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@luvtruckers candace @luvtruckers

@HouseDemocrats @HouseGOP @SenateDems @VP @potus when will u give us the respect we deserve? We R always there in t…

@luvtruckers candace @luvtruckers

@HouseGOP @HouseDemocrats @SecElaineChao@potus elds will cause chaos on roads. save lifes, stop elds #eldorme needs…

@johnhlegg John H Legg @johnhlegg

@FoxNews How about you bring some independent truckers on air to explain the unconstitutional Obama administration…

@nawnaw2006 dedrahardin @nawnaw2006

.@realDonaldTrump #HR3282 #eldorme Mr President there is no way that you haven't heard our plea to do away with the #eldmandate NO ELD

@ELD_or_ME ELD or ME @ELD_or_ME

Welcome new followers. Getting around to follow backs as quickly as possible. Don't forget to add a profile pic. Happy tweeting. #ELDorMe

@KDMiller_IA_ KarenMiller In.Agent @KDMiller_IA_

Just one of the issues drivers face. REAL stories from REAL drivers. #eldorme, @FMCSA, @USDOT @POTUS @FOX10Phoenix…

@ELD_or_ME ELD or ME @ELD_or_ME

Not enough SAFE parking for trucks already. ELD will make it worse. @AssociatedPress #eldorme #hr3282 @USRepresent…

@ELD_or_ME ELD or ME @ELD_or_ME

Truckers have a voice and its not the ATA! #eldorme @AssociatedPress @realDonaldTrump #HR3282 @foxandfriends

@ELD_or_ME ELD or ME @ELD_or_ME

Cost for ELD Mandate is $2B. Wouldn't that be better spent actually improving the highways and bridges? #eldorme @FMCSA #HR3282 @POTUSPress

@ELD_or_ME ELD or ME @ELD_or_ME

#eldorme How did a computer make this driver safer? SecElaineChao @POTUS @FMCSA #HR3282 Delay the mandate so you…

@SandraKirchner4 Sandra Kirchner @SandraKirchner4

The gen pop doesn't realize this #eldmandate is going to cause a shortage of drivers and VERY costly goods to the consumer. #eldorme

@Dusky721 Dusky72 @Dusky721

#ELDorME I know when I'm tired !!! I don't need a machine for that!!!

@bsdekker11 Brad Dekker @bsdekker11

@POTUS @Transport @FoxNews How can people that work from 9-5 make laws for people that have a 24 hour schedule? Ask drivers.#ELDOrMe

@jim_seevers Jim Seevers @jim_seevers

#eldorme American Truckers need your support in #HR3282 @boblatta @RepJimRenacci @realDonaldTrump @CNN @FoxNews

@mamaluci mamaluci @mamaluci

.@POTUS.@realDonaldTrump- ELDs drive up $$ of goods they also increase price based sales tax.#delayEld #ELDorMe .@BostonGlobe.@CNNPolitics

@opie8615 Ryan Doyle @opie8615

.@CNN @GOP @@FoxNews ELD mandate is driving experienced safe truckers out. Who's going to teach the new ones true safety? @POTUS #eldorme

@taylorbilt American Trucker🇺🇸 @taylorbilt

Prob 5k truckers in violation of H.O.S. regs. If they log off duty, it's a falsification & career ending violation & big fines. #eldorme

@ELD_or_ME ELD or ME @ELD_or_ME

First off my hat is off to all you guys and gals for all your hard work on Twitter Storm #ELDORME.... I have no doubt that we were heard.

@JohnIngersoll14 John Ingersoll @JohnIngersoll14

@FMCSA @SecElaineChao #eldorme#OOIDA#prkng is a big isue and realy needs to be researched one of many reasons not t…

@rebullbob Bob Bullinger @rebullbob

Hope your listening me potus. ATA is not for the independent trucker pleas help no eld. Thank u #eldorme

@TheTonyJustice Tony Justice @TheTonyJustice

This morning's Twitter Storm #eldorme numbers: Keep it up crew!!! 216k mentions 241.4k engagement 15 million reach

@opie8615 Ryan Doyle @opie8615

Mega carriers are running "trucker mills" like people run puppy mills. That's what's wrong with safety on roads. @POTUS @FoxNews #eldorme

@JTHuffaker18w J T Huffaker @JTHuffaker18w

Obama era regs will not #MAGA @realDonaldTrump is better than that. Help us #knockoutbadregs with #HR3282 let's fix the problems. #eldorme

@JohnIngersoll14 John Ingersoll @JohnIngersoll14

.@FMCSA .@SecElaineChao your organizations are all about safety yet u never seem to take our safety into consideration#eldorme#OOIDA#HR3282

