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@madeahalloween A Madea Halloween @madeahalloween

Praise the Lort! Madea’s back! #Boo2! is available on Blu-Ray & Digital January 30. 💃🏾 😂

Praise the Lort! Madea’s back! #Boo2! is...

@valeeriaahh val @valeeriaahh

I unintentionally ruin every good thing in my life

@serranogroovy AU$TIN ME$CUDI @serranogroovy


@SoDamnTrue Typical Girl @SoDamnTrue

still my favorite video ever

still my favorite video ever https://t.c...

@ceeleestxo celest🌸 @ceeleestxo

I just want to cry

@fey_boo2 feyfey ⛄️🦔💛 @fey_boo2

Oh look it’s still there. 🤗 I officially give up on myself. 😌

@HeavyHustlee_ HeavyHustlee @HeavyHustlee_

Sometimes I just want to disappear for a while

@Valeriagee_14 VGEEEEE. :-) @Valeriagee_14

Words mean nothing.

@ProudResister PROUD RESISTER 👊 @ProudResister

WINNERS America won tonight. Alabama won tonight. Doug Jones won tonight. The Resistance won tonight. The Democrati…

@JoshuaHol Joshua Holland @JoshuaHol

The cherry on top is knowing that some of the worst people in the world — Moore, Trump, Bannon and Sessions — are having an awful night.

@TopherSpiro Topher Spiro @TopherSpiro

RT if you think @SenJohnMcCain should withhold his vote on the tax bill until the duly elected Senator from Alabama can be seated.

@hey_boo_boo2 Amy Renee @hey_boo_boo2

@BarfieldLaRue Maybe it's a Republican trait?

@hey_boo_boo2 Amy Renee @hey_boo_boo2

It amazes me how much everyone was watching this election, regardless of which state folks call home. Congrats to Doug Jones! #ALSenate

@_anthonyrios03 Anthony @_anthonyrios03


@fey_boo2 feyfey ⛄️🦔💛 @fey_boo2

I’m so 🤬😡🤯. Bye

@hey_boo_boo2 Amy Renee @hey_boo_boo2

@BrianKJones8 True. I was just so sickened by this Moore story. I'm thrilled he lost.

@hey_boo_boo2 Amy Renee @hey_boo_boo2

Never forget.

@RogueNASA Rogue NASA @RogueNASA

Okay Alabama Rogues - you did your job. 👊 Next up - Maine Rogues - 🚨 WE NEED YOU! 🚨 No rest for #TheResistance…

@briankjones8 Brian K. Jones @briankjones8

@hey_boo_boo2 November 7 wasn't half-bad, either.

@hey_boo_boo2 Amy Renee @hey_boo_boo2

Finally, some good news!

@brokeangeI adam @brokeangeI

yes it’s me, 𝒷𝑜𝑜 𝒷𝑜𝑜 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝒻𝑜𝑜𝓁

@fey_boo2 feyfey ⛄️🦔💛 @fey_boo2

lol How annoying ☺️

@fieldtripswsue Field Trips with Sue @fieldtripswsue

Win a Tyler Perry’s #Boo2 A Madea Halloween Prize Pack @Lionsgate #AD #RWM

@suerodman suerodman @suerodman

Win a Tyler Perry’s #Boo2 A Madea Halloween Prize Pack @Lionsgate #AD #RWM

@jes_chastain Jessica Chastain @jes_chastain

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world." - Margaret Mead

@CoryBooker Cory Booker @CoryBooker

Congratulations Alabama!!!!

@TheRickyDavila Ricky Davila 🇵🇷 @TheRickyDavila

Folks, Doug Jones has won and will be the first Democratic Senator in Alabama since 1992! THE RESISTANCE IS STRONG!…

@authorgaylord Adam Gaylord @authorgaylord

@josie_boo2 Never an excuse.

@justCodey Bodey Bhuc @justCodey

"You had all semester to prepare yourself for this final" Me:

'You had all semester to prepare yoursel...

@itsRJHill RJ @itsRJHill

When she begging for your sweater after you warned her about the weather 10 times

@xForcades anthony @xForcades

I'm so ready to see this bitch get ended by her 10 year old cousin and his grandma for the 15th year in a row

I'm so ready to see this bitch get ended...

@WhennBoys Perfect Boyfriend @WhennBoys

I miss the way Christmas felt when I was little

@AOalphamale Munchin Yourthot @AOalphamale

Dog this shit so wavy......will even upside down on his shirt

@alyssa_boo2 Alyssa Bailey @alyssa_boo2

Middle schoolers shouldn’t be able to use Axe. My brother uses that shit and it’s foul🤢

@timmythick BARBIE® @timmythick

y’all sit here and donate 60K to a keaton jones and his racist ass mother but puerto rico is still suffering, flint…

@leah_boo2 J-Breezy🤘🏾👸🏾 @leah_boo2

@TooMuxhCarisma Exactly 😭😭

@toomuxhcarisma Carisma Pickett @toomuxhcarisma

@Leah_boo2 Ayeeee bitch that’s my dawg🤞🏽😂

@leah_boo2 J-Breezy🤘🏾👸🏾 @leah_boo2

@TooMuxhCarisma I know damn well you not talking as much as you call Janet 😭🙄

@toomuxhcarisma Carisma Pickett @toomuxhcarisma

@Leah_boo2 Omg grow up. 🙄

@SymphaniSoto Symphani @SymphaniSoto

I don't care lil uzi is freaking adorable

@leah_boo2 J-Breezy🤘🏾👸🏾 @leah_boo2

Where is my mom when I need her to take care of me when I feel bad 😩

@leah_boo2 J-Breezy🤘🏾👸🏾 @leah_boo2

@TooMuxhCarisma Something wrong cause it’s swollen and I can’t find my mama 😭😭😭

@madea Madea Simmons @madea

Surpriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiise! #Boo2 October 20.

Surpriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiise! #Boo2 Octo...

@Lionsgate Lionsgate Movies @Lionsgate

Madea don’t play with #FridayThe13th & Halloween. 😂💀 TODAY ONLY: Buy 1 #Boo2 Tix, Get 1 FREE. Use code BOOGO at…

@thehill The Hill @thehill

Photo, video of Trump with accusers surface after he claims they "never met"

Photo, video of Trump with accusers surf...

@ryanbooth Ryan Booth @ryanbooth

Come on Alabama. Do the right thing.

@classysnobbb Gabrielle Seunagal @classysnobbb

#Boo2 was SO funny! I loved the movie! 🤣🤣 Madea cracks me up and towards the end I did suspect that Brain was responsible for the prank. 🎃🎃

@tonestradamus Lip Gallagher @tonestradamus

Y’all owe my mans like 50 game tickets and $55k

Y’all owe my mans like 50 game tickets a...

@leah_boo2 J-Breezy🤘🏾👸🏾 @leah_boo2

I have the worst headache and knee pain 😩

@okMute M. Salinas @okMute

Ion care if my phone die

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