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@mikeadamonair Mike Adam @mikeadamonair

I'm on-air 8p-12a on #Greensboro's @1075KZL! Which song are you in the mood for... #Delicate or #OnTheLoose!!? RT f…

@kewgardens Kew Gardens @kewgardens

Beginning to flower, the first delicate blossoms of Prunus cerasifera (Cherry plum) native to Southeast Europe and…

@mikeadamonair Mike Adam @mikeadamonair

I'm on-air NOW, 4-8p, on #Greensboro's @1075KZL! Which song do you wanna hear... #Delicate or #LoveLies??? RT for…

@cgev69 Gevor Chobanyan @cgev69

@juliakiran juliano is so delicate and cute, she like a flower

@SwiftiesIndia SWIFTIES™ @SwiftiesIndia

STREAM "Delicate" on Spotify!

@Delicate_1122 설아 반동결 @Delicate_1122

아이디 맞추실분 구해요! Delicate_최애생일 (한솔이는 숫자 바꿔서) 승철 정한 순영 지훈 석민 승관 빼고 뎀이나 멘션주세용! 지수 준휘 원우 명호 민규 한솔 찬 가능합니다!

@EyauukArt Eчαυυκ ART @EyauukArt

“White on Red” 🙆‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ BY H James #Hoff NYC USA 🇺🇸 #Ballet #Expressionism #Delicate

“White on Red” 🙆‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️
BY H James #Hof...

@WAYAKUinverno FUYU 洋楽和訳🌿 @WAYAKUinverno

Delicate 和訳☁️ ☞Taylor Swift TaylorのPVの中で一番好きかも #TaylorSwift #DelicateMusicVideo #テイラースウィフト #洋楽 #和訳

Delicate 和訳☁️
☞Taylor Swift


@lgbtminkey preorder kibums golden locks on kpoptown dot com @lgbtminkey

"romeo is SHINee's best mini": romantists, have a delicate sense of taste, tender when it comes to romance, usually…

@gorgeoustae95 GENIUS & TALENTED TAEHYUNG🐯 @gorgeoustae95

How come Tae can look so tiny and delicate but broad at the same time...?😍 #V #Meet_V #뷔 #TAETAE #THOSFansBTS19M…

@gallagherbren Brendan gallagher @gallagherbren

@AJFHudson @edscott99 @stephenjones9 in theory all professionals but in practice in pro d2 and Federale 1 its all n…


RT plz) 어제 등교하다가 지갑을 잃어버렸어요ㅜㅜㅠ안에 돈은 없지만 체크카드 2개랑 학생증 데프수강증 박수 화이트 순영이 포카 순영이 증사 ❗공식2기카드❗가 들어있어서ㅜㅜㅜㅠㅠ 찾게된다면 rt 추첨 1분…

@lovew_0315 뇸뇸 @lovew_0315

모두 판매하면 Rt 추첨 1명 세븐틴 통상반 드립니다! 아스트로 로봉 - 3.5 세븐틴 캐럿봉 - 3.3 세븐틴 공식1기봉 - 1.8 세븐틴 16봉 - 1.5 모두 운포 가격입니다:)

@TattedUpBreezy 👑 ѕтαу ωσкє @TattedUpBreezy

You don’t have to let everyone explore the chapters in your soul. Never feel guilty for being cautious & selective.…

@cherish_0615_sy [100괄♥ / 메트 트친소] 숭니⚡スンニ @cherish_0615_sy

@Delicate_1004 웅 나는 숭니라고 불러주면 됑! 친해지자😙

@jyasskin Jeffrey Yasskin @jyasskin

@johanatan I definitely agree that call-out culture isn't gentle. 1) White America doesn't take gentle reminders we…

@whiskiesotworld Whiskies Of The World @whiskiesotworld

From the heart of West Cork comes a delicate new Irish blend of malts and 8-10 year old grains. @drink_knockmore br…

@kowshik4mBD Hichki 23rd MARCH @kowshik4mBD

If you still do not appreciate the level of artistry Madhuri Dixit delivered through her dance numbers and the deli…

@FuzeProductions Fuzion Productions @FuzeProductions

5 Delicate And Subtle Scenes On TV That Depicted Teenage Love The Best On Screen!…

@delicate_1004 정한서현 @delicate_1004

@Cherish_0615_sy 웅웅! 서현이라구 불러죠!

