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@robmitchellmp Rob Mitchell @robmitchellmp

how pathetic leadership berefeft @TurnbullMalcolm if all you can muster is a childish website about @KKeneally your…

@HassanBairam حسن بيرم @HassanBairam

(2/2) Houthis fire more ballistic weapons to major Saudi cities and military bases.

(2/2) Houthis fire more ballistic weapon...

@ravii97 ravii @ravii97

all these erdogan supporters can fucking suck my ass. idgaf what u have to say tbh

@xavierkatana Xavier Katana @xavierkatana

Lamp that look like a book!

Lamp that look like a book!

@Iran Iran @Iran

#AsiaticCheetahs on the brink of extinction with only 50 left alive #Iran #Wildlife…

@geordieomalley whyayeman @geordieomalley



@Nineteenx99 DeGoat 🇨🇦 @Nineteenx99



@Nineteenx99 DeGoat 🇨🇦 @Nineteenx99



@Nineteenx99 DeGoat 🇨🇦 @Nineteenx99



@JKCorden James Corden @JKCorden

My wife is asleep to my right, my 4 day old daughter is asleep the other. I’m watching The Holiday and everything is just so lovely x

@TheSanPlanet Ali San 🌻 @TheSanPlanet

No matter where you are in the world, from Europe to Asia, why is this the one bollywood song everyone knows LOOOOO…

@_fizza__ Abu Lulu stan account @_fizza__


@baklavamami nerminن @baklavamami

bitch that don't even make sense

bitch that don't even make sense https:/...

@RodriguezDaGod King Nathan, XV 🇹🇹 @RodriguezDaGod

Bitch, those are Nationalititties.

@fineapplealex 1/2 Baked @fineapplealex

Men are becoming less and less masculine as generations pass

@Ahmed_87_87_87 Ahmed_87 @Ahmed_87_87_87

@Ketul1Indian @spectatorindex Lebanon has 48% population of christians + its a secular country .. sorry, not this time

@PressTV Press TV @PressTV

Schools shut in Tehran, other cities amid air pollution

Schools shut in Tehran, other cities ami...

@SteexAllMighty5 Steex @SteexAllMighty5

@eatjaredtweets @Trip_KOBE I shoe’da known.

@eatjaredtweets ducky boy @eatjaredtweets

it be ya own niggas

it be ya own niggas

@DailyStarLeb The Daily Star @DailyStarLeb

Saudi crown prince 'buyer of $300 mn French chateau'

@Haniyaimad_ #HBD IMad🎂 @Haniyaimad_

So #Imadians these are the final avi and header edits we all will put on for @simadwasim 's Birthday🎂 Avi by👉…

@clapback_king Sean @clapback_king

When a nigga cheat, a real woman go on her knees, kiss his feet and apologize for not being perfect

When a nigga cheat, a real woman go on h...

@southiraqi Nur Al-Abrar @southiraqi

Do not get this wrong, Yosif was fine after being shot. Had he not been neglected, he would have lived. This young…

@MuhammadLila Muhammad Lila @MuhammadLila

This is Yosif Al-Hasnawi. He saw an old man being harassed and tried to help. He was shot and killed, for trying…

@LaLigaEN LaLiga @LaLigaEN

One of football's greatest talents is hanging up his boots after a glittering career! ⚽️🇧🇷🏆 🌟 All the best for the…

@mentalexotica MAK @mentalexotica

My mother is often asked, “how can you dress up with jewellery and make up when your husband is no longer alive?”…

@Hayder_alKhoei Hayder al-Khoei @Hayder_alKhoei

U.S. discovers Iranian missile being used to kill civilians and destabilise the Middle East.

U.S. discovers Iranian missile being use...

@Jnoubi_Elite Zulfiqar 🇺🇸 @Jnoubi_Elite

Fuck Trump, Jerusalem is the capital of Pakistan 👐

@tia__madison mean mug. @tia__madison

Honestly when I was 8 I don’t think I was even able to fully grasp what suicide was. What are these babies being ex…

@spectatorindex The Spectator Index @spectatorindex

Wash hands with soap and water after going to toilet, 2015. Bosnia: 96% Portugal: 85% Turkey: 85% Sweden: 78% Germ…

@Raafidih Mohsin Abbas Sial @Raafidih

Jerusalem Is The Capital Of Palestine.. there is no Israel #DeleteIsrael

@Mysteriousbat ............ @Mysteriousbat

I'd rather listen to an auto-tuned queef played on a continuous loop than listen to Ariana Grande's new album.

@jesshempshall Jess Hempshall @jesshempshall

@fefi94x @MrPeterAndre We love you lots Fizza ❤️

@fefi94x @MrPeterAndre We love you lots...

@fefi94x Fiona | Fizza ❤️ @fefi94x

@MrPeterAndre Does Fizza get any loveage Iv fractured my head of radius in my right arm and I can't do anything feel really low atm 😿😭💙 xxx

@_fizza__ Abu Lulu stan account @_fizza__

There is no Hussain without Hassan, there is no Karbala without Madina.

@sohnianika my neck my back @sohnianika

And I’m probably buying it myself

@IiIdummy lil dummy @IiIdummy

So apparently people who take long showers are lonely and they shower longer because subconsciously the hot water r…

@baklavamami nerminن @baklavamami

May erdogan die a slow and painful death amin🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷❤️❤️❤️

@ainiladra Leila @ainiladra

she asked for the flag & this photo to be taken & sent to you all from nazareth, palestine, bilad asham

she asked for the flag & this photo...

@_fizza__ Abu Lulu stan account @_fizza__

My heart is in Najaf

@zainvbs z @zainvbs

I need to find this man :(

I need to find this man :(

@_fizza__ Abu Lulu stan account @_fizza__


@_fizza__ Abu Lulu stan account @_fizza__

Praying for our Christian community 🙏 💔 #Quetta

@Brashnaa Brashna Kasi @Brashnaa

Our helper is a christian lady. She goes to this same church every Sunday. Calling her since the morning. She isn't…

@Brashnaa Brashna Kasi @Brashnaa

Update: She is okay. But alot of her relatives are critical. Please remember them in your prayers.

@TheMrigankTyagi Mrigank Tyagi @TheMrigankTyagi

#BREAKING: Gunmen attack a Church during Sunday mass at #Quetta in Balochistan. Pakistan Govt sources say at least…

@AJEnglish Al Jazeera English @AJEnglish

UPDATE: Attack on #Quetta church kills at least 8 people

UPDATE: Attack on #Quetta church kills a...

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