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@davelackie dave lackie @davelackie

Excited to be giving away YSL Volupte Tint-in-Oil in Pink It To Me + The Shock Mascara in Underground Blue! To ente…

@koeitecmous KOEI TECMO AMERICA @koeitecmous

RT & Follow before 6:00 PM PST for a chance on winning Blue Reflection, Nights of Azure 2 or Warriors All-Stars! Pl…

@nprmusic nprmusic @nprmusic

In our first nighttime #TinyDesk performance, Tyler, The Creator (@tylerthecreator) turned the office shades of fuc…

@Dana_Colwell Dana Colwell @Dana_Colwell

This falls in line with Dr. Pitts goals of creating an marine engineering emphasis at WSU OC “Leading in the mariti…

@emilymurray Emily Murray @emilymurray

Know it's still early, but it would be an incredible feat for Doug Jones to turn some of these red counties blue. #AlabamaSenateElection

@jctate1215 Joshua C. Tate @jctate1215

@AverieDanielle Seeing a lot of blue on the map right now. Hope it holds...

@lisaatlpeach33 Lisa Anne Kemp @lisaatlpeach33

I still believe good prevails over all evil. Therefore, I believe Doug Jones may pull this off. I am cooking, deco…

@caglarfandom caglarfandom @caglarfandom

@Perfect__YagHaz For your beautiful blue eyes SenÖzelsin ÇağlarErtuğrul

@fashionpressnet Fashion Press @fashionpressnet

「ゾクゾク深海生物2018」池袋・ サンシャイン水族館で深海生物を観て触れて味わえる -

「ゾクゾク深海生物2018」池袋・ サンシャイン水族館で深海生物を観て触れて味わ...

@rlqbomb Roger Quattlebaum @rlqbomb

UCA Bear @3_JonathanDavis is the number 19 prospect for the Toronto Blue Jays!!👏🏻 congratulations!!!!

UCA Bear @3_JonathanDavis is the number...

@hyperchristv HyperChrisTV @hyperchristv

Don't remind me of the blue shells! So many of those have ruined good races (and friendships), hahaha! But congrats…

@BestRecipesMag BestRecipes Magazine @BestRecipesMag

Try these Cauliflower "Tater" Tots from the Blue Jean Chef. @BlueJeanChef #recipe

Try these Cauliflower 'Tater' Tots from...

@cjillian0709 👯CJillian0709💋 @cjillian0709

@krassenstein Come on baby let’s go BLUE!!!!

@HunterLJohnson Snowflake Hunter Johnson @HunterLJohnson

Decent Alabamians looking for Yankee blue checkmarks talking shit tonight

Decent Alabamians looking for Yankee blu...

@asunayuuki18921 Krystal Katana #TSAGC @asunayuuki18921

@lobbe_tara @Dan_Danger_Lyca @fear_sanders @N3FR4T1R1 @Ben3149 "T-Tara..." My voice cracks as my wings and eyes go…

@pwgfrank Paul Frank @pwgfrank

Blue Jays: What about Kendrys Morales? You guys want Kendrys Morales? Cardinals: Fuck no. Rosenthal: BREAKING--Bl…

@backstockhype BackStockHype @backstockhype

What local Boutique murdering Blue Tints on goat ?

@tutone4real Tanya Hubbard @tutone4real

I'm looking forward to seeing Chris Blue perform at the finale.

@starmagicphils Star Magic™ @starmagicphils

Elisse Joson #JustLoveChristmasSpecial

Elisse Joson #JustLoveChristmasSpecial h...

@JaredoTexas JAREDO TX™ @JaredoTexas

Save this country lol forever

@AngryBlackLady Imani Gandy Canes @AngryBlackLady

Remember the good old days when all we had to worry about on Twitter was whether the dress was blue and black or wh…

@perseused ✨ emily ✨ @perseused

5 - Daughter, Touch. "Love hunt me down / I can't stand to be so dead behind the eyes / And feed me, spark me up /…

@Redistrict Dave Wasserman @Redistrict

Very early, positive news for Jones: he received 31% of the vote in one Cullman County precinct. This is important…

@AlisonL Alison @AlisonL

Dubois or Puljujarvi? @aportzline with a great look at the pick that caused gasps in Buffalo back in 2016 #CBJ

@AllieNY86 Allie @AllieNY86

Come on, #Alabama. Turn it blue!!! 💙💙💙💙

@iamtmcii TMC II @iamtmcii


@cirov1 Ciro Villa @cirov1

New eruptions detected in two luminous blue variables

@hbredda Henrique Bredda @hbredda

9. No período de 1977 a 1990, o S&P multiplicou por 3.5x e o fundo de Peter Lynch deu 23x. Uma surra no mercado. Ma…

@cubbyduck76 Me @cubbyduck76

Jones takes Madison County. All major population centers within Alabama go blue for Jones. #AlabamaSenateElection

@tgrlzcom tgirls and shemales 💦 video porn @tgrlzcom

Blue haired stunner wanks and cums @lithium66 @Vdsxx1 @gustwind2 @rickstwit12 @adultparody @jockosrocket…

@rosado_nathalie morenaa🤘🏽 @rosado_nathalie

Ami me gustan esas canciones blue de amy winehouse

@AndrewAsAlways_ Andrew Downing @AndrewAsAlways_

It was called #FugutiveFest. Every bar had $5 beer pitchers because the suspect robbed an old lady for $5 at gunpoi…

@luckyyandco jaypea 🌈 @luckyyandco

@shaylugh I am s confused Canadian. Do I want red or blue?

@BillyBaldwin Billy Baldwin @BillyBaldwin

This took a lot of courage. Hope this man knows that we love his daughter... we love him. Young, old, rich, poor,…

@love_alwayskia Kia @love_alwayskia

@amynajay Doug Jones in the lead with 53.6% . He’s projected to win but bunch of counties still hadn’t been counted…

@awesemi (˵ ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°˵)つ──☆*:・゚ || T minus 8 @awesemi

if there is freedom in that clear blue sky i don’t mind if these wings filled with pride get torn to pieces

@mrlliw MrWill @mrlliw

@discordapp @BlueMicrophones Something Blue, my 3D printed Pokémon figure

@discordapp @BlueMicrophones Something B...

@realdonaldobama Donald Obama @realdonaldobama

This is going to be a squeaker. Seeing blue in counties that haven't had a hint of blue since 96. 1% either way.…

@tayymbee Tay @tayymbee

Blue eyes all day. Don't @ me

@angel_ponders S Angel W🏳️‍🌈 @angel_ponders

Huntsville now reporting Blue

@blue_blue_lily @blue_blue_lily



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