@cherish_0615_sy [100괄♥ / 메트 트친소] 숭니⚡スンニ @cherish_0615_sy

@Delicate_1004 앗 웅웅! 너두 말 편하게 행♥

@evertonmendes_ Evertu @evertonmendes_

Is it cool that I said all that? Is it too soon to do this yet? 'Cause I know that it's delicate

@trovesportsmel Trove The Age/WWeekly @trovesportsmel

Another interesting article! 22 Jul 1933, 'GIRL Who MAKES Violins Delicate WORK WOMEN IN BUSINESS No. 5':

@Wantnit Knight Fall @Wantnit

a delicate dance greedy hands stolen glances dying a thousand deaths in a single song.

@headlineplanet Headline Planet @headlineplanet

.@taylorswift13's Delicate officially enters the Top 40 at pop radio.

@AmazingDouglass Frederick Douglass @AmazingDouglass

@SenFeinstein “The Framers confided in the Congress the power if need be, to remove the President in order to strik…

@chennaiyil chennaiyil @chennaiyil

Kanakavalli has curated a range of soft, breezy handloom drapes that are perfect for sultry summer days, including…

@KeighleyCatCare Keighley Cat Care @KeighleyCatCare

And this 3 year old Zara, she's a seriously pretty girl, gorgeous eyes and exquisite whiskers! Such a delicate beau…

@coversuggestbot Cover Suggest Bot @coversuggestbot

I dream of Tigercats doing a Ragtime cover of The Long Winters's song Delicate Hands

I dream of Tigercats doing a Ragtime cov...

@radradiofm Rad Radio @radradiofm

หลังจากปล่อยซิงเกิลใหม่ "Delicate" ออกมาได้ไม่ทันไร สาว Taylor Swift...

@delicate_1004 정한서현 @delicate_1004

@Cherish_0615_sy 03 윤올순 서현입니다! 먼저 말 편하시게 해주세요!

@delicate_1004 정한서현 @delicate_1004

@heimish_SK_17 완전요 먼저 말 편하게 해주실래요?

@FOTPTaylorSwift Taylor Swift | FOTP @FOTPTaylorSwift

Taylor Swift’s “Delicate” is currently on exactly 666 Spotify playlists with a total audience of 28 million followe…

@livehomecams Live Home Cams @livehomecams

Olesia, 26, is ONLINE: Hello hello! Nice to met you! What about me? I'm a delicate person, impressionable, but with…

@ebwilford E Wilford @ebwilford

@TakedownMRAs That lead engineer sure has a deep voice, for a delicate little lady...

@shookswiftie emma adores taylor 💘 @shookswiftie

which Taylor Swift mood are you? I'm constantly mood 7 24/7 😂 #DelicateMusicVideo #TaylorSwiftDelicate #Delicate…

@modaoperandi Moda Operandi @modaoperandi

Fall in love with your florals! PreO @PauleKa dreamy jacquard gowns and chic structured cocktail dresses with delic…

@TChartSwift Taylor Swift Charts @TChartSwift

Spotify US 🇺🇸: 78. Delicate (+110) Daily plays: 367,356

@toufikatswift T @toufikatswift

@delicate_issues Me..

@SkylarkArtist Skylark @SkylarkArtist

Delicate hint of Summer... ✨💜✨

Delicate hint of Summer...
✨💜✨ https://t...

@delicate_issues Cid @delicate_issues

@ToufiKatswift Who's the guy?

@ValentinesTay 𝖗𝖊𝖕𝖚𝖙𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓 Molly @ValentinesTay

Someone made a GIF of Taylor’s smile from the Delicate music video 😭❤️

Someone made a GIF of Taylor’s smile fro...

@n1videos @n1videos

#Taylor #Swift - Delicate

#Taylor #Swift - Delicate

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