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@TheDscherman The Dscherman Facts @TheDscherman

In Germany, never throw a #birthdayparty before your actual birthday. It’s a cardinal sin! #birthdaypartydosanddonts

In Germany, never throw a #birthdayparty...

@googlygirl98 Christine WhatAMess @googlygirl98

Do hide if it's a surprise party. Don't remain in hiding until after all the other guests have gone. #BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts

@katapa_eden Cataper @katapa_eden

Do send actual gifts.Dont send gifs #BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts

@JohnKyleOlsen John Olsen @JohnKyleOlsen

Do bring a gift. Don't ask them to unwrap your "package". #BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts

@WeirdWorkaholic Neurotic Workaholic @WeirdWorkaholic

#BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts do thank your guests for giving you presents. DON'T say, "WTF is up with this stuff? DO YOU EVEN KNOW ME AT ALL?"

@DocDarnell Doc @DocDarnell

Do: have a key party Don't: make this weird #BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts

@Aton_Eloh Elec @Aton_Eloh

#BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts Don't guess a woman's age DO reduce swelling from impact injury such as a purse, fist, knee to the groin with ice

@DontThinkso555 Dont Thinkso @DontThinkso555

Don't hire this clown to perform #BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts

Don't hire this clown to perform #Birthd...

@aidno Aidan forgets why he @aidno

Do invite all of your Facebook Friends. Don't tell any of them the address of the party #BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts

@MotherAustralia World's Blah-est Mum @MotherAustralia

#birthdaypartydosanddonts Do: Provide all your guests 'party favors'. Don't: Provide all your guests sexual favors.

@SheaBrowning Shea Browning @SheaBrowning

Do: Eat cake and enjoy yourself. Don't: Get naked and ask people to blow out your candle. #BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts

@geoffreyclark37 Geoff Clark @geoffreyclark37

Do: Wish ladies a happy birthday Don't: Ask how old she is turning. #BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts

Do: Wish ladies a happy birthday Don't:...

@helenmarymetoo HelenMaryMeToo @helenmarymetoo

Don't put a candle for each year on my cake unless you have a fire extinguisher close & the Fire Dept on standby…

@googlygirl98 Christine WhatAMess @googlygirl98

Do send @helenmaryme your good wishes for her birthday today! Don't send her a birthday dic pic. Please.…

@cattereia ⚜️ Cattsy ⚜️ @cattereia

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@1CynicalCyborg Muttley Matt 2.0 @1CynicalCyborg

#BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts Do: bring beer Don't: bring the cheapest shit on sale

@SetAtAuds Audrey @SetAtAuds

Do: Have a piñata Don't: Fill it with bees #BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts

@kristenRN_716 Just Kristen :) @kristenRN_716

Don't: mention my age #BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts

Don't: mention my age  #BirthdayPartyDos...

@kristenRN_716 Just Kristen :) @kristenRN_716

Do: RSVP, it's there for a reason Don't: get mad if you didn't and I kick you out #BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts

Do: RSVP, it's there for a reason 


@DestryBrod Destry Broderick @DestryBrod

#BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts Avoid suspect cake decorators.


Avoid suspect...

@artyny59 Arthur Butt @artyny59

#BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts Don't play pin the tail on the DRAGONKILLER. She doesn't like that…

@kauffeemann Keebler Sidejob @kauffeemann

Do: give me a gift Don't: make it a Christmas/birthday combo (Christmas baby issues) #BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts

@Swati2610 Swati Singh @Swati2610

Gift 'nothing' . #BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts #spiritual #buddhism #humor #zen

Gift 'nothing' . #BirthdayPartyDosAndDon...

@Mrs_Cldh Mrs D @Mrs_Cldh

#BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts Do join others singing happy birthday, don't steal gifts off money tree while others are singing

@Mrs_Cldh Mrs D @Mrs_Cldh

#BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts Do sip, don't strip

@ChrisMpululu Krysus @ChrisMpululu

Don't come to my party and sit down while everyone is dancing #BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts

@FunHouseARTcade ARTcade @FunHouseARTcade

#BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts Do have one, but postpone it til Halloween Month!

Do have one,

@DoodleNessa Nessa + Macie Doodle @DoodleNessa

Do: Always look like you are on your best behavior. Don't: Smoke weed inside the house or get caught spiking punch…

@liltr2 Tee @liltr2

#BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts Do cry if you want to. Don't get your cake all snotty.

@monday_mayhem Monday Mayhem @monday_mayhem

Top Tweets: #BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts Congrats! @DontThinkso555 @MotherAustralia @aidno @Aton_Eloh @WeirdWorkaholic

@TaitBrown Tait Brown @TaitBrown

#BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts Oversized gifts are great and will be remembered

 Oversized gif...

@RealDonalDrumpf Donald J. Drumpf @RealDonalDrumpf

#BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts Don't tell your daughter's 10-year-old friend you hope to be dating her in 10 years

@BeauZineros Atlan (Beau Zineros) @BeauZineros

Do decorate with streamers. Don't decorate with streakers.#BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts

Do decorate with streamers. Don't decora...

@monday_mayhem Monday Mayhem @monday_mayhem

Top Tweets: #BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts Congrats! @sheabrowning @Cattereia @DocDarnell @DameDeLesChats @JohnKyleOlsen

@HofDigital PASTIME Collection @HofDigital

#BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts Don't: Provide birthday cake for a player on the opposing team and then lose the game.…

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