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@antoniodelotero antonio @antoniodelotero


@westvirginiau WVU Mountaineers @westvirginiau

🚨 FREE T-SHIRT ALERT 🚨 Roses are red, violets are blue, we have a 2017 Official WVU Fan Shirt to give away to you!…

@meechonmars Demetrius Harmon @meechonmars

when somebody hit you with a blue shell in mario kart

when somebody hit you with a blue shell...

@_avenirpourtous AvenirPourTous @_avenirpourtous

@nation_tweet @MaxenceD_C @Otoulet1 @Blue_of_wisdom @lesquenofficiel C'est ta présence qui inspire du dégout .

@blueraster Blue Raster @blueraster

At Blue Raster we have developed tools to help the world stay ahead of the global #water supply shortage. @…


"i like you girl in particula" me ajuda ne Camila kkkkkkkkkk

'i like you girl in particula' me ajuda...

@sunnydaypub Sunny Day Publishing @sunnydaypub

New Release! Yesterday's Blue - A Story About Childhood Depression #childpsychology #clinicalpsychology #depression

@astVintageSpace Amy Shira Teitel @astVintageSpace

.@BlueOrigin might build rockets in Alabama, because #politics - PAO

@greeneythegr8 Andy Greene @greeneythegr8

Had to be a blue nose didn't it 😂😂😂

@earendil_blue Park Marla @earendil_blue

@Bitiiez Ay mis bebés 😯😍😍

@TobyHater Michael Gary Scott @TobyHater

You might look around here and see two groups, white collar and blue collar. But I don't. Because I'm collarblind.

@uoftmagazine U of T Magazine @uoftmagazine

Blue Jay Roberto Osuna's #anxiety disclosure: rare in sport to reveal a vulnerability, says #UofT prof John Cairney…

@azuri_blue azuri @azuri_blue

あなたのセックスは ムード作り もう一歩 指使い 最悪 舌使い 満足 表情 普通 声 最悪 クリエイティブさ 普通 積極性 最悪 下着のセンス 満足 匂い もう一歩 がんばりましょう♡ #セックスの満足度診断 微妙だw

@kammrabb i'm that nigga 🌷 @kammrabb

Me after I post a Snapchat selfie and see the blue boxes pop up

Me after I post a Snapchat selfie and se...

@MelissaBenoist Melissa Benoist @MelissaBenoist

Harpsichord in blue. @MeowWolf1 was maybe the weirdest 🐈🐺 @ Meow Wolf

@BluffJJong 정덕🎗 @BluffJJong

태민 첫 단독 콘서트 7월 2일 공연 LINE LIVE 생중계 결정!

태민 첫 단독 콘서트 7월 2일 공연 LINE LIVE 생중계 결정!

@htxnaomi naibae 🍒 @htxnaomi

blue cheese in my jeans

@FootyMemes Footy Memes @FootyMemes

England lose on penalties to Germany. ⚽️ In other news, grass is green, the sky is blue and Wenger is still in fac…

@troyhunt Troy Hunt @troyhunt

Mar: Microsoft patches SMB exploit Apr: Shadow Brokers dump Eternal Blue May: #WannaCry hits Jun: People *still* haven't patched now #Petya

@since_blue Ygor Blue @since_blue

@BorisKodjoe Boris Kodjoe @BorisKodjoe

I'm sure we can make space for both these talents in an industry that consistently employs blue-eyed superhero play…

@Pandacambi Cambi @Pandacambi

#HannibalCountdown, day 63 : Blue Sky is blue, plaid is too !

#HannibalCountdown, day 63 : Blue 
Sky i...

@thimkaeo Ta Thimkaeo @thimkaeo

Blue lady by @Thimkaeo via @artfinder #oil #painting #art

@simmonssteve steve simmons @simmonssteve

Jason Grilli has packed and gone as a Blue Jay. Presumed he's been DFA'd. But no word yet from Jays.

@hayalincedogan Hayal İncedoğan @hayalincedogan #summer #sea #sky #skyfall #blue

@augustoalayon AUGUST BLUE+ @augustoalayon

Hoy a partir de las 19hs, habrán muchos #Blue💎 acompañando este lindo evento dedicado al Amor.…

@ruf_men Rufus @ruf_men

@lachlan Love the way Blue Checkmarked nobodies suddenly don't like violence they project onto those they don't like

@BdAdultes @BdAdultes

Blue phone. Thomas Saliot. >

Blue phone. Thomas Saliot.
> https://...

@paddy_clark Paddy Clark @paddy_clark

@camarogirl91 @Professer_Blue @MarkMcKay1990 @RobTrudgeon @KTHopkins Educate your self before commenting it might h…

@wig4crafts75 Wig4crafts @wig4crafts75

@HobbyLobby The forks with the imbedded blue and red glitter are so cute, love them!!

@xweaponx XweAponX @xweaponx

@NikLentz @realDonaldTrump A 2/10 fake account score is 2/10 too high for me to believe it is a real account. I don…

@ntnigel Nigel Tomkins @ntnigel

Christmas? June 27th Radisson Blue Glasgow. Crazy!

Christmas? June 27th Radisson Blue Glasg...

@jjongella 종현이보다 종현이가 개쩔어요. 쫑니파 @jjongella

170627 엔나나 #종현 유리병편지 5주차 스포(?) 이번에는 또 마지막 주다 보니까 그런..어떤 감성적인 부분을 조금 녹인? 새로운 것들이 있을거구요. 세트리스트도 매주 바뀌어서, 그런부분들 기대를 하…

@sunflowerethan Nea 🌻FOLLOW ME E? @sunflowerethan


@wishiwerebella queen twi @wishiwerebella

I'm hoping for more blue! I love him in blue.

@mirimarkow Miriam Markowitz @mirimarkow

When he f*** me good I take his a** to Blue Lobster @ Azenhas do Mar-Restaurante Piscinas

@sterlingveli Sterling Veli @sterlingveli

@BevHillsAntifa @benshapiro So blue lifes do not matter to you? Not suprised

@middayswbebe Be'Be' @middayswbebe

🔥‼️ 2000 BMW 740i Blue Exterior White Interior 6500 OBO Serious Inquiries --> 478 318 8867 ‼️🔥

@islandslipper Island Slipper @islandslipper

Gear up with #islandslipper goods for our favorite #red #white and #blue holiday! #Islandslipper #madeinUSA…

@adrian_espadas adrianespadas @adrian_espadas

@Xbox Wish we got super sayain blue... That is literally all I have wanted.

@ml12blue ML12blue @ml12blue

ATTI: #ML12Blue Blue Line bus 157 has arrived at Crest Point headed to the Depot: 6/27/2017 3:11:01 PM

@DorothyBruce14 Dorothy Bruce @DorothyBruce14

Labour in pocket of Tories, morphing from red to blue.

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