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@sarahpalinusa Sarah Palin @sarahpalinusa

The country music legend stirred some controversy over the weekend when she said that if she could have voted, she…

@masterchefbr MasterChef Brasil @masterchefbr

A crush finalmente corresponde ao seu flerte e você fica sem saber o que fazer. #MasterChefBR

A crush finalmente corresponde ao seu fl...

@toddzer1 Todd Slavkin @toddzer1

Many more facts are coming. His journey is just beginning #apraetorslife #hewasntalwayslikethis…

@glittronmydick Whorca @glittronmydick

Every guy I crush on listens to rap/hip-hop, kendrick, kanye. Like lesh

@pedrorogs perdo @pedrorogs

crush: a eu: ...

crush: a

eu: ...

@axesteeI john 🐌 @axesteeI

i honestly doubt anyone has ever actually had a crush on me. like the thought of someone’s heart speeding up and th…

@alabieber69 👀 @alabieber69

When ya crush on Twitter talkin bout how they need a boo but you been trying to love them & treat them right

@silkIips rose @silkIips

taekook au where taehyung, who doesnt know which day it is, confesses to his crush jeongguk who instantly assumes i…

@leanaglusulos 🚫 @leanaglusulos

Potanginaaaaaaaa! Kachat ko yung crush ko omg! Omg!!!!!

@tasty Tasty @tasty

This save & bake cookie dough lets you crush your cookie cravings any time 🍪!

This save & bake cookie dough lets y...

@shawn_nigel Shawn N Rebello @shawn_nigel

RT BreitbartNews "Corporate Social Justice dividends."

@BroHumors Tweets for Bros @BroHumors

When ur crush shows up at ur game

@marianaagj mariana g @marianaagj

Cc tu crush dice que tiene hambre

@Mrjorgetorre M I S T E R - FO 💔 @Mrjorgetorre

Cuando tú Crush dice que nadie le quiere

Cuando tú Crush dice que nadie le quiere...

@alice_reyees Alice Reyes @alice_reyees

Mi crush siempre ve mis instastories, y eso significa que nos vamos a casar, no?

@iggyproud gwby @iggyproud

46. tem um (a) crush

@keithrioferio ‏ً @keithrioferio

i had a crush on both dylan and cole btw! 😂 and that was 2015(?) lmao

@ImJunnieBoy Junnie Boy @ImJunnieBoy

pag inom, inom lang. walang crush crush sa kainuman

@UnaNoviaCabrona Somos Chicas @UnaNoviaCabrona

Mi Cara cuando veo a mi mejor amiga (o) hablando con su Crush

Mi Cara cuando veo a mi mejor amiga (o)...

@giovannareis465 Giovanna @giovannareis465

Vi a minha crush te abraçando na saída, vcs estão juntas? — Somos casadas

@aishlingpg Aishling Hanlon @aishlingpg

@daz_black Supposedly taking about your crush makes you Kim Kardashian lol 😂😂.aye okay then lol

@laisohana lalá 🌸 @laisohana

o ano é 2018 e eu tô viciada em candy crush

@Homeroo91 OMER SIMPLEMENT🇹🇷 @Homeroo91

« Quand ton crush te dm enfin »

« Quand ton crush te dm enfin » https://...

@Anaxvirgato Ana 🇨🇴 @Anaxvirgato


@varadmehta Varad Mehta @varadmehta

"Republicans who oppose Trump must vote for Democrats otherwise they don't really oppose Trump" is the same bullshi…

@BreitbartNews Breitbart News @BreitbartNews

Corporate Social Justice dividends.

@juanandresyeah_ Juan Mendoza @juanandresyeah_

Mi nuevo crush es horribleeee de pana no entiendo como es que me puede gustar alguien así

@lanaramoreira Manauara @lanaramoreira

Queria que as pessoas tivessem crush de amizade em mim, tipo, Ih caraca, essa menina parece mó dahora, imagina que…

@idckang saint @idckang

me: ang sarap mo este ng kwek kwek skl crush: anong skl? me: share ko lang crush: hey, skl me: ha? crush: sak…

@rafaelliwanag1 ®af @rafaelliwanag1

Yung crush mo yung Francine? pero tangina dami mo daw chinachat na iba pang mga babae hahaha — Tang ina sino si fra…

@dcpoll Polly Sigh @dcpoll

"Nobody is tougher on Russia than me [and by Russia I mean Mexico because there's no way I can be tough on Russia s…


I have a crush on the yeen in aggretsuko...

@austenlied Sabaah Jauhar-Rizvi @austenlied

Have I ever mentioned my 34 year crush on Kermit the Frog? I blame Seseme Street for my unnaturally high standards…

@OH_mes mes #TeamPinky @OH_mes

Crush comeback on May 3 Album release on his birthday as a gift for his fans

Crush comeback on May 3

Album release o...

@crushdoingthing crush doing things @crushdoingthing

crush sneezing (2017)

crush sneezing (2017)

@AkoSiKyahJoshy F O L L O W B A C K @AkoSiKyahJoshy

ways para magustuhan ka din ni crush: 1. walang ganon gago

@manueladotcom 🌠 @manueladotcom


@pearl_batista Batista💫 @pearl_batista

Lol Papi you didn't mean to say "woman Crush" right? Okay☺️

@LawrenceEbi Ebi Cule @LawrenceEbi

Your man crush Saturday believed Pablo will kill himself. When there are thousands of innocent souls still yet to be scammed. Lol

@raul_nomas Raúl @raul_nomas

Nuevo crush en el gym desde la fecha

Nuevo crush en el gym desde la fecha htt...

@OneMusicPH One Music PH @OneMusicPH

What things make you go "LUH"? Like, malungkot ka ba? Kinukulit ka ba ng ex mo? O kaya may crush kang bawal? Tell…

@_jjusantoss J U L I ∆ @_jjusantoss

Algum crush dos terceiros anos da manhã? — Não posso dizer que é crush, só vontade de ficar mesmo

@ikonslvt M @ikonslvt

Crush asked another girl out when he knew I liked him

Crush asked another girl out when he kne...

@perseguirei Fer @perseguirei

Desabafo: Eu me tornei o crush que eu sempre quis na minha vida, eu me tornei meu próprio padrão ao invés de me f…

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