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@cameron_gray Cameron Gray @cameron_gray

A tight circle of celebrities who help cover up decades of sexual and mental abuse No, not Harvey Weinstein #BrieflyExplainScientology

@comedycentral Comedy Central @comedycentral

All you need is South Park. #BrieflyExplainScientology

All you need is South Park. #BrieflyExpl...

@emtothea Evil And Rash @emtothea

You're in a cult, call your Dad. @MyFavMurder #BrieflyExplainScientology

@saratogasprngs The Karmadillo @saratogasprngs

#BrieflyExplainScientology Shelly Miscavige makes porn with Xenu.

@TheDianaDiV DianaD @TheDianaDiV

Where a singer lied and played trump Supporters for 💰 to go back to SCN #JoyVilla #brieflyexplainscientology

@__NgiNeThemba__ C @__NgiNeThemba__



@apetivist Apetivist @apetivist

Proof that gullible people will believe anything if it is packaged in shiny paper. #BrieflyExplainScientology

@PureCuckoldry Charles🎃Lindbergh @PureCuckoldry

Less hostile to Christianity than Judaism. #BrieflyExplainScientology

Less hostile to Christianity than Judais...

@cthulhu4america Cthulhu for America @cthulhu4america

They give honest cults like ours a bad reputation. #BrieflyExplainScientology

@BBlair06 The Black Dragon @BBlair06

It's a multi-billion dollar hostage situation disguised as a religion. #BrieflyExplainScientology

@swissmistress Kage @swissmistress

Mormons but with aliens #BrieflyExplainScientology

@Shellski5 Shell with an M @Shellski5

#BrieflyExplainScientology You can call the prophet on the phone. Literally. But it goes straight to voicemail because he's a douche.

@DreadfullyJenny JennyBoBennay @DreadfullyJenny

I could #BrieflyExplainScientology or just watch @TomCruise jump on Oprah’s couch on a loop and it would make just…

@MorallyBiased Morally Biased. @MorallyBiased

We love you guys so much! Cheers for helping #BrieflyExplainScientology become our most popular tag to date! We 💜 U!

@ImJordanCharles Spooky AF @ImJordanCharles

Based on the Jetsons #BrieflyExplainScientology

Based on the Jetsons

@SkippyMcGizzard mᎥᏦᎬ ᏞᎥᏆᎬᏒᎪᏞᏞᎽ @SkippyMcGizzard

#BrieflyExplainScientology They have almost as many hosts as the @MorallyBiased crew.

@HalSparks Hal Sparks @HalSparks

I own 15 Tom Cruise movies on iTunes and they still haven't asked me to join... or jump on a couch #BrieflyExplainScientology

@terrysiddall Terry Siddall @terrysiddall

If Christianity was created in 1955 #BrieflyExplainScientology

@mseric Lisa Lemon @mseric

Crazy white people have money #BrieflyExplainScientology

@Netjeretkhau Pharaoh Hatshepsut @Netjeretkhau

They make Mormons look semi normal #BrieflyExplainScientology

@TammyLynnBrow14 Tammy Lynn Brown @TammyLynnBrow14

EVEN HUBBARD SAID IT IS NOT A RELIGION. KNOWLEDGE IS FREE. if you believe in a man as a god it is a cult not a rel…

@boomdingwinning TurduckenWrath @boomdingwinning

#BrieflyExplainScientology Volcano aliens tom cruise couches and I think possibly cocaine

@2j5 Jay 4 U 🥃 @2j5

#BrieflyExplainScientology Aliens are for real. Pay us money to join

@SteveHatcher67 Steve Hatcher @SteveHatcher67

#BrieflyExplainScientology It's like BUTSTUFFF.... for the brain

@NotThatJonesy Jonesy. @NotThatJonesy

A shouty man tests your midichlorian count with a series of cunningly placed electrodes on your jelly bits. #BrieflyExplainScientology

@MatthewTheAmazo matt soup-ing-grr @MatthewTheAmazo

#BrieflyExplainScientology that weird religion that's not really a religion, but don't say it's not a religion or they'll come after you.

@Jalapeno_Biznis Mandy💋 @Jalapeno_Biznis

#BrieflyExplainScientology it when the millennium falcon and the starship enterprise cross paths


#BrieflyExplainScientology When a momma bird loves a daddy bee...Xenu the Destroyer takes the baby's college fund and gives it to Tom Cruise

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