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@kimpoyfeliciano Kimpoy Feliciano @kimpoyfeliciano

“While they all fall in love with her smile, she waits for the one who will fall in love with her scars” 🥀

@bryanteslava bryant @bryanteslava

📷 tips: •fall in love with your own photography •wake up excited to continue working on it •go to sleep thinking o…

@niveaserrao Nivea Serrao @niveaserrao

It’s hard not to fall in love with #BlackPanther’s Winston Duke even more after reading this

It’s hard not to fall in love with #Blac...

@InStyle InStyle @InStyle

This Just In: Accessory must-have for fall 2018: your head. @Gucci #MFW

This Just In: Accessory must-have for fa...


Gucci Fall 2018 details.

Gucci Fall 2018 details.

@FreeMe_TV FreeMe T.V @FreeMe_TV

"It's okay to fall sometimes, pick up yourself re-strategize and relaunch attack.  And watch your success give your…

@feber feber @feber

Är IKEA:s Ladda-batterier egentligen Eneloop-batterier? - Läge att göra en bra deal i så fall kanske…

@angelmur91 Angel @angelmur91

These Air Pods aren’t half bad. Thought they would fall out like the regular Apple EarPods but without cords tuggin they actually stay on.

@wdfrog 캡틴프록 @wdfrog

몽클레르 지니어스 2018 가을 컬렉션 외국인들은 당황하고 있지만 한국인이 보기엔 너무나 실용적이고

몽클레르 지니어스 2018 가을 컬렉션 외국인들은 당황하고 있지만 한국인...

@thickMammie KeNna Haha @thickMammie

Most black men wont go for a serious relationship unless they are financially stable. When ever black men discuss l…

@EkosodinYouth Mama Onome Pikin @EkosodinYouth

Just saw a woman wash her butt of her baby after he pooped. Without missing a beat, she used same hand to wash rice…

@svk_inntal Stephanie K. @svk_inntal

@AlexHeintze Hattest Du nicht damals zu diesem Fall recherchiert?

@bigdaddyrere Ralesha™ @bigdaddyrere

Next time I go to Miami will be spring/fall.. summertime was blocking my shots 🤣

@littleHEARTS_ littleHEARTS. @littleHEARTS_

【大阪店】Scarlet ValseのRaizoさんとYo-heyさんがご来店🌹✨ フライヤーを頂戴しました🙌🙌🙌 この後、心斎橋JUZAにてUNDER FALL JUSTICEとの無料ツーマンが御座います👩‍🎤👨‍🎤 まだ店頭に…

@postbadclothes couture week is coming @postbadclothes

Gucci Fall 2018 แล้วรูปปั้นหน้านายแบบนางแบบขนลุกอะไรเบอร์นี้ เหมือนมากเว่ออออ

Gucci Fall 2018 แล้วรูปปั้นหน้านายแบบนาง...

@puresoundame ピュアサウンド アメリカ村店 @puresoundame

🌟Scarlet Valse Raizoさんご来店🌟 フライヤーと『UNDER FALL JUSTICE』さんとのツーマンの無料チケットいただきました! 本日心斎橋JUZAでそのツーマンライブがありますので皆さんJUZAへGO…

@a_stumpy Steve Hayward @a_stumpy

@spectator Proud of Churchill for that. Europe needs to hold hands so that they don't have little spats and fall ou…

@BIGBANG_tweet BIGBANGチャンネル☆ @BIGBANG_tweet

【LET’S NOT FALL IN LOVE/BIGBANG】 ずっと遊んでるPVだからこそ最後の悲しそうな顔が本当切ない。 歌詞見てからだとまた見方が変わる! #bigbang #let’snotfallinlove ✨✨



@healthandsafety Health+SafetyatWork @healthandsafety

Scaffolder’s “moment of stupidity” working at 18 metres without fall protection leads to jail sentence:…

@jamewils James Wilson @jamewils

So NiMo is NaMo's CWG moment.. The free fall starting from here! As more and more skeletons will come out of the di…

@abcnews ABC News @abcnews

Australia has once again slipped down a global corruption index. Serena Lillywhite @TIAustralia says failure to est…

@fall_nocturne りーず @fall_nocturne


@lfsnoritaxo Leitinaaa @lfsnoritaxo

Quin & I will be turning 6 yrs this November and man I'm not tryna brag but I swear to God I fall deeper in love every. damn. day 😭❤

