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@yossigestetner Yossi Gestetner @yossigestetner

GREAT thread here👇🏼. BTW @MarcACaputo has a BIG story at @politico of how “Russia bamboozled FL.” Ya 3 rallies in A…

@dschwammenthal Daniel Schwammenthal @dschwammenthal

.@netanyahu at #MSC2018 said he has to give @JZarif credit: "He lies with eloquence." And the #Iranian Foreign Min…

@lopp Jameson Lopp @lopp

The casualties of the Bitcoin brand battle will be the uninformed noobs. Savvy investors do due diligence and won't…

@brummie_dolan E & G made me smile @brummie_dolan


@neetstatus Tyler @neetstatus

@Eribiiax I’ve been bamboozled

@lisagaymes Experiment 784 @lisagaymes

So apparently this wasn’t Rihanna. I’ve been bamboozled

@jorgelmunoz1 Jorge @jorgelmunoz1

@charitypinkofff I've been bamboozled

@hadealahmad Hadi. A. (أنيماوي) @hadealahmad

@iKureiji @SiLverR_s Bamboozled

@rogerc32 roger @rogerc32

@boxnationtv @KrusherKovalev The daft get got absolutely bamboozled by @andreward

@hoffyness Brian Hoffman @hoffyness

@WoodyMag @Frank_TheTank65 @kfc That 15.9 million If sold in 2018. Bro got bamboozled!

@ZaidZamanHamid Zaid Hamid @ZaidZamanHamid

The most astounding "magic of saamri" that has bewitched and bamboozled entire humanity is the make belief system o…

@todlad52 Duncan Williamson @todlad52

@Danssol He still bamboozled the powers that be.

@todlad52 Duncan Williamson @todlad52

@bodenknights And yet these professional referees and all their assistance and all their technology are bamboozled…

@kindofobnoxious King of Kekistan @kindofobnoxious

HAHAHAHA y’all got bamboozled and Disney is reaping the rewards. 🤣

@yeaimej EJ @yeaimej

I ain’t never ever witness poor service from crackle barrel until today... I’ve been bamboozled

@Ocala_MattMan MattMan @Ocala_MattMan

It's so damn easy to see. How they can get a vote after their own is baffling. I'm stunned, horrified, bewildered…

@pokecardaddict Cunty Fool @pokecardaddict

Bamboozled again!

@parkchyi @parkchyi

i don’t get how u can tweet all day like no tomorrow, say u stan exo but can’t even vote for exo at least once a da…


@DemWrite @WtfAmerica4 Cant blame just the Russians. Plenty of racist American people also voted for this asshole,…

@MooreForAll Tanner @MooreForAll

If u take everything ur woman complains bout serious u just gon get labeled a sucka and bamboozled

@kraen0044 Nathan Kraemer @kraen0044

Monty can't be bamboozled

Monty can't be bamboozled

@yofavbitcch skrrrrt @yofavbitcch

@__Cx_Noah @FuckSusPablo I’ve been bamboozled

@kneiselcd Christopher Kneisel @kneiselcd

@realDonaldTrump Tax cut...that you've bamboozled you minions into thinking it is for them rather than for you and your rich henchmen....

@kourtniilovee kourt.✨ @kourtniilovee

@kurdaydian I’ve been bamboozled . I was enjoying your hair and glasