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@soverybritish VeryBritishProblems @soverybritish

Staying at someone’s house: - Lie in bed for hours waiting to hear signs of life - Wonder if bathroom is free as y…

@nsui NSUI @nsui

The @BJP4India sends the Law Minister, the Defence Minister and the HRD Minister in the media to defend the governm…

@bradleyjames Bradley James @bradleyjames

Testament to how good my cooking is: trying to revive this knackered wasp with some sugar water. Like most people I…

@newbieto NewbieTo @newbieto

Recipes Include Basic Ingredients That Give Tasty Results

Recipes Include Basic Ingredients That G...

@brokeangeI adam @brokeangeI

mcdonald’s employee: the fries are still cooking, they’ll just be a few more minutes me, already 45 minutes late f…

@giftyourgear Gift Your Gear @giftyourgear

Available to a Gift Your Gear group: Tent + 2 x sleeping bags + 2 x sleeping + mats + Stove + Cooking pots + Lamps…

@rushmejia Logan @rushmejia

Bubba still cooking 😎

@artofmanliness Art of Manliness @artofmanliness

Primal Cooking: How to Roast Meat on a Spit

Primal Cooking: How to Roast Meat on a S...

@nottinghilldady nottinghilldaddy @nottinghilldady

@mather_julia Much prefer Sydney property, I did try and steer the conversation away to politics and the genius of…

@kass_si Kasi 🕉️ @kass_si

I love cooking and meal prepping but omg I want a big kitchen and no one else in it

@1t_ran T @1t_ran

I use to take the shit my moms did for granted. Cooking every week and making sure I was fed was huge

@saylahoe baby. @saylahoe

I hate cooking. But i hate being hungry too.

@stevemartorano Steve Martorano @stevemartorano

Simple Cooking at Martoranos in Lauderdale

@rachaelray rachael ray @rachaelray

All this week, meet 4 teens cooking their way to culinary school for $25k and $5K scholarships - meet Nick on today’s show

@ibesuckafree SuckaFree™ @ibesuckafree

Not cooking ish today, I’m using that air fryer today

@robinwashut Robin Washut @robinwashut

Huskers cooking now, opening the second half on a 16-4 run and now leading 52-47 with 13:58 to go.

@gaylemccai Grace @gaylemccai

@mikeinri1111 When I have those tasty treats at in my freezer... they don't last long. And then I'm down to the bor…

@porkbellyslider Mark Ostrom @porkbellyslider

Pizza... Pepperoni & 3 cheeses. Family favorite. #pizza #love #cooking #cheflife #simple #good…

@brailenharring1 brailen harrington @brailenharring1

Life is like cooking everybody sees the final result, but they don’t see the process or what’s being put in, so it…

@yourtrace_ 태용의날개 @yourtrace_

team cant cook vs team good at cooking

team cant cook vs team good at cooking h...

@u_zakithi gift from virgo @u_zakithi

Quick question: if Wakanda is so technologically advanced why were there Wakandans cooking by fire outside of huts?

@imasmartjew Baby Jewpid @imasmartjew

Be cautious when using Hershey kisses while cooking, because if you put them on too earlier you'll give your cookie…

@heatherc__ Heather Colopy @heatherc__

I ❤️ cooking for people

@Sugakookie_luv Sugakookie_luv!!! @Sugakookie_luv

#Yoonkookweek day 1!! "First Spark"... Jungkook gets dragged to a Monday 8am cooking class with Namjoon but decides…

@YostAFK Nick @YostAFK

If Call of Duty makes me want to pick up a gun or a knife, then Cooking Mama made me a five star chef and Assassin’…

@feryooit FRUIT LOOPS @feryooit


@EsotericExposal Esoteric Exposal @EsotericExposal

Acrylamides are cancer-causing chemicals produced during the cooking of carbohydrates. Fried snack chips, for example, contain acrylamides.

@StreamerTweets 🕹️ StreamerTweets 🎮 @StreamerTweets

⚡️ LIVE NOW ⚡️ on Twitch is my friend @meadowfox_ 🦊 check out her wonderful channel & give her a follow 🔗…

@queenaraah Kimmy🧚🏽‍♀️✨ @queenaraah

Literally me before my shower, doing my makeup, cooking , cleaning or anytime I walk past a mirror in my house

@Circularsea Janine Gonsenhauser @Circularsea

@misssnailpail @LivingSeaSculpt Beautiful! & very good: Besides FJ7, you may be the ONLY one who has ever noted tha…

@boston_camera Rick Macomber @boston_camera

#Cooking scope! Chicken Teriyaki with @Leena201769

@jaynieoh jaynie @jaynieoh

You’re cooking

@iamrayyan_ Rayyan 🚬 20-Feb Abdullah's birthday @iamrayyan_

meri amma late night mobile use krny per baten suna ky Television per apna repeat cooking show dekh rahi hain :')

@piizzapack Diane ♡ @piizzapack

143. im just cooking pizza

143. im just cooking pizza

@Abdulrahmanleme Abdulrahman Usman Leme @Abdulrahmanleme

The kind of energy that goes into cooking of hate messages on Whattsap can provide stable electricity to the whole of Africa.

@JiwooKnowles Chuu’s Lacefront @JiwooKnowles

Oh they’re cooking up something powerful I can feel it!

@laffingbuddha Mark Resists @laffingbuddha

@juliaschrenkler It’s the cooking list that sets up the week’s eating list. Also there was brunch for a bonus!

@switch_champion Switch Champion @switch_champion

Promotional Digital Timers | Electronic Cooking Timers

@_kizzkayy Keisha-Lynn @_kizzkayy

report to work at 7, look first of all ion even know if I want what y’all cooking fam 🙄

@SS_Sophisticats Sophie Skelton Fans @SS_Sophisticats

Sunday’s are the perfect days for grocery shopping, cooking, and catching up on your reading! Happy Sunday, Sophis…

@LeeHStraight leelondon5 @LeeHStraight


@Spacekatgal Brianna Wu @Spacekatgal

I never imagined myself as the kind of wife that would love cooking. But, it has become one of my very favorite hob…

@sophieann_06 SophieAnne @sophieann_06

My mom keeps watching her cooking shows -I think she thinks it’s slumber Sunday but I’m here to tell her -the sun i…

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