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@justrunlah JustRunLah! @justrunlah

Sun-Herald City2Surf 2018 added to our calendar

@starcity2surf The Star City 2 Surf @starcity2surf

We love SummerTimes Kite Day! congrats to everyone who scored a free City2Surf entry at the beach.Don't forget...

@PachPopsie Pach Popsie @PachPopsie

@City2Surf Watch out for Zak the Yak!

@City2Surf  Watch out for Zak the Yak! h...

@willgotsis willy @willgotsis

@stevedaher Massive shout out to my man Steve for his wonderful donation and words of encouragement. The world is a…

@ssi_tweets SSI @ssi_tweets

This @everydayhero tackled heartbreak hill, 1000s of Sydneysiders + 14kms to fundraise for people newly arrived to…

@willgotsis willy @willgotsis

Thank you to #Anonymous for you generous donation. I know you probably want to remain Anon for a particular reason,…

@olazabal Dennis Olazabal @olazabal

@city2surf 62.3 minutes ... not bad

@jaseaurunner Jase @jaseaurunner

@naniise_taiki City2Surf on the cards??

@aussienglish オーストラリア英語bot @aussienglish

City2Surf: シドニーとパースをはじめ各都市で開かれるマラソン大会。シドニーでは毎年8万人が参加する人気のイベントで、普段は走れないダウンタウンの街中を走り抜けることができる。距離はシドニーのが14キロ、パースが12キロです。

@pizhang Ping Zhang @pizhang

Getting ready for #City2Surf

@JeremyCarberry Jeremy Carberry @JeremyCarberry

L #City2Surf

@MarkeyLorna LornaMarkeyHennessy @MarkeyLorna

Hey Irish SydSiders! Are you joining @Irish_Support & @SydQueerIrish for the #greenmovement @ #city2surf?…

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