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@jordaniel_rb He Who Chose His Name @jordaniel_rb

@VioEgan @ShoukryRozek For me, the two lads' place was way overpriced for what it was, Even York town centre has ch…

@jordaniel_rb He Who Chose His Name @jordaniel_rb

@VioEgan @ShoukryRozek I'd certainly be happy to stay at #BrigYDon, the clean lines of the accommodation are exactl…

@jordaniel_rb He Who Chose His Name @jordaniel_rb

@VioEgan @ShoukryRozek We tend to stay in 4 star and above rated hotels, #BrigyDon buffet appeared to be as good as…

@Pois0nedivy Poisoned Ivy @Pois0nedivy

#fourinabed So The Hero turned out to be the hero this week. Payed everyone in full and stayed classy. 👌🏻 I persona…

@Sparklyblue63 Deborah Butler @Sparklyblue63

@heroburnham You don’t need a plaque to prove you were the real winners. Two gents, no agenda, no game playing. #fourinabed

@ASurreyLady Jen Bee #fbpe @ASurreyLady

Have got addicted again on an old favourite #fourinabed after a few days off from work unwell last month. Now feeli…

@CronoYellow27 Peter Cross @CronoYellow27

You may have come 4th but were the only ones to pay everyone in full & with one over payment. Well done guys, showe…

@halfcookednurse Shell @halfcookednurse

Why are the b&b’ers who don’t own their own hotel some of the most critical. Peel Hey women were awful!!!…

@Sicknology ✇Sickboy @Sicknology

Fair play and a fantastic attitude from the @heroburnham lads, the real winners of #fourinabed

@Bufferb2012 2012 @Bufferb2012

The hero should have won just 4 the fact they didn't game play and were decent lads #fourinabed the couple from Cle…

@fulbut dmarie @fulbut

I think these producers plant hair in these beds, every single bed in every episode in every series has a hair. Go figure 🤔#fourinabed

@fordingtonfield Fordington Field @fordingtonfield

#fourinabed Just love the way they slag off the other places with their comments but get the right hump when it's d…

@fulbut dmarie @fulbut

So much for doing an excellent breakfast ay! Simon and Pierre are a couple of knobheads #fourinabed

@kipperray Kip @kipperray

WTF?! What kind of person runs their FINGER under the rim of someone's bog to check how dirty it is? Not staying…

@antonmartin70 Anton martin @antonmartin70

First thing I do when entering the hotel room is finger the tea bags #fourinabed

@butterballllz David Buttery @butterballllz

@C4FourInABed is an outstanding experiment in passive aggressiveness, could watch it forever #fourinabed

@thewomanholmes The Woman @thewomanholmes

Jesus Mike & Debbie are vile!! She looks like one of the Riddlers and he is a sniping, bitter man! #fourinabed…

@paulgoggy Paul Goggins @paulgoggy

Catching up on #fourinabed . Good to see nice people win. Arthur your gameplaying didn't work

@CasaSu2017 Casa Su @CasaSu2017

Wasn't expecting that result. Thank goodness for The Hero boys, they were far too nice for this game #fourinabed

@HollyDogsPlace 🥂Anne B @HollyDogsPlace

And once again the youngsters are the ones who are unfailingly polite and fair. What nice guys you are @heroburnham…

@angelphillips51 😈💗♥💜Ange♥💕 @angelphillips51

#fourinabed oh Helen cheer up you miserable mare

@natasha86x natasha doherty @natasha86x

Catching up on #fourinabed already know I don't like these 2 with toothbrush and white glove!!

@michaelpoole6 Pooleyboy @michaelpoole6

The boys from the hero deserves more than 4th . 40 quid under payment from the csi scouse birds on @ShoukryRozek pl…

@chemingway_ Charlotte @chemingway_

‘We’ve never done game playing’ alright love so going round with a toothbrush looking for dirt and white gloves to…

@chemingway_ Charlotte @chemingway_

Avoided twitter yesterday just so I didn’t see who won #fourinabed I’ve never been this hooked to it!😂

@east_ V. Cadaverini @east_

The two lads didn’t underpay anyone did they? Or one person? The two women were worse than the hobby couple WHOVE O…

@east_ V. Cadaverini @east_

Everyone on today’s #fourinabed shat on the lads and the lads were first. How any of them have the nerve to react t…

@XnowhereXmanX michael john day @XnowhereXmanX

#fourinabed well done Harry & Rowan you played fair, paid in full twice & overpaid once in reality you played to lose.

@davepee DaveP @davepee

Arthur is a bit of a twat. #fourinabed

@25_NikkiL Nicola Laming @25_NikkiL

@heroburnham is most definitely on my To Stay At list ! #fourinabed

@mummykard kardine @mummykard

😂😂😂 #Peelhay recon they r “high class “ and #brigydon is “budget class” seriously those women r deluded 😂😂 #fourinabed

@countessraven15 stephanie raymond @countessraven15

Actually just punched the air in delight when. #fourinabed SHOUKRY won ! Well done bring it on sorry I mean bric y…

@welshbooky Sandra Singh @welshbooky

Well done on winning #FourInABed @ShoukryRozek and well done to the Hero guys for being so fair!

@MissAngieDavies Ange @MissAngieDavies

So glad Shoukry won, I don't think the 2 witches or Arthur n his sidekick have done themselves any favours I would…

@RevolgJ Jane glover @RevolgJ

#fourinabed @heroburnham you were the only genuine couple. Others showed their true colours. I live near peel hey a…

@Cavalcadewhimsy DeinGesicht🥄 @Cavalcadewhimsy

The young fellas at The Hero are lovely too, and they took those excessive underpayments very well. I hope they do…

@Kim_KimmiH Kim Kimmi H @Kim_KimmiH

This needs to be said: I can do hair standing up. Rarely wear makeup but if I do, I stand. Not all women need a dressing table #fourinabed

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