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@joshua_landis Joshua Landis @joshua_landis

With Turkey’s Rush to War Against Syrian Kurds, What Is the Endgame in Afrin? - @aronlund provides 3 scenarios: 1.…

@joyannreid Joy Reid @joyannreid

They’re putting themselves on the record. The DREAMers are the lure. The endgame is mass deportation and a revival…

@svaradarajan Siddharth @svaradarajan

The beginning of the endgame of the Ranbaxy saga via @thewire_in

@delenashands Laura @delenashands

Literally everyone tried to sabotage the Human Delena Endgame, but their love was always stronger than anyone and a…

@imperialanton Luis Anton Imperial @imperialanton

Tropico 4 - S2E125 Operation Endgame #3 - Slowly kicking them out!: via @YouTube

@kylomyheart Kylo Ren Deserves Redemption @kylomyheart

Hi Mark Hamill himself liked this Tweet because Reylo is endgame he just can’t say it. Like he’s probably so tired…

@chessbites ChessBites @chessbites

Endgame study: - White to play. #chess

Endgame study: -...

@positivesels hanna @positivesels

I‘m so emo, RevelAtions EndgAme is now totally over and I have the headache of my life from crying. this was such a…

@bv_dodderer Geoff Vann @bv_dodderer

@enspbrussels Sweden has nearly achieved the 5% endgame - I don't see the tobacco industry panicking?

@enspbrussels Sweden has nearly achieved...

@1dft_zayn riya @1dft_zayn

@needednewt Flicker, Sweet Creature, Endgame!

@ifekene juliet @ifekene

@HalebScenes I just want to watch pretty little liars just for them. Hope they were endgame

@rradryan Rad Ryan @Home @rradryan

Every endgame jrpg

@goldenboyhunk Gina @goldenboyhunk

[strums guitar] 🎶they would’ve already be endgame since season 1 has one of them been a girlllll🎶

[strums guitar] 🎶they would’ve already b...

@gagaxchele reyna @gagaxchele

english: i love you french: je t'aime spanish: te amo finn hudson: You & I both know how this thing ends. I don't k…

@ItsAstrohYT SoaR Astroh @ItsAstrohYT

More endgame than Destiny 2

More endgame than Destiny 2

@fortunecli Fortune CLI @fortunecli

Sometimes I wonder if I'm in my right mind. Then it passes off and I'm as intelligent as ever. -- Samuel Beckett, "Endgame"

@ruffalosfluff daniel | wakanda forever @ruffalosfluff

you wanna know who i ship shuri with? i ship her with happiness, and i hope they're endgame

@pureluthor taylor @pureluthor

Supercorp endgame,

@jorgito23_06 Geralt de Bilbo @jorgito23_06

@OmegaKay Es prácticamente el único monstruo que te va a dar problemas en el endgame. Luego toca matarlo en opciona…

@GameStar_de Redaktion GameStar @GameStar_de

Sea of Thieves - Endgame, Echtgeld-Shop & vorerst kein Seemonster - Preview / Vorschau: über @YouTube

@chesspatterns1 Chess Patterns @chesspatterns1

Chess Endgame of the Day is Major Piece Endings Pattern , Fischer played b7-b8

Chess Endgame of the Day is Major Piece...

@bellamyblakes ‏ً @bellamyblakes

if Amie and Jay ignore me one more time I will be mad .... need to know what happened to nik and hanna even tho I know theyre endgame

@lmthwl mthw @lmthwl

there is a dripping in my head like S Beckett's -endgame- or someone is doing very monotonous drum practice or poss…

@aroonpurie Aroon Purie @aroonpurie

Whats the endgame? India-Pakistan relations dip dangerously as the LoC’s bunker-to-bunker conflict mounts. With no…

@ezria_endgame Havva❤️ @ezria_endgame


@allthatsparkoos Nicole Campbell-Foley @allthatsparkoos

@fenrir_71 @pvdork @TheLoveBel0w @accidntlmystic @centerfluid @PatrickRandall I'm with you. I knew this would resur…

@wiwi_lol Wiwi @wiwi_lol

@xPandorya kein Kraken 😭 Sea of Thieves - Endgame, Echtgeld-Shop & vorerst kein Seemonster - Preview / Vorschau.

@sashahaIe . @sashahaIe

can y’all believe that they went from bumping into each other in the hallway to them being married

can y’all believe that they went from bu...

@pokinatchakid 🌈 Elizabeth 🌦 @pokinatchakid

Just gonna leave this here. #originalWilSon #teamWilSon #endgame #chemistry #horitahelltotheno #freddiesmith…

@starpendle Haith @starpendle

Just like that, I'm back at the endgame. This time for Route B. I have no clue what they'll throw at me this time. #Nier

@freckledkorean ☆ AFK Jugeunkkae ☆ @freckledkorean

Gotta live that potato dream... glamour is true endgame (ノ ✪ワ✪)ノʸᵉᵃʰᵎ

Gotta live that potato dream... glamour...

@haIesharding anne met the cast😭 @haIesharding

i can tell you from the bottom of my heart that the pll cast is the best cast to exist. they genuinely care so much…

@jedisonbooks Justin Edison @jedisonbooks

@FlyTheBlueW Thx for asking! They're all different. Churning and Tempest Road r soccer thrillers. Endgame is sci-fi…

@selmilasgrande clara @selmilasgrande

@JRothenbergTV @MisElizaJane @tasyateles Echo is crying because Bellamy prefers Clarke. Bellarke endgame.

@underrtheskinn ㅤㅤㅤㅤJ. @underrtheskinn

Spencer Hastings: -tan inteligente -autoexigente -atenta a todo siempre -adora a sus amigas -team sparia ++ -spoby…

@ELlZAJTAYLOR s | misses eliza (28) @ELlZAJTAYLOR

eliza really said she’d marry lexa over anyone clexa endgame goodbye

@PropertyNewsIE Irish Property News @PropertyNewsIE

Vulture funds “only really beginning their endgame of enforcement. This is likely to escalate dramatically over the…

@aadrian1234 Chandler Brown @aadrian1234

@CorvoSol It's just weird. I absolutely love world but the endgame just ramps up where you just die because you can…

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