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@taylorndean Taylor Nicole Dean @taylorndean

the prairie dog does not need your junk filled man made finger staining cheese puffs in its diet or in his eye leav…

@sciam Scientific American @sciam

Blog: A sugar tax is not enough. There needs to be a clear national dialogue on what a balanced diet looks like.…

@ekta_batra Ekta Batra @ekta_batra

crying hoarse about pollution levels rising in one night reminds me of a person trying to diet for 1 day and lose weight.

@halaa96 حلا @halaa96

Ok so apparently i burn calories more doing mental activities than physical activity. How am i supposed to maintain my diet during midterms

@DrAseemMalhotra Dr Aseem Malhotra @DrAseemMalhotra

Top Harley street dietitian says refined carbs NOT essential for healthy diet! #pioppidiet

Top Harley street dietitian says refined...

@i_s5i__diet 🍓ななぽてと🍟 @i_s5i__diet

@M_I_L_K_______y 痛そう~😱😱😱😱

@reyendyen Ryan John De Asis @reyendyen

Diet na diet si ej dito sa foton ah. Kung pwede lang na sa UST na lang siya lumaro. Tsk.

@your_kji JONGIN @your_kji

@siamoix udah diet tapi godaan untuk makan lebih besar

@fitcarloto @fitcarloto

#EachDayIsAVictoryWhen im not lazy for workouts and stick with my diet plan

@___lunette 朔 ✾ @___lunette

最低でも1200kcalくらいは摂らないと代謝がどんどん下がって綺麗に痩せることはできない、ということを何人もの方々が発信してくれているのに対して極度な食事制限が多すぎるのは何故でしょうか。 その食事一生続けられますか。肌も髪も汚くなりますよ。筋肉も落ちますよ。

@4_4_0_diet しお* @4_4_0_diet

@gfdo_l いや、ほんとわかるんですよ。食べたことへの罪悪感と後悔で吐きたくなる気持ち…けど、それこそ多分食べたことへの後悔が強くなって今後それが食べれなくなったり過食嘔吐のきっかけになりそうで😢私も吐きたくなる時ありますが、…

@petersulley2 Peter Sulley @petersulley2

@Nick_Pettigrew But fine as part of a balanced diet.

@tiens_sehat22 Makanan Herbal @tiens_sehat22

Mau punya badan #Ideal tanpa harus diet ketat? Pakai pelangsing badan herbal, tanpa efek samping. CP: 2232BA5F/082240585812

@TeenaBrownPulu Teena Brown Pulu @TeenaBrownPulu

In #Tonga too, #NCDs accelerated by "rapid urbanization; shift away from homegrown foods to imported" (cheap, conve…

@dmit_aaa れいなAAA垢→低浮上☁︎ @dmit_aaa

あなたの結婚適正度は何点? そろそろ結婚したい・・・!! その前に、あなたには何が足りないのか、 あなたにおすすめの相手は? こちら→ 20才以上って設定すれば誰でもできるよ!



@JuliannaRVivas Julianna Vivas @JuliannaRVivas

Sorry i'm on a diet i can't have dick.

@psychoticzombi Shafia @psychoticzombi

Diet Tip: Eat food off of other people's plates. It's their calories so, they don't count.🙄

@dhijahf khadhijah @dhijahf

@AtiqahAmiwaa i dah start diet esok😭

@FitnessMagazine FITNESS Magazine @FitnessMagazine

Health Hacks: 6 Fast Ways to Reverse Bad Diet Decisions

Health Hacks: 6 Fast Ways to Reverse Bad...

