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@amandacstein Amanda Stein @amandacstein

#NJDevils changes to lines at morning skate: Hall-Hischier-Palmieri Bratt-Zacha-Stafford Coleman-Zajac-Noesen ⚠️P…

@thehockeynews The Hockey News @thehockeynews

Top 10 #NHL rookies: Points Barzal NYI 62 Boeser VAN 49 Keller ARI 44 Gourde TB 43 DeBrincat CHI 38 Heinen BO…

@agrossrecord Andrew Gross @agrossrecord

Same lineup tonight for #NJDevils: Hall Hischier Palmieri Bratt-Zacha-Lappin Wood-Zajac-Noesen Hayes-Coleman-Staffo…

@sadie__babe •Miss Sade• @sadie__babe

@EllieBlake03 Big Bratt boutique in Spanish Fork is where I got mine!

@xxxtentacion MAKE OUT HILL - XXX @xxxtentacion

here’s something new, the end words are dedicated to the survivors of the douglas shooting, enjoy

@daniigonzi15 Dani California @daniigonzi15

Why are you so upset that someone found their true friends??😂 I’m sorry you were shitty to her¿?

@spoilled_bratt kenjFilipino @spoilled_bratt

Grabe noh? Yung mga high school at college friends mo bumubuo na ng pamilya, eh ikaw bilbil lang yata binubuo.

@spoilled_bratt kenjFilipino @spoilled_bratt

Pina-OA kwento para pumabor sa kanya. 👏🏼

@MulvaneArt Mulvane Art Museum @MulvaneArt

TONIGHT: Join the Mulvane Art Museum and the Tonantzin Society in welcoming filmmaker Peter Bratt in conversation a…

@jamie56218531 Jamie @jamie56218531

Wrong Hairs Despicable Me 3 Minions Bratt Lucy Wilde Agnes Overkill Finger Family Nursery Song Kids

@REACTlVE Admit it... @REACTlVE

I can't wait for the day I wake up and actually feel awake

@REACTlVE Admit it... @REACTlVE

Some people won't ever change🤔

@REACTlVE Admit it... @REACTlVE

Right now, my life just feels like a test I didn't study for

@REACTlVE Admit it... @REACTlVE

I can't wait for the day someone shows me off, because it will bring back confidence that someone once took from me

@REACTlVE Admit it... @REACTlVE

Me when I do something embarrassing in public and try clear it up

Me when I do something embarrassing in p...

@spoilled_bratt kenjFilipino @spoilled_bratt

Don’t lose yourself trying to be everything to everyone.

@lpeinarsson LP Einarsson @lpeinarsson

Nærmere uten å skrive navnet kommer man ikke. I tillegg mistenkeliggjøres vedkommende over en lav sko. Her blir…

@REACTlVE Admit it... @REACTlVE

Deep down, I don't care if people make bad decisions and mess me over. The thing that annoys me, is when they think…

@REACTlVE Admit it... @REACTlVE

Imagine having a job that you don't have to get out of bed for

@MulvaneArt Mulvane Art Museum @MulvaneArt

Getting ready for our film screening of "Dolores" and special guest, filmmaker Peter Bratt! Reception at 5:30 pm an…

@LifelnWords Thoughts @LifelnWords

It’s better to have a friend with 2 chins, than a friend with 2 faces.

@bratt_11 Brittany Garcia @bratt_11

@dwhelnore Lmao i just saw i put 7 😂😂


I'm blessed & highly favored #FridayFeeling

@toe_bratt toni'bratt † @toe_bratt

2 people followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by

@spxiledd_bratt dontknowdontcare. @spxiledd_bratt

“ we used to talk “ nooo niggaaa you used to b on dick 🎯🗣🤦🏽‍♀️

@spxiledd_bratt dontknowdontcare. @spxiledd_bratt

same here . i like being different tho 😌💗

@dwhelnore Donny Helnore @dwhelnore

@bratt_11 6 Plus?

@spxiledd_bratt dontknowdontcare. @spxiledd_bratt

i got myself . REGARDLESS! 🤞🏽💯

@TheRealAandT Ar'mon And Trey @TheRealAandT

Love don’t hurt That’s neglect you feeling

@theyloveChadaa 2||24💅🏾✨ @theyloveChadaa

I hate wearing bras🙄

@marie_brownsuga brownsuga @marie_brownsuga

I’m living my most unbothered life rn 😂 idgaf about y’all.

@drhernanperez Dr Hernán Pérez @drhernanperez

BRATT se puso nuevamente en manos del Dr. Hernán Pérez: a través de @YouTube

@sexoenguayaq SEXOENGUAYAQ @sexoenguayaq

@adrian_bratt Q tal pana como vas, añadame para chatear por interno. Saludos


You made me explain my hurt jus so you can hurt me again ,

@McaCeo Mca Cash @McaCeo

RT if you shorter then 5'7


I hate on & off relationships cause when we off baby who you on


I don't even follow my own advice 😂


sleep won't help if it's ur soul that is tired


So much shit on my plate I lost my appetite


Murderer: *points gun at me* you wanna die today? Me: yeah,kinda Murderer: *lowers gun* damn, you want to talk about it?

@GawdTrill Lane @GawdTrill

Being single is getting lame asf,but getting my time wasted is a no go for me

@xforcades anthony @xforcades

after school naps aren't even naps, it's a mini coma


u can break down in front of a nigga and all he gone do is look at u

@lilyachty king of the youth @lilyachty

U ever thought u liked someone got em and was like nope i actually don’t like u lol my b

@bratt_11 Brittany Garcia @bratt_11

Her laugh is so perfect 💗 My niece is beautiful 😍

Her laugh is so perfect 💗 My niece is be...

@kfrimpong_totti TOTTI @kfrimpong_totti

@omaripong Better lose your mind.. You spoilt bratt

@muah_bratt 💋 Br♠️tt @muah_bratt

Law & order with my lover. 💛

@DilSeCongress_ सारिका चौधरी @DilSeCongress_

Reactions Of Fast Bowler's After watching this Pic . Shohib Akhtar - 😞 . Dale Styne - 😒 . Zaheer Khan - 😥 . Bratt…

@BroWithTheFIow Johnny Mayo @BroWithTheFIow

Blonde girls are good for the soul

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