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@politicalshort Nick Short 🇺🇸 @politicalshort

Facebook spent a record $11.5 million on lobbying last year. In the first 3 months of 2018 they’ve already spent $3…

@ladbible LADbible @ladbible

BREAKING: Verne Troyer Dies Aged 49.

BREAKING: Verne Troyer Dies Aged 49.

@skynewsbreak Sky News Breaking @skynewsbreak

The official Facebook page of Verne Troyer says the actor known for playing Mini-Me in the Austin Powers films has died at the age of 49

@vlarcg VaLtEr... @vlarcg

@sadeaspence Sade A Spence @sadeaspence

🌸 Thanks for sending me to @Beautycon NYC Variety! Laverne Cox got real about FaceTune and surgery, Paris Hilton sa…

@farrahscott1 Life,Love,MyUniverse @farrahscott1

Know thyself...

@vals1979 VALERIA IGARZABAL @vals1979

@paipaisavas paipaisavas @paipaisavas

@bryan87 Justin Marriott @bryan87

at Qdoba

@bridgeloudoun Bridge Loudoun @bridgeloudoun

Pastor Will Cravens continues the Sold Out Series. In this sermon Will talks about being sold on loving each other

@celi_77 Celia Gimenez @celi_77

@capvillagomez alex villagomez @capvillagomez

@Luvcnt15 Luana (PL) @Luvcnt15



@eternokay Kiss Me Kiss Me @eternokay

So agua 🤙

@tetonotafool Teto @tetonotafool

#IJoinedTwitter because I was tried of using Facebook.

@csftt Celtic SupportersFTT @csftt

Folks, a page follower has asked if we could post this charity auction bid for someone he knows suffering from canc…

@bevmcclellan Bev McClellan @bevmcclellan

@lantuhtanya Tetyana Starchenko @lantuhtanya

@pedro_henzel PEDRO HENZEL @pedro_henzel

@unomc uno mc-mic-host @unomc

I call it life

@nickelbv Ester @nickelbv

René Angelil granddaughter Stella Dupré is super talented, she has such a wonderful voice. I can see her do some gr…

@tzintlichavez Tzintli Chavez @tzintlichavez

No compres: ADOPTA.

@gomediaprbc Go Media Consultants @gomediaprbc

#positivevibesunday number 7. A community initiative to show it doesn't take much to make a big difference.

@celli95m MCellini @celli95m

Como en los años 80, después de una guerra un desastre natural... Hasta el San Cristobal se hartó de tantas injust…

@GinaLee74748805 Gina Lee @GinaLee74748805

Very cool 😎 #ElvisPresleysBass #PaulMcCartney

@lastrollinstone I_K€€p_@©ouple_Thotz @lastrollinstone

Boy hell nah..... Why you did all that? It never should take that just to see if someone wants to be with you

@jflytheflytrap JFly @jflytheflytrap

The simple things in life make it all worth it. My travels were great but glad to be back to the sounds of home.…

@correoorinoco Correo del Orinoco @correoorinoco

En tres días se vendieron 10.000 entradas para el FITC 2018…

@chortletown Anita @chortletown

WATCH MY VIDEO 🆘They’ve marked me NHR... I NEED HELP🆘 💔Please don’t let me DIE in 🔥HELL🔥 💀H…

@buenasraicesecu BuenasRaicesEcuador @buenasraicesecu

@cobbkitties Cobb County Kitties @cobbkitties

~9 yr old Cheeto is **Front Declawed**, indoor only and super sweet 💕 He needs Adoption or Rescue commitment~ Thi…

@Diredefoto Director de foto @Diredefoto

ATENCIÓN! Aquí va el anuncio de lo que pasará mañana!

@beluseverin ¶ar∆dojas @beluseverin

@daryllawson daryl lawson @daryllawson

@aydinaktug34 AYDINAKTUĞ @aydinaktug34

Parçalandım Ve her bir parçam ayrı yere bıraktım Birini açık denizlerin en derin yerine attım Kürek çektim, uza…

@anunderstanding Ailene Randolph @anunderstanding

@becsbella イルカショーをボイコットをしよう @becsbella

これって許されるのでしょうか? 狭い生け簀(10m*10m*5m)に8頭ものイルカを押し込めるなんて! #TaijiDolphins #イルカ天使 RT拡散希望

これって許されるのでしょうか? 狭い生け簀(10m*10m*5m)に8頭ものイル...

@actomazine Anderson Tomazine @actomazine

@YoSoyJustin_ Justin biebeer జ్ఞ‌ా @YoSoyJustin_

EEUU: Dictadura de Maduro se sostiene con malandros del TSJ, asesinos, torturadores, narcos y ladrones #TeamHDP

@marcos_pocoes Antonio Marcos @marcos_pocoes

@rasectrader APOSTASAMIGOS @rasectrader

@aline1809 Aline Silva @aline1809

@jdfffn Jason David Frank @jdfffn

Youtube JDFFFN @valiantentertainment @batinthesun #jdfbloodshot 🔴 @comicbook hat provide by the awesome @kinjaz

@BorisBorisenko5 Boris Borisenko @BorisBorisenko5

Миха Чаплыга ИПАТЬ!! Американских налогоплательщиков должен заинтересовать факт,что бизнес леди,явл женой не менее…

@legadodamarvel Legado da Marvel @legadodamarvel

Postado pelo Arley Francisco Cesário lá no grupo do Legado da Marvel no Facebook. Valeu, cara!

Postado pelo Arley Francisco Cesário lá...

@rareta11 Maria Patricia @rareta11

Rebeca Borges

@cutiepietg27 Tarsha Geddie @cutiepietg27

Baby Shower fun....

@genepompa Gene Pompa @genepompa

OMG! Cant believe how much our careers have in common — at The Johnny Cash Museum

@22aljouf شبكة إخبارية الجوف @22aljouf

شاهد | كيف طيران التحالف يدك معاقل وثكنات عسكرية للحوثيين،،

@philewis philip lewis @philewis

Retweeted Patricia Ann Innes (@patacusack): Switched on #sundaypolitics and there’s a discussion on antisemtism in…

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