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@raini_rodriguez Raini Rodriguez @raini_rodriguez

Happy St. Patrick's day! I would tell you to kiss me, but I'm not Irish and its cold & flu season. 🍀

@theonion The Onion @theonion

Panicking Flu Swears It Didn’t Mean To Kill Old Lady

Panicking Flu Swears It Didn’t Mean To K...

@brrodrigosilva Rodrigo Silva @brrodrigosilva

O início do Botafogo no Brasileirão, com dia da semana e horário: Bota x Palmeiras (segunda, 20h) Sport x Bota (se…

@esther_flu Esther Flubacher @esther_flu

Präsident Puigdemont ist in der Schweiz angekommen - Herzlich Willkommen

@Venalis21 Venalis @Venalis21

"baaaabe?" *Looks around the house* Oh... I see the flu got you too


*Looks around the house*


@nadibernardes Nadine Bernardes @nadibernardes

@Angel_Di_Renso @AMHiruta @Isadora_flu 🖤👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

@bethel_hall Bethel Hall @bethel_hall

Evening all, Breaking of Bread is at 11am, Sunday School at 3pm (minibus from 2pm) and the 7pm #Gospel Service will…

@djtechlive Frank | DJTechlive 🕸🕷Miles Morales @djtechlive

@Venalis21 Tylenol cold and flu my dude. Welcome 🙏🏽

@juliafreire42 @juliafreire42

Sdds Carioca do ano passado, Fla x Flu, Maracanã lotado, ganhamos de virada e conseguimos +1 título! Esse ano tem que ser iguaaaaaal

@SeanHunterXXX Sean Hunter @SeanHunterXXX

Hey boys! I’ve missed ya!. Between the flu & working HARD on my new art and photography studio in PS, I had to ste…

@lipstickthvg MOM @lipstickthvg

U ever had dick that had ya body feel like u had the flu the next day ?

@TheNYevening The NY Evening @TheNYevening

#CDC Doctor, Who Said #FluShot Caused Deadly Outbreak, Missing Feared Dead

#CDC Doctor, Who Said #FluShot Caused De...

@burgervonstadt Burg @burgervonstadt

@KneesPenguin Two other girls came down with the flu this week. I'm hoping it's not that.

@tsudamayohanmu تطبيقات اندرويد @tsudamayohanmu

@Everton @CenkTosun_ New Applications and Games for Android Users 🔴 ▶ check tweets of this acc @ret__wet__ fLU

@maxnificentt_ Maxnificent @maxnificentt_

Only Ronaldo gets hit with the flu twice lol fuuuuuuck

@millercycle millercycle @millercycle

I just saw a sexy avi with a girl sucking on her finger and all I could think about was how reckless that was becau…

@Funny_Truth Survival Tips @Funny_Truth

Pineapple juice is 5 times more effective than cough syrup. It also prevents colds and the flu.

@amyamychao Amy 💋 @amyamychao

Wow i got the flu 🤦🏽‍♀️ wowwwwww

@chelsearobson Chelsea Robson @chelsearobson

Ugh, I feel the flu coming on. Please send good vibes my way.

Ugh, I feel the flu coming on. Please se...

@charleenbarnick Charleen Barnickel @charleenbarnick

@JudgeJeanine You are so funny, Jeanine. You look like a night of hot lovin, or have the flu really bad. No matte…

@crown_valley Crown Valley Imaging @crown_valley

“Flu drops to moderate levels across most of Massachusetts” via #flu #fluseason…

@verdaoaddict Verdão Addict @verdaoaddict

Problemas judiciais e mágoa: Scarpa curte foto de derrota do Flu | Veja

@naniknasa Nanik Idayanti Nasa @naniknasa

Di NASA itu lengkap ya... Mau langsing :Ene Eslime Mau gemuk : AMNE KEPALA BOTAK : LECITHIN PERUT BUNCIT :HU…

@CambsCC Cambridgeshire CC @CambsCC

Do you live in the north of #Cambs? There is currently “very high” levels of flu in this area. If you are aged 65 a…

@jenelled12 Jenelle @jenelled12

@Bunnyaimee @GalGadot @twshivshiv Being disabled isn’t a restraint?? How about you explain what disability isn’t re…

@chefcuri dickheadhive! @chefcuri



@dwandad1 denesedad @dwandad1

@WholeFoods why would I want to eat food exposed to everyone's hands out in the open especially during flu season?

@flu_sclt ふりゅー@例大祭一般(仮) @flu_sclt #touhougacha 水着ィ!

@a_hellenjesus Hellen c 2 l @a_hellenjesus

tenho 6 camisas do flu e não sei onde tá uma, q coisa

@hellllllz13 champagne mami 🌼 @hellllllz13

*how’d your spring break go?* *ehhh it was fine, just had the flu the whole time, no biggie*

@flu_kjg 강지구 @flu_kjg

어. 좋아. 아주 좋아. 아주우 꿈을 이뤘어, 평생의 꿈을 이뤘어.

@hackplayers hackplayers @hackplayers

Pentesting de aplicaciones móviles: iOS. Parte 1

Pentesting de aplicaciones móviles: iOS....

@yuudesu4 ゆう @yuudesu4


弾幕アクションゲームの河城にとり使いの方達向けに作りました。 https://t...

@SpicyKoreanQ SEΩULCityDon @SpicyKoreanQ

If you were in Miami or South Padre, here’s a list of meds and conditions to check before returning to school. Ant…

@latourandorder Latour & Order @latourandorder

Sixteen people die from influenza after they received counterfeit flu vaccine shots. I’m calculating.

@quan_flu Quan❄️ @quan_flu

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@voodoomonkey7 Whirling Dervish @voodoomonkey7

Informative in one of those "fun if you have time" ways. Like when you have the flu....

@EltfeldNadine Nadine sieht Harry🔜 @EltfeldNadine

A fun Saturday night for everyone, hope you doing some great things✌️ Harry Honey relax a bit, don't let the Harry…

@duaatm ‎دُعا طارق منصور‎ @duaatm

@daniyalisation Sigh!! I’ve flu 24/7. My tastebuds are deaddds bro. Plus Mjhey smell bhi ab kam ati hai. Sinus is shit.

@video_contagion Video Contagion @video_contagion

The Flu Vaccine Is Made In Chicken Eggs

@theblendergirl The Blender Girl @theblendergirl

I SWEAR by this Ginger Lemon Cold & Flu Tonic. You can drink this warm or cold all year round to combat restlessnes…

@tinhoffc Tinho @tinhoffc

Garotas tricolores que pra você são bonitas. Você conhecendo pessoalmente ou não — Mano, a mina que coloca a camisa…

@austindowdytne AD. @austindowdytne

Yea I got a swag flu/ Think I need a theraflu

@akinrostov Akin Rostov @akinrostov

@serkanacar002 @hersey_flu Ruhban sınıfının çözüm bulamayacağı sorun yoktur.Gazeteciler gidince saadet çemberini ol…

@kevykevxcii kevvv breezy @kevykevxcii

Forgot to get my flu shot this season and now I’m sick as a dog. Fml. It’s been almost a week already and still no better

@SneakerShouts Sneaker Shouts™ @SneakerShouts

ICYMI: The GS Air Jordan 12 Retro "Flu Game" restocked online BUY HERE:

ICYMI: The GS Air Jordan 12 Retro 'Flu G...

@WebMD WebMD @WebMD

If your gym offers a way to clean the equipment before using it, do it. What one study found:…

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