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@tonyposnanski Tony Posnanski @tonyposnanski

"Democrats have to decide whether they love this country more than they hate this president.” No Sarah Sanders...…

@dodo The Dodo @dodo

Blue was rescued from a life of racing, and now he gets to just be a dog 💞

Blue was rescued from a life of racing,...

@govmikehuckabee Gov. Mike Huckabee @govmikehuckabee

We’re already seeing California cities and counties revolt against the “sanctuary state” law that’s releasing dange…

@bluwolf3 The Blue Wolf @bluwolf3

Now playing Despiertate Vs El Rubio Loco by Katiuscia Ruiz! On Blue Wolf Radio!

@jackgjewett Jack Jewett @jackgjewett

CDC Buried Study Showing Guns Are Used More Often For Protection Than Crime - Blue Lives Matter

@chicksonright Chicks On The Right @chicksonright

“Both Kate and I had to give him mouth to mouth resuscitation to keep him alive because his lips turned blue." Thi…

@JamesThompsonKS James Thompson @JamesThompsonKS

Cook Political Report lists #ks04 (the KOCH’s home district) as vulnerable because of how well I did in the 2017 Sp…

@BlueEyeSoftball Blue Eye Softball @BlueEyeSoftball

Blue Eye wins against Marionville 18-17. Congratulations to Brooklynn Box on her 1st homerun! @SWCLScores @scoreboardguy

@BasedChasen Arsenal Morisummer 🌸 @BasedChasen

Blue fish was beating up senior citizens

@magibaseball Magi Baseball @magibaseball

Blue Jays 2 (Pitching: #23 Aaron Kleven) Magi 1 (Batting: #19 Brett Davis) Bottom of 4th, 0 Out, No one on #iscore #sportsengine

@gw_blue Gwblue🦈 @gw_blue


@iamdryx BΔK // DHY 🔥 @iamdryx

Blue Ivy also wants you to check out my new single Into You available now on major platforms. 😬 Tidal:…

@blue_hound_7 🚫 @blue_hound_7

@AFewLeftKY And metal amirite

@mistygreen_blue JJ Illusion @mistygreen_blue

@AC360 Anderson, even as a Dem @SenatorTester sure comes off as a fraud.

@TroMcManus Tracey McManus @TroMcManus

Huge news for @CityofDunedin and @BlueJays. This closes a long-negotiated deal. But the deal comes with serious r…

@leftyjennyc Jennifer🌊🌊🌊 @leftyjennyc

Seeing the media pearl-clutching over HRC being "foul-mouthed" makes me want to dedicate my Twitter feed to all my…

@gizzzayyy JizzyG @gizzzayyy

Blue Steel 🤣 - Zoolander

@GNJJewelry GNJ Jewelry @GNJJewelry

P174 Blue Pietersite Pendant - GNJ Jewelry #fashion #fashionista #style #boho #chic…

@duckgirlie cupán bae @duckgirlie

We went to see Love, Simon and this time legit like a third of the audience gasped/squealed when Blue showed up at the end

@sshayes7 Stacy Hayes @sshayes7

Driving home late, after tonight’s Board Meeting and a ten hour day, trying to discern how many shades of blue & gr…

@chatterjeeanur2 Radha @chatterjeeanur2

There is a sky In her eternal love Infinite is her dream To set A life of color And bliss She has the Magic of blue…

@PsychdelicPics Psychedelic Pictures @PsychdelicPics

Translucent Blue Tang

Translucent Blue Tang

@TMonarch Thomas Monarch @TMonarch

Bad luck is buying a bag of @Jolly_Rancher’s and not getting a single blue raspberry

@horrycountypd Horry County PD @horrycountypd

MISSING:Melvin Antonia Aldana 17 yrs old / 5’3” / 125lbs Last seen 4/16 on Hwy 17 wearing blue jeans, a white shirt…

@JRHolbrooks78 Jason Holbrooks @JRHolbrooks78

I am #Blue in Georgia Help me Like Retweet Follow Comment I’ll follow #FBRParty #resistance #BlueWave2018

@iamdryx BΔK // DHY 🔥 @iamdryx

Blue isn't in awe, she's just counting. "One, two, three, hit! Turn, kat, kat, boom! Just like we rehearsed."

@amenbo_2004 amenbo @amenbo_2004

@Blue19120627 そういう体験が出来たBlueさんは十分凄いです😲 (それにそんな簡単に総理大臣から弔電来ないと思うなぁ🤔)


Smoke from important #hazardreduction burns has settled in parts of Western Sydney, Lower Blue Mountains and the Il…

@marcoan15996039 Marco Antonio @marcoan15996039

@LuchaLibreYYa Todo un señoron el gran manotas Blue Demon!!!!!!!!

@ScottPresler #ThePersistence @ScottPresler

LISTEN UP: Even if you're a red in a sea of blue, vote! Republicans are going to turn out this November & we're on…

@protectbigbang livia&bigbang @protectbigbang

imagina nois vips num role vip tocando BIGBANG aí começa blue todo mundo deita no chão e chora meta

@LadyRenee_ Mistress Lady Renee @LadyRenee_

Strung up for blue balls #Mistress @LadyRenee_ #CBT #cocktorture #clamps #ballslapping…

@ms_blue_red あおい月とあかい海 @ms_blue_red


@yoshikomachi226 がくと @yoshikomachi226

@Aqu_Blue Magic Hour!フラゲしたけど笑

@_anaclarafr naclara @_anaclarafr

@lucasjunqueira_ blue mountain state, eh uma seriezinha de besteirol estilo american pie mas os personage sao mt engraçado

@TheyScreamBlake INFINITY WHORE @TheyScreamBlake

blue fish always wanted the smoke

@beck979 Rebeca @beck979

He añadido un vídeo a una lista de reproducción de @YouTube ( - Affordable Long A-line Chiffon Sky Blue Prom

@blue_f_you 블루 @blue_f_you

ㅇ<-------------< (오늘도 짱 큰 블루)

@queenfatou_ ♀♀♀ @queenfatou_

@SgarlataBryce @mymillsap @sunandsail02 @kendra_sills @PRADACCIA dizziness, insomnia, etc.? seriously fuck off, all…

@alexdunnesf Alex Dunne @alexdunnesf

Daily Mail EXCLUSIVE: Raheem Sterling owns RED couch despite playing for BLUE club

@WarriorofGod97 ✴️Gabi✴️ ✟️🕊️🔥 @WarriorofGod97

@Dawn_DeMore1 Prayers of comfort for families of the deceased #Blue #RIP !! When is going to stop!!!

@Dawn_DeMore1 Prayers of comfort for fam...

@TheScaryNature Nature is Scary @TheScaryNature

Perfectly preserved blue whale heart

Perfectly preserved blue whale heart htt...

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