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@hasanthehun Hasan Piker @hasanthehun

ppl trying to celebrate rubio for facing his constituents only to be demolished by them for being a spineless cuck…

@boogie2988 Boogie2988 @boogie2988

so "soy boy" is the new cuck, eh? at least according to my more conservative haters. A 'Soy boy" is someone who i…

@zigmanfreud John Ziegler @zigmanfreud

Dinesh D'Souza is many things (most of them really bad), but what you don't know is that while interviewing someone…

@VivaLaAmes12 Ames 👌 CUCK off @VivaLaAmes12

I'm back biiitches after a 7 day BAN thanks to PENNI the MEGA MAGA CUCK who thinks I'm a CYBER BULLY & mass reporte…

@SirClaws Master C @SirClaws

Masters abs and torso make u beta bitches weak , they make your pathetic excuse of a body look like an ant! Get on…

@bbcalphasuper Kîñg🦍🍆👑 @bbcalphasuper

Messages are open 😘😘📥🍆 #cuck #BigCock #bigblackcock #cucks #gayporn #cuckold #cuckoldgoals #milf #hotwife

Messages are open 😘😘📥🍆 #cuck #BigCock #b...

@smurch1029 sandie reynolds @smurch1029

@thehill @claudiatenney you truly are an ignorant cuck....take another look at the parkland shooter proudly wearing…

@mergeavecmoi 🌬ಠ_ಠ @mergeavecmoi

@vashgodly google cuck

@evanryt Evan Rytlewski @evanryt

Sign up for the NRA Legal Update and get the latest on the fight for firearm freedom ▪️Yes, lock and load! ▫️No tha…

@truthpiks T. Ruth Burns @truthpiks

Michael Moore Is A Russian Cuck? via @realalexjones

@TranceOrnitier Shadow @TranceOrnitier

@DaevaArtesh “Heh I can just EMULATE IT” literal peasant cuck mentality

@_slickyboy Slickyboy @_slickyboy

@TheEthicsGuy @Forbes Just saw this old clip of you - a cuck then and a cuck now.

@PeggingPete Peg Pete @PeggingPete

"I'm a slut." Lewd mom from Spoonerville Almost no limits Loves sex Is divorced, but can do cuck themes Loves to si…

@jjohnsont jjohnsonTL @jjohnsont

@AlexLittleboy @realDonaldTrump you wouldn't "end someone's life" that's killing multiple other students? Cuck mindset

@syntaxerror1871 Syntax Error 🇺🇸🔹 @syntaxerror1871

@inthesedeserts @marcorubio Way to prove his point, idiot. And you wonder why gun owners are concerned about "assau…

@nangu786 N@ngu 2⃣0⃣K 😎🔥 @nangu786

RT if u like!!! cuck desi hubby biwi ko boss se chudwate huye dekhta hua!!!😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥

RT if u like!!! 
cuck desi hubby biwi ko...

@jnrteamsfr Jnr Johnson @jnrteamsfr

@Attack Beta Cuck! hahahahahahahahahah

@askyourself92 Ask Yourself @askyourself92

@occams_rza @germanBruin And banned, byebye cuck.

@biel_vrau 8 @biel_vrau

cuck, cookie

@fratstafford Frat Stafford @fratstafford

You see I rather have any US president ever than this cuck right here. It’s not even trump. Trudeau is the WOAT.

@mrnamelessone That's MISTER Alexander, friend! @mrnamelessone

@bullionsaver Rauner's such a cuck. Trouble is the other candidates that are running against him in Illinois are t…

@simplydervish Dervish 🗿 @simplydervish

And a further £3 for you to buy a box of tissues to wipe the blm cum off your face, u shameless cuck

@alphafemaledom Göddëšś👑🍑📥🍆 @alphafemaledom

who wants me ?👅🍑🍆📥 #bbc #cuck #bigblackcock #blackcock #horny #cucks #cuckoldgoals

who wants me ?👅🍑🍆📥 #bbc #cuck #bigblackc...

@trevorluther10 Trevor Luther @trevorluther10

PSA: Next year's birthday festivities for @theduglet will now be held at Cuck E. Cheese's in order to maintain a mo…

@itmooon 🌸Goddess Moon🌸 @itmooon

send your sub apps to me. start with “sent goddess”. payment methods are in bio. make it a good one if you want t…

@ConservaMomUSA DrConsrvaMom🇺🇸🐸🌐 @ConservaMomUSA

🚨🚨🚨🚨Maybe I should be flattered that Conservative Cuck @ConservaMomUS thinks so highly of me that he wants to be me…

@nykkiface Trans Leftist Stereotype @nykkiface

@CaseyExplosion And also this culture that caring about things is pussy cuck bullshit. I think toxic masculinity an…

@rmc1022 Ryan Patrick @rmc1022

Or just buy the season pass you cuck.

@triarii957alt triarii957 @triarii957alt

@msccust @C_I_TY @Lauren_Southern Your girlfriend let's you lick out her cuck creampie with that tongue

@akaishi__ Angry March-Boy @akaishi__

Só tem cuck ai

@globalist_cuck AV @globalist_cuck

@ComicsisPeople I wish Republicans would just be honest and say outright that they think dead kids are an acceptabl…

@commoncentsman Common Cents @commoncentsman

@brianstelter @KatiePavlich Seems you can’t argue against what @KatiePavlich said. But you’re such a cuck, it’s no surprise.

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