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@trutvjokers Impractical Jokers @trutvjokers

Yes! Q did it!! We haven’t felt like this since @BQQuinn crossed the tightrope. Justice! Vindication! QSA! QSA!…

@trutvjokers Impractical Jokers @trutvjokers

Yes!! @BQQuinn did it – with the help of the best fans in the world!! Who’s planning the parade in Staten Island?…

@bqquinn Brian Q Quinn @bqquinn

Here is the link to the full documentary about the battle between @simmykay and I about my Staten Island map in the…

@truTVjokers Impractical Jokers @truTVjokers

The fight between Q and the network exec intensifies. But now there’s something YOU can do. Use #FixJokersOpen to h…

@krystinmariejo3 Krystin Marie Jones @krystinmariejo3

I’m with Q to #FixJokersOpen. Give him the map! #ImpracticalJokers

@jazzyk993xx Jazmine Kaur @jazzyk993xx

#FixJokersOpen When do the new episodes air in the UK 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

@Brandon_TheBull Brandon The Bull @Brandon_TheBull

We NEED the map. #FixJokersOpen

@davidsheftell David Sheftell @davidsheftell

@BQQuinn now that we have the map, when do we get the spinoff show Secret Agent Tony Gunk? #ImpracticalJokers…

@izabelle801 Izabelle @izabelle801

Darth Simmy vs. Obi-Wan Quinnobi @BQQuinn @simmykay #FixJokersOpen #ImpracticalJokers #DarthSimmy #ObiWanQuinnobi…

@brittneybabeee_ Brittney❗© @brittneybabeee_

Give Q his damn map. 😂😂😂😂 #FixJokersOpen

@Grizzly_Douglas Grizzly The Bearded Ant 🐜 @Grizzly_Douglas

If prisoners could take their own mugshots, They'd be called "Cellfies". 😎 #dadjokes #dadlife #Police #FixJokersOpen

@hoffdaynelle 🌻Daynelle Hoff🍉 @hoffdaynelle

Hey, so I missed it... is there a map for @BQQuinn on the @truTVjokers intro now?? Someone help me out... #FixJokersOpen

@scottymo612 Scott Seelhoff @scottymo612

#FixJokersOpen @simmykay can we stop the insider segment at the end of the show? I'm a huge fan and would rather se…

@AskMomsThumb Corey in OrlANTo 🐜 @AskMomsThumb

Hey, @simmykay ... I can call my politicians with are in that position with @truTVjokers ,…

@enternamehere81 Taverham @enternamehere81

@BQQuinn @simmykay #FixJokersOpen Give Q his map!! Please explain how @BQQuinn doesn't have his map but is behind…

@BQQuinn Brian Q Quinn @BQQuinn

Maybe he should. #FixJokersOpen

@BQQuinn Brian Q Quinn @BQQuinn

You people see what I’m dealing with? I love the guy but this is outrageous. #FixJokersOpen

@BQQuinn Brian Q Quinn @BQQuinn

Answer them! How many #FixJokersOpen hashtags will it take? How many petitions?

@ringostahh steph @ringostahh

@BQQuinn I made a prototype if they’re too lazy to give you what you want!! #FixJokersOpen #GiveQTheMap

@BQQuinn I made a prototype if they’re t...

@ResidentMike020 Mike O'Donohue @ResidentMike020

@simmykay @BQQuinn Give Q the map. Dale a Q el mapa. תן Q את המפה. Gib Q die Karte. Дайте Q карту. إعطاء Q الخريطة.…

@klikandtuna Steph @klikandtuna

Retweet until justice prevails! @BQQuinn, we’re behind you all the way. #FixJokersOpen @truTVjokers @FixJokersOpen

Retweet until justice prevails! @BQQuinn...

@BQQuinn Brian Q Quinn @BQQuinn

@klikandtuna @truTVjokers @FixJokersOpen This is truly amazing.

@SIMuseum Staten Island Museum @SIMuseum

Who doesn't love a good map? Right @bqquinn @impracticaljokersofficial ? #fixjokersopen #giveqthemap #statenisland…

@BQQuinn Brian Q Quinn @BQQuinn

I mean. This is it. I gotta be getting that map after this. Even Darth Simmy can’t resist this one. @simmykay…

@simmykay Simmy Kustanowitz @simmykay

Ok @truTVjokers fans, an update: I’m having some internal discussions at @truTV due to the #FixJokersOpen responses…

@simmykay Simmy Kustanowitz @simmykay

Oh boy, #FixJokersOpen has officially entered the school system. Now I feel bad for saying “shitty.”

@BQQuinn Brian Q Quinn @BQQuinn

Darth Simmy using his fully operational battle station to keep the systems in line. #FixJokersOpen #DarthSimmy

@BQQuinn Brian Q Quinn @BQQuinn

I have no idea what’s happening with the opening credits of my own show tonight. I’m not even home to watch. Can s…

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