@ultschanbam anna @ultschanbam

It's 3am but I'm still lurking on twitter bc I can't fall back asleep

@ShivAroor Shiv Aroor @ShivAroor

What Flying Officer #AvaniChaturvedi told me last year when I asked how she felt about how women pilots won’t yet b…

@maggsnaidu Maggs Naidu @maggsnaidu

Oy @CyrilRamaphosa - your Finance Minister, @mgigaba, is a liar. Best call Nomvula - the Rand is gonna fall... <<N…

@princessofrp Metaphorical GoodBye @princessofrp

Puttin’ my defences up, ‘Cause I don’t wanna fall in love. If I ever did that, I think I’d have a heart attack. #BOT

@__JustJalia jaee ✨ @__JustJalia

Idc how bad we fall off... our business is still OUR business.... won’t speak on that shit to nobody else!

@chuguk_fall 추국 @chuguk_fall

@CLRRjBHiRqbJjTo 용돈으로 뭔가 사먹기도 하고 그래, 응? 주머니 비면 아빠가 또 용돈줄게. ( 궁디팡팡 )

@datspalo 🌻 @datspalo

DISPARITION RT SVP l'ami de mon père est introuvable depuis le 13 février 15h45 , il habite sur bordeaux et a des…

@iWantClips iWantClips @iWantClips

WEEKLY NEWSLETTER @ValyrieLutka Fall into her #findom vortex! #iWantClips

WEEKLY NEWSLETTER @ValyrieLutka https://...

@lewy_2366 Michaelaa @lewy_2366

Idk why I even get in bed anytime before 4 am. It's not like I'm gonna fall asleep or anything lol

@channiggz $A🍁 @channiggz

Ima fall back cuzzzz someone prolly caught ur attention

@karcathy cat / sees effy in 33 days!!🏳️‍🌈✈💀 @karcathy

@Nasobemchen @Wowitslogan nooo don't fall for the child's propaganda he can't be allowed to do this

@postbadclothes couture week is coming @postbadclothes

Gucci Fall 2018 และชุดก็ยังคงความสวยหรูหราผู้ดีมากๆ ตามสไตล์gucci 💜

Gucci Fall 2018 และชุดก็ยังคงความสวยหรูห...

@killerkcox KEazzy @killerkcox

I just can't wait for my blessing to fall

@theprophetpizza rachel seville tashjian @theprophetpizza



@pinkalswls70 다비🐰 @pinkalswls70

엑소 레전드 사진 럽미라잇편🏈 이제 다시 볼 수 있을리가 없을 럭비 유니폼 입은 엑소...청춘 영화 한 장면 같지만 음방 출근 사진이랍니다...대박이죠? 다들 엑소하세요🤗 #iHeartAwards…

@supermodeldaiIy models daily @supermodeldaiIy

Details at Gucci Fall 2018 #MFW

Details at Gucci Fall 2018 #MFW https://...

@dee_sackey Derrick ❄️ @dee_sackey

I fall for you so wassup?

@journaltae 𝓃𝒾𝓈 @journaltae

i took some meds to fall asleep but im sweating so much that I actually woke up??? and now I can’t sleep Bc I feel…

@CallMe_Erykahhh Issa Gemini ♊️🤤😜🔥 @CallMe_Erykahhh

I’m just tryna wait for it to all fall back together 😔

@takutti0214 たくっち@みぃʚ🦊ɞ女ゆっくり実況者 @takutti0214

皆様いつも本当にありがとうございます(#^.^#)! 【ゆっくり実況】体がグニャグニャのアスレチック!?あの大人気アニメキャラがお城に大ジャンプをした結果…!!【Human Fall Flat】 @YouTubeさんから

@streetwisetimes StreetWiseTimes @streetwisetimes

@jeremycorbyn @ucu Point in passing the strike is about pensions! Then don’t support #uklabour and @jeremycorbyn co…

@BelindaJones68 Bee @BelindaJones68

@LesStonehouse Ding Ding, Rnd 11 of this heavyweight title bout, bruised & battered Barnaby stumbles back to his co…

@Kopke613 kopke613 @Kopke613

there's nothing more awkward than getting morning wood after you fall asleep on an airplane

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