@Qrais_Usagi キューライス @Qrais_Usagi

4コマ漫画ネコノヒー「タイガージム」/Tiger gym diet 単行本10/30発売!→ グッズ付DXパック→…

@dialover_diet ディアラバダイエットbot @dialover_diet


@diet_kiritsugu 痩せろと言わない衛宮切嗣bot @diet_kiritsugu


@badassceo Testosterone @badassceo

筋トレと栄養学を義務教育に組み込めばどんな国策よりも日本を豊かにするとTwitterで叫び続けてきたし、今もそう強く信じてる。日本が一向に動いてくれないので俺がやる事にした。日本を筋トレと栄養学を通して豊かで健康な国にする。革命開始だ。プロジェクトの名は"DIET GENIUS"

@yume_k1r yume @yume_k1r

@yuko_diet_50 私ももうすぐ卒業だし望み希薄だわ〜😇😇胸ない分体重低くなるからいいかな😇 理想は高くあるべきよね、私も頑張る(ง •̀_•́)ง

@dmb1314 チカ @dmb1314

@kaho_diet 美味しそう!! ぱっちツイート美味しそうすぎてあたしまで幸せになったよ〜😍幸せありがとう😂💓

@fran_k_ly fran ♿⚧🌈 @fran_k_ly

"it's easy to be vegan when ur poor and/or disabled" "a high carb diet is extremely healthy" lol stop making generalisations about #food

@fuking_diet 〽[예쁜말]]마시 @fuking_diet

@mytiyoapp TiyoApp @mytiyoapp

Women should have adequate iodine in their diet during pregnancy to prevent #iodinedeficiency in the child.…

@diet_jafal ダイエットジャーファルさん @diet_jafal


@ethrealkdrama ethereal kdrama @ethrealkdrama

when someone asks how my diet is going

when someone asks how my diet is going h...

@chaco_diet チャコ@MAX-36kg達成 @chaco_diet

@914vivita まだ3杯目ってのがいいなぁ😆

@diet_osaka 痩せたい @diet_osaka


@ProfTimNoakes Tim Noakes @ProfTimNoakes

"This train don't carry no statinators. No sugar slaves, nor diet dictators. This train is bound for glory, this tr…

@_drmqnx smile @_drmqnx

my family wants me to be in strict diet but they're the ones who buy me junkfoods whada

@pujianto pujianto @pujianto

@papap_aila @iorme Wis entek bro, diet e urang siki

@katyperry648 Roar @katyperry648

Worst Diet Choices of All Time

Worst Diet Choices of All Time https://t...

@fuking_diet 〽[예쁜말]]마시 @fuking_diet

아저씨....이제 박아줘요 라고 말함 솔직히 자기 애인이 눈 풀려서는 다벗고 정액 입에 조금 묻은채로 박아달라고 하는데 누가 셲으를 안하겠어 안하면 고자지...즴 그대로 윥 뒷구멍에 손가락넣고 대충 휘적이다가 아가 넣을게요 하고 자기거 박아버려

@bestcancersoltn Best Cancer Solution @bestcancersoltn

ASCO GI: Diet May Play Role in Colon Cancer Prevention - VIDEO->

ASCO GI: Diet May Play Role in Colon Can...

@IdhamZhorif Idham @IdhamZhorif

Ulser ni boleh ubah attitude seseorg dgn sekelip mata.. Drpd bising jdi pndiam Drpd happy jdi moody Drpd pelahap jdi pengamal diet seimbang

@diet_0123 読むだけで痩せるbot @diet_0123

太っている人は体の声以上に食べている。ストレスを発散するためとか。 痩せている人はストレスと食べ物を一緒にしない。

@GirlJournaI Girl Journal @GirlJournaI

Me: no thanks I'm on a diet hehe Me 10 minutes later:

Me: no thanks I'm on a diet hehe 
Me 10...

@always0329 언제나 아름다워💕 @always0329

171021 누오보 팬사인회 #아이린 #IRENE💜

171021 누오보 팬사인회 #아이린 #IRENE💜 https://t.c...

@anaknivirginia Kennnnn @anaknivirginia

Twice a day nalang ako kumain... Di naman ako diet

@daehwiownsme 🌸 marya 🍃 @daehwiownsme

Daehwi: he's on diet When the noodles comes Jinyoung was like "Hyung, can you eat it?" Jihoon nodded but he only h…

@crueltyfreelucy Lucy Valdez @crueltyfreelucy

Thinking of transitioning to a more #plantbased lifestyle? RESOURCE: #vegan #vegetarian…

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