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@theijr IJR @theijr

VICE Reporter: Charlottesville Protesters ‘Didn't Talk About Robert E. Lee…They Chanted About Jews'

@jaketapper Jake Tapper @jaketapper

"Trump wanted ‘facts’ before calling out racists. When I was on trial, he didn’t care." - one of Central Park Five

@ava Ava DuVernay @ava

Charlottesville. Barcelona. Widely covered. Sierra Leone. Not so much. A catastrophic flood occurred there Monday.…

@SaysDana SaysDana @SaysDana

@williamsforga We see you with White Nationalists/Nazis. We see you standing with the guy who beat a man in Charlo…

@kausmickey Mickey Kaus @kausmickey

The trouble is Silicon Valley seems to have taken Charlottesville as a signal for the Night of the Long Apps…

@freedomtime1787 Freedom's Rainbow @freedomtime1787

Watching MSM whitewash of Boston Antifa violence, I have swung hard from post-Charlottesville anti-Trump to 'how do I help on the reelect.'

@RWPUSA Richard W. Painter @RWPUSA

Falwell: a political operative appealing to an immoral minority with a convenient distortion of the Christian faith

@thinkprogress ThinkProgress @thinkprogress

Meet the clergy who stared down white supremacists in Charlottesville

Meet the clergy who stared down white su...

@RepStevenSmith Rep. Steven Smith @RepStevenSmith

I agree with @replouiegohmert: something stinks in Charlottesville. See for yourself:

I agree with @replouiegohmert: something...

@FoxBusiness FOX Business @FoxBusiness

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin backed President Trump on Charlottesville in a statement

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin backed...

@bbusa617 💥brooks brown💥🌐🏁 @bbusa617

BOMBSHELL: New evidence suggests Charlottesville was a complete SET-UP Of course it was st…

@larryelder Larry Elder @larryelder

What's the over under on when Trump gets accused of orchestrating #SolarEclipse2017 to divert media from his #Charlottesville comments?

@joncoopertweets Jon Cooper @joncoopertweets

History repeats itself...with a twist. 🇺🇸 #TrumpResign #Charlottesville

History repeats itself...with a twist. 🇺...

@madman0062 Glen Short @madman0062

I liked a @YouTube video Does Charlottesville Mean CIVIL WAR?

@GineokwKoenig Walter Koenig @GineokwKoenig

Arrest White Nationalists Who Brutally Beat Deandre Harris in Charlottesville #care2

@iamwesmoore Wes Moore @iamwesmoore

We magnify and lift up those who stood for love and peace, and carry on their legacy #RIP #Charlottesville…

@kurteichenwald Kurt Eichenwald @kurteichenwald

The GOP HAS to get crazies of its ranks. Lawmaker says it is ‘plausible’ Obama staged racist Charlottesville rally

@B3infos B3infos @B3infos

🇺🇸 Une survivante de l'#Holocauste sur les #nazis à #Charlottesville: c'est "la même haine" qu'à #Auschwitz. "Le si…

@thehill The Hill @thehill

WATCH: Schwarzenegger rips Trump: You have a "moral responsibility" to condemn white supremacists…

@GeorgiaDirtRoad ShannonMAGA🇺🇸 @GeorgiaDirtRoad

"We need an investigation as to what happened in #Charlottesville, who paid for the different groups to come in?" 🎯

'We need an investigation as to what hap...

@sasyecat #WeNeedPaperBallots @sasyecat

GOP - The 🐂💩 party - Republican lawmaker says it is ‘completely plausible’ Obama staged racist Charlottesville rally

@USNJack NavyJack @USNJack

@POTUS44 @POTUS @Oathkeepers rise and embedded their operatives into leadership positions in the neo-Nazi and white…

@NolteNC Google "CNN,175,Sue" @NolteNC

Media Fail: Trump's Job Approval UP After Charlottesville

@kwilli1046 Kevin W. @kwilli1046

#BREAKING: Rosa Parks’ Daughter Praises Trump’s Response to Charlottesville – Land Of The Free – Home Of The Brave

@itgurl_29 itgurl @itgurl_29

Post-Charlottesville, the media are going out of their way to give voice to black women Trump voters. I find it highly suspicious.

@AnneFrankCenter Anne Frank Center @AnneFrankCenter

"The biggest mistake during the Holocaust was, people didn't speak up," says this survivor. WE MUST ALL SPEAK UP.

@terreetpeuple Terre et Peuple @terreetpeuple

Banni des USA pour avoir participé à la manifestation #UniteTheRight à #Charlottesville ! #AltRight

@ms_erika74 AmERIKAn Girl! 🇺🇸 @ms_erika74

Dems,Led By Pelosi Introduce Resolution To Censure Trump Over Charlottesville. We can't have a President speak truth

@acognews ACOG News @acognews

ACOG Pres Dr. Brown says the hate & bigotry in #Charlottesville reminds us that we still have a lot of work to do.."

@NewtTrump Newt-Trump Fan Club @NewtTrump

Congressman Louie Gohmert: Terry McAuliffe should be investigated for the violence in Charlottesville!

@telesurenglish teleSUR English @telesurenglish

Anyone else concerned about the heavily-armed militia escorting neo-nazis and white supremacists during hate rally…

@DanielleDASH Daniellé DASH @DanielleDASH

british whites: terrible what they did in charlottesville me, a black: britain should get rid of racist statues t…

@983try 98-3 TRY @983try

His show was supposed to take place at University of Virginia's John Paul Jones Arena.

@thehill The Hill @thehill

Trump praises Jerry Falwell Jr. for defending him on Charlottesville after other Republicans refuse to…

@Masters_JamesD James Masters @Masters_JamesD

This is absolutely chilling from Charlottesville synagogue... the US in 2017. Read it.

This is absolutely chilling from Charlot...

@alciniah Alcinia Hill @alciniah

@tcaLdarez @NastyNastyVet @abronxchick The US government destroyed the Ku Klux Klan once. It could do so again

@zzlaowai 10ft Taller Sun Wu @zzlaowai

Blame on Many Sides in Charlottesville?: Trump vs the Media via @YouTube Worth a Watch!!

@activist360 Bill Madden @activist360

Imbecile GOP Trump-lover, Rep Bryan Zollinger: It's ‘completely plausible’ Obama staged racist Charlottesville rally

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