@DFH1067 David Hanifan @DFH1067

@realDonaldTrump we are not criminals that need tracked! Who stores all this data and who can use it against us? #eldorme @SecElaineChao

@PagetSiu lakelovr @PagetSiu

@realDonaldTrump we are going onto day 7 of the trucker tweetfest and have 13.4 million reached. Real truckers WILL be heard #eldorme

@JohnIngersoll14 John Ingersoll @JohnIngersoll14

@TheRealFnWilson @bob_kopec @realDonaldTrump @POTUS @TheTonyJustice @OOIDA @Land_Line_Mag The ATA Lobby's for bad r…

@opie8615 Ryan Doyle @opie8615

God created the trucker to help maintain the promise land. Don't let costly regs shut us down. @POTUS @JerryMoran #eldorme

@taylorbilt American Trucker🇺🇸 @taylorbilt

I81 in wythville VA been shut down 24hrs.Hazmat rollover. Truckers on duty not driving parked in road. When clear,all in violation. #eldorme

@JohnIngersoll14 John Ingersoll @JohnIngersoll14

@FoxNews @realDonaldTrump @RepWilson I say the hell with Howdy Doody put some of that energy into helping the small…

@Jeffreydplus3 Jeff farmer @Jeffreydplus3

@POTUS I've been installing these bullshit ELD's today. Somebody owes me some damn money! #eldorme #HR3282 #atasux#tiredof thebullshit

@opie8615 Ryan Doyle @opie8615

.@SecElaineChao @POTUS we need hr3282 so small business truckers aren't drove out by costly regulations. Let us help you fix this #eldorme

@franklin_pruitt Franklin Pruitt @franklin_pruitt

@ELD_or_ME @SecElaineChao @POTUS @potus this is what happens when your made to wear an ankle bracelet monitor like…

@redneckron3785 Ronald Lee @redneckron3785

@POTUS @realDonaldTrump stand up and shine for the lil man im a 3rd gen driver @SecElaineChao @USDOT #eldorme…

@bsdekker11 Brad Dekker @bsdekker11

Cruizin I-40 East with @TheTonyJustice 🇺🇸🇺🇸😎. Be safe and have a blessed day Brothers and Sisters l. #ELDOrMe

Cruizin I-40 East with @TheTonyJustice 🇺...

@ELD_or_ME ELD or ME @ELD_or_ME

This is what happens when you want electronic logs to save you. #ELDorMe @SecElaineChao @POTUS

This is what happens when you want elect...

@sallad2420 Dallas @sallad2420

@realDonaldTrump @SecElaineChao @JeffFortenberry @foxnewsradio @FoxNews don’t let the big box company’s destroy the #USA #eldorme

@GarrettWestmark Garrett WESTMARK @GarrettWestmark

. @realDonaldTrump #ELDORME #eldorme #eld_or_me #eldmandate #knockoutbadregs Mr President have you heard the real world truckers yet?

@gratransport16 Greg Anderson @gratransport16

@RandPaul @POTUS @SecElaineChao Truckers lives matter, so does public safety. Stop this war on truckers #eldorme #HR3282

@johnhalcomb67 John Halcomb @johnhalcomb67

@realDonaldTrump we find it odd that a man with over 40 million followers won't respond 2 anything about the eld mandate #ELDOrMe @VP

@TheTonyJustice Tony Justice @TheTonyJustice

How can a computer wired into a semi tell when a driver is sleepy or not? Pass with care Merica! @FoxNews @maddow @cnn @TrumpNewsz #eldorme

@syracuse_bobby ROBERT Hatter @syracuse_bobby

@ELD_or_ME @POTUS @SecElaineChao @VP Government won't listen to us Why should we listen to the dangerous laws you pass #eldorme#notacriminal

@malissa_renee81 Malissa Thornsberry @malissa_renee81

@POTUS @POTUSPress @ELD_or_ME I think it’s time to ignore Dec 18th. No eld,s, log books, and pass the weigh stations right on up!! #eldorme

@PagetSiu lakelovr @PagetSiu

@SecElaineChao @POTUS if hackers can get into Equifax don't you think self certified ELDs are hackable making an 80…

@shanepreston76 Shane Stevens @shanepreston76

@realDonaldTrump @seanhannity if the economy slows so does stock market. ELD MANDATE WILL slow this economy!! Help us Mr. Prez #eldorme 🇺🇸🇺🇸

@realpeterbilt4 Mike Kamholz @realpeterbilt4

The ATA wants to level the plyn fld with eld's. The real problem is the ATA doesn't provide enough training for th…

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