Jeffrey Reddick @jeffreyareddick

Ah! #FinalDestination was released on this day in 2000. Great to see my baby made a mark in the genre I love. You…

@polygon Polygon @polygon

The largest global community of tabletop fans weighs in on the best board games of 2017.

The largest global community of tabletop...

@dulatrepaulene Paulene Dulatre @dulatrepaulene

💜 Geek out with some fangirls (37 Photos)

@samurai_vapors SAMURAI VAPORS @samurai_vapors

皆さん、こんにちは!!😊 SAMURAI VAPORSのサトシです。 Geek vape からBLITZEN RTAのご紹介です!!💨💨 デザインもかっこいいし味も凄く濃厚に出ます!!😋 是非、御来店下さい😊 詳しくはこ…

@coupleofgamer Couple Of Gamer @coupleofgamer

Tropico 6: El Présidente est de retour ! pour suivre l'article : @kalypsomediausa…

@LastDayOnEarth6 Last Day On Earth FR @LastDayOnEarth6

Sa geek quoi ce week-end ? 🤔

@geek_n_girly Camila King @geek_n_girly

pictures of naked animay girls having sex coco nicole austin hard

pictures of naked animay girls having se...

@Got_paperPart2 Keeks @Got_paperPart2

I’m a geek about #mines ☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾

@LeilaDawnEyes Leila DawnEyes @LeilaDawnEyes

@sweetpea_geek @casualrp I'm gonna have to keep an eye on this one... 😑 #suspicious #DnD #rogue #watchthisspace

@sweetpea_geek @casualrp I'm gonna have...

@chrisdevworld printf("Chris"); 💻 @chrisdevworld

#Geek #Tech #newtech Meetup #1 Parlons Réalité Virtuelle / réalité augmentée / réalité mixte #ChrisTec #HighTech

@geek_planet_ Geek Planet @geek_planet_

@TierraCeroBlog @SHIELDEspana De todas formas, no creo que en la primera haya alguna caida digamoslo de los "princi…

@atisgailis Atis Gailis @atisgailis

New documents reveal FBI paid Geek Squad repair staff as informants -

@prepadalloz Prépa Dalloz @prepadalloz

Village de la Justice : « l’avenir digital et collaboratif »

Village de la Justice : « l’avenir digit...

@TaKaYa_Ki たかやKi @TaKaYa_Ki


@Crypto_annonces Yatabi @Crypto_annonces

[News] Game Chaingers turns graphics cards into a humanitarian tool and organize the first ever blockchain fundrai…

@junqswooseok cher ♡ seok @junqswooseok

wooseok n anime is such a soft topic i wanna sit down and just geek out w him over our faves

@pharaohmiyagi1 Pharaoh Miyagi @pharaohmiyagi1

@SteelCityGhoul You just a weirdo 😭😭😭 I don't argue about shit u argue with bruh and getting mad over opinions u cl…

@brute_geek BruteGeek @brute_geek

Terrestrial Energy on track to commercial molten salt reactor competitive with natural gas via /r/technology…

@yumenotanuki 夢乃狸 @yumenotanuki

コミックバベル5月号 「デリシャス娘をハメパコ放題♥」 コノシロしんこ・夢乃狸ら : アキバBlog ご紹介ありがとうございます😭「御代とミシロ」「ほのみぶれいく!」掲載して頂いて…

@LydiaEmillen Lydia @LydiaEmillen

Probably some of my more “viral” posts were taken here, this Geek tee Post seems to never die 😂 I wish it would but…

@ishan_13 Philosopher G33K @ishan_13

A list of questions common when interviewing for a job as a Graphics Programmer #geek #iosdev #tech

@geek_n_girly Camila King @geek_n_girly

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lebanese women naked tom and jerry naked...

@nippondash Nippon Dash @nippondash

This is like the useless stupid bullies in school mocking the Geek who comes first because they know they can never…

@geek_gen_france Geek Generation @geek_gen_france TOP des Ventes de Jeux Vidéo – semaine 10 / 2018 @SELL_JeuxVideo #SELL #GSD #JeuxVidéo

@abdennourbra Abdennour Brahimi @abdennourbra

تعرف على ترتيب الدوري الإسباني 2018 بعد هزيمة اتليتيكو و فوز الريال

تعرف على ترتيب الدوري الإسباني 2018 بعد...

@bikespike1 Vishal Ray @bikespike1

RT @bikeSpike1: RT @bikeSpike1: RT @bikeSpike1: Bring out the poker geek in you. Every unique and right comment w…

@akibablog geek@akibablog @akibablog

サークルAsh wing おにさんこちら 「妖艶な鬼女。少年を快楽地獄へと誘う」 : アキバBlog

サークルAsh wing おにさんこちら 「妖艶な鬼女。少年を快楽地獄へと誘う」...

@__geek_pb 보다구 @__geek_pb


@drewpanda94 Drew @drewpanda94

@MacarenaLevin1 @Braussie_geek @legacymermaid @shippychaos i'm already on it

@techeblog TechEBlog @techeblog

This digital artist has created on surreal image each day, and here are some of his most popular works.…

@mikesinnott963 Mike Sinnott @mikesinnott963

Android P feature: Very old apps won't open on your phone via @Appy_Geek

@la0x Hola Geek (by @la0x) @la0x

Diabetes , ¿Qué es la diabetes?

@HuuugeGames Huuuge Games @HuuugeGames

#Google opens up #Maps #data for #developers to build mixed #reality #games - a step appreciated by Andrzej Sekuła,…

@iraegaming Irae @iraegaming

#Geek #Decoration What else?! 😂

#Geek #Decoration
What else?! 😂 https://...

@braussie_geek Kim @braussie_geek

@LGBTv_Addict this channel has every Barcedes part with subs. The new part comes out only a…

@b21edeab2958 人気コスメ@プレゼント【公式】 @b21edeab2958

【プレゼント!!】 『3CE』コンパクト&リップ&ポーチセットを1名に 【参加方法】フォロー&RT ※リプライで当選率UP! 【応募期限】今月末まで ※フォロー&RTしていただいた方にDMで獲得方法をご連絡します! #3CE


@mikesinnott963 Mike Sinnott @mikesinnott963

New flexible computer chips could rewire an AI near you via @Appy_Geek

@TechJeux Switch Mania @TechJeux

#Nintendo #switch #jeuxvideo #geek #gaming #gamersunite #retrogaming #retrogamer (Nintendo Labo - Du papier recyclé…

@geek_blues Nom de Plume @geek_blues

@PeopleOfUK He also gave up his previous career (IT rather than dentist) after some 20 years to focus on his photography passion.

@techeblog TechEBlog @techeblog

#Renault EZ-GO is a self-driving electric robot taxi from the future that offers passengers 360-degree views.…

@geek_model R-DaGeek @geek_model

Deeply rooted fears about being stuck in a situation of your o... More for Aries


Telemedicine, Telehealth, Connected Health, and Digital Health Defined  #hcsmeufr #esante #digitalhealth #hcsmeu…

@esms730 えすみす(マイゾノ)@LoLなう @esms730

@geek_lex チンパンレックス

@sunacudehulo Tereska Taylor @sunacudehulo

Just another geek-романтИк В каждом твите моем услышь эхо крика своей души, малыш

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