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@jjwatt JJ Watt @jjwatt

Find the food court, grab yourself a cinnamon pretzel from Auntie Anne’s and settle in.

@benji_mascolo Benji 🔥 #SiamoSoloNoise @benji_mascolo

Good morning everyone. I hope you all have a beautiful Sunday with family, friends.. or food. xx

@imvkohli Virat Kohli @imvkohli

Congratulations to my brother Vikas @omegus10 and Vikrant for winning the Best Western Cuisine Award at the Times F…

@kimjunmyeonnews 엑소 수호 김준면 #실례해도될까요 #Dinner 🍷 @kimjunmyeonnews

junmyeon mentioned that he ate food from subway for lunch & minseok commented "stop eating subway junmyeonna" 😂😂 t…

@sheetuscreation Yeh Unn Dinon Ki Baat Hai❤️💓💕💞💞 @sheetuscreation

See he is still eating something.... He is always eating.... And when asked which is his favorite food he says I'm…

@collinrenfro C🥑LLIN Ⓥ @collinrenfro

"vegan food is gross" •gelatin comes from crushed animal bones •l-cysteine comes from duck hair •confectioners g…

@takecarayaself_ $osa @takecarayaself_

These bitches never wanna get food with me. Fuckin whores

@leratolamamage Please RT Pinned Tweet💖 @leratolamamage

Hi Guys, @rocomamas has agreed to give me a month's worth of free food for 10K retweets. Please help me out. I've b…

@360sxsw 360sxsw @360sxsw

Bagpipes, Fritos and vodka gazpacho: Scenes from Rachael Ray’s 11th annual Feedback Party at Stubb’s

@MicahBrownFilm Micah Brown @MicahBrownFilm

I’ve never understood tipping at buffets ... I just sat myself, picked my own food and carried it to the table .. I…

@HighwaysSWEST Highways England @HighwaysSWEST

If you plan of travelling in the bad weather. Please ensure you clear the snow from the top of your vehicle before…

@HornyFacts Horny Facts™ @HornyFacts

if she's comfortable around u: she'll tackle you, sing to u, be weird around u, dance for you, scream at you. take ur food, be mean to you.

@jocellenextdoor jo @jocellenextdoor

Can someone drop me off some food :(

@smarthouseaz SmartHouse AZ @smarthouseaz

Modern Technology using hands free in many different ways.#Alexa making life easier one day at a time!…

@cltobinstlfd Chris Tobin @cltobinstlfd

The most overlooked skill. If there’s one thing you bring to the table, make it food.

The most overlooked skill. If there’s on...

@polishprincessh 👑💥 Hanna 💥👑 @polishprincessh

It's illegal to hire illegal aliens. Impeach & jail those who appointed her. Only in America can you come into the…

@sweetlybesson beth loves chev @sweetlybesson

If u want I’ll bring you food in Austin no joke

@mizzmic rat mic 🐀 @mizzmic

Cartoon network kids: dysfunctional stoners/coke heads,steal money out of moms purse for a juul pod Nickelodeon kid…

@c_krum Collin Krum @c_krum

@SpeerThomas I’ll have to prepare my body for tons of alcohol and barley edible Armark food before

@Brillianto_biz DrSchüder GreenInfra @Brillianto_biz

Smart cities are coming. Can they be as much about nature, health, and wellbeing, #greeninfrastructure sustainable…

@yougoojencoco JR. @yougoojencoco

@FlexinFranco @ashleyy_jw Yeah I miss AZ food!

@dekdarion #QAnon @dekdarion

#QAnon 🤔🤔 Food for thought...

@TrillSouthside_ 410 Jae @TrillSouthside_

Stop calling yourself a SNACK when you have an STD....bye food Poisoning 😂

@exothfan_union EXO ThaiFan Union @exothfan_union

#ElyXioninBKK บรรยากาศการส่ง Food Support วันนี้ค่ะ 17/03 พี่ๆ สตาฟน่ารักกันเหมือนเดิม ขนของกันสนุกสนาน

#ElyXioninBKK บรรยากาศการส่ง Food Suppor...

@baekminvideo499 백민비디오(영상옮기는중) @baekminvideo499

꼭 시우믠한테 장난치는 뱈현. 우믠 놀랐어 #백민 #baekxiu

꼭 시우믠한테 장난치는 뱈현.
우믠 놀랐어

#백민 #baekxiu ht...

@food_sino_azu food @food_sino_azu


@big_fat_food Big Fat Food Critic @big_fat_food

Meat Matters in More Ways Now Than Ever #cooking #retail

Meat Matters in More Ways Now Than Ever...

@highrawmama TRUMPLICAN!!!🇺🇸 @highrawmama

@laracosio @dawsonfmuniv @conboncita @MaxBoot Like what? Roaring economy? NK agreeing to talks? End of the disastro…

@JahJusDGAF IG: Jahjusdgaf @JahJusDGAF

Ive been alive for 22 years and i never saw a chinese food commercial

@mphojift Mpho. @mphojift

@TheyCallmeLu_ I am already stressing because he eats the same amount of food as I do. I wouldn't be able to afford him loko se u hetile 😂

@johnson_restaur MD SADIK KHA @johnson_restaur

Delhi Food 🍖🍗🍛🍴😋 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Johnson Coffee Cafe…

@Ghanasfinestx GHANA'S FINEST @Ghanasfinestx

LRT happened to me. My mum was cooking banku & okra & my cousin’s white gf was like “eeew what’s that” My mum was l…

@keieress 杰尼龟🐿🐢 @keieress

J: I'm thirsty L: You shouldn't drink that, you should take other drinks J: Why do I need to drink something else,…

@shakumms SB @shakumms

Match + let’s get food

@aarneclimate Aarne Granlund @aarneclimate

@RichardMunang Today I was in a National Park close to Helsinki which was protected and took part in an urban farmi…

@miaa_janine MIA MUA @miaa_janine

my cat didn’t pay attention to no body or go in no bodies room ever but i always loved her most and when she was dy…

@Refugees UN Refugee Agency @Refugees

- Food - Water - Sanitation - Shelter UN agencies and NGO partners are appealing for funding to meet life-saving n…

@ShediyAftamath Shedrach. @ShediyAftamath

Twitter drama today is the reason I'm on this app. From Jack putting weed in his friends food to a woman releasing…

@yung_doo YUNGDoo❤️ @yung_doo

I can go for some food ass sea food😩🤤

@outragiis karola k. @outragiis

This is me when tommy eats my food without my permission.

@jessicanenee jess @jessicanenee

@GeoThatBeMe Go buy me food pls

@DinosaurDracula Dinosaur Dracula @DinosaurDracula

you could make a solid argument that humanity peaked with the introduction of mcdonald's food robot things

you could make a solid argument that hum...

@HarsimratBadal_ Harsimrat Kaur Badal @HarsimratBadal_

Serial mis-leader @RahulGandhi Ji talks of food parks in his speech. If only the UPA government had worked towards…

@BabyAriel Baby Ariel @BabyAriel

the only good part about being sick is that nobody touches your food

@MelanieWebbSA Melanie Webb @MelanieWebbSA

Richard, was the chef at La Mama back in 1982 when it was in Hillbrow. Today he owns the restaurant (now in Ferndal…

@Jammin_to_Jimin Blue Side @Jammin_to_Jimin

Since everyone is on crack, I’ll contribute @BTS_twt as Italian Food✨🍝

@ckakrabah Cornelius Kakrabah @ckakrabah

Everyone that will say NO to the king's food (Dan 1:8); to Potipher's wife (Gen 39:7-9); to Delilah (Jud 16); to Ge…

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