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@mspackyetti Brittany Packnett @mspackyetti

Blue Is Not A Race. You can take off your uniform. I can’t take off my blackness.

@ts_enter TS_Enter @ts_enter

B.A.P 7th single album <BLUE> Schedule Poster #BAP #BLUE #0000FF #BAP_20170905

B.A.P 7th single album <BLUE> Sche...

@realjameswoods James Woods @realjameswoods

She lost, Bill. Hold your breath until you turn blue, but she is never, ever going to be president. Now have some T…

@KillianTrill Ghost @KillianTrill

"blue racism" what are you, fucking Avatar now

@nohoesnicole Ce Era 🍰 @nohoesnicole

I ain't even know blue was a race, twitter really do teach you something new everyday

@dear_404 달님을 위하여 @dear_404

나랑 특이는 Blue Light ㅎㅎ 특이는 슈주 할 운명이고, 나는 슈주 팬 할 운명이였나봐💙

나랑 특이는 Blue Light ㅎㅎ
특이는 슈주 할 운명이고, 나는 슈...

@hotaka_blue 穂高 @hotaka_blue


@kat_tastic kat o'keeffe @kat_tastic

is there a pink/blue ring around the moon like one of those bi pride circles ppl put around twitter pics? THE ECLIP…

@bibian0115 びび @bibian0115



@pgrinbc Peter Roberts @pgrinbc

@botchford 1040 lineup: 6-10 70s music, pee pee jokes & incoherent dialogue; 10-2 same; 2-6 loud angry man & long s…

@xxx_kaysie_xxx Kaysie @xxx_kaysie_xxx

The Marcels - Blue Moon via @YouTube

@LibertarianJedi 🗽LibertarianJedi 🗽 @LibertarianJedi

WWII Rebuilt strategy #Germany and #Japan blue print #CatoFP #Warmongers win

WWII Rebuilt strategy #Germany and #Japa...

@destinedzion 👑zion 💕 @destinedzion

Mario Kart was all fun & games until you were in first place and that blue shell bomb creeped up on ya ass 😂😂😂.

@goodgalnanji nanj @goodgalnanji

@kristinaschulma where is the blue romper you're wearing in this episode from? I. Want. It.

@yuuta_ns1 まっき~ @yuuta_ns1

@blue_velvet_3 ʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬʬ

@blue_expanse ザナルカンドの住人 @blue_expanse

@tamayumi_1025 考える人がほんとすごいよね

@blue_mahina 流星☆はるか彼方へ @blue_mahina


@papanut6149 지나가는 김라그네 입니다 ; @papanut6149

와 색 칠때 aesthetic 치고 색 (pink blue 등등)앞에 pale 치면 좀더 연한색이 나오는데 행복이 늘어납니다

와 색 칠때 aesthetic 치고 색 (pink blue 등등)앞에 p...

@DennaUsa Denna Miller @DennaUsa

Kissimmee Cop-Killer Case Goes To Aramis Ayala Who Vows No Death Penalty – Then Gov Scott Says Hell No @bluelivesmtr

@Octopimp Octo! @Octopimp

I'm: ⚪️Green ⚪️Yellow 🔘Blue Da ba dee: ⚪️Bibbidi ⚪️Bobbidi 🔘Da ba daa

@nagata769 永田裕志 @nagata769

おはようございますゼァ。昨日から10月21日永田裕志デビュー25周年記念東金大会BLUE JUSTICE Ⅶ青義激突のチケットが一般発売開始となりました。沢山のお客様に来て頂けたら嬉しいですね。本日も早起きしたので、今日も頑張りま…

@papaseok ʲᵃˢ @papaseok

My heart is: ⚪️ blue ⚪️ pink 🔘 red R: ⚪️ right ⚪️ round 🔘 revolution E: ⚪️ elbow ⚪️ easy 🔘 evolution D: ⚪️ dog ⚪️ door 🔘 drobrotion

@711_blue_moon あおいつき @711_blue_moon

@tw7191 仮眠取って目が覚めたらまたプレイしてみたいな感じ。。

@KatiePavlich Katie Pavlich @KatiePavlich

The "advisory" role U.S. troops are being forced to play is bogus. Only sets up for more green on blue attacks in Afghanistan

@nikkiiemi emily☮ @nikkiiemi

please help my find my brother! Hes 13, might be wearing a blue shirt, hes was in a grey 2015 Nissan Altima SL. Las…

@ZELO96 ᴢᴇʟᴏ @ZELO96

@TS_Enter: B.A.P 7th single album <BLUE> Schedule Poster #BAP #BLUE #0000FF #BAP_20170905

@TS_Enter: B.A.P 7th single album <BL...

@kms1813 ばかあやか @kms1813

【連載マンガ】「BLUE (3)」を読みました!|今スグ読む→ #LINEマンガ

@etonemarksman Billy Lee Black @etonemarksman

"The Blue Traveller in Danzil, the town of scorching sands is longing for Aveh's Ancient dance as the gentle wind sings." #EtoneBot

@Factsionary Psychological Facts @Factsionary

Researchers have found that people with dark eyes are more agreeable, while people with blue eyes tend to be competitive.

@astrologyvvitch witch @astrologyvvitch

gemini: loud laugh, soft hair, rap music, early mornings with pink eyes, eagerness, plenty of crushes, baby blue

@tionagahow1986 Brooke Patterson @tionagahow1986

porn cams for free nepali sexcy fockey blue pussy pictures

porn cams for free nepali sexcy fockey b...

@acmradi0 AmericanCountryMusic @acmradi0

#NowPlaying Blue Clear Sky - George Strait #Listen Live #CountryMusic #Music #HotCountry #CountryFans #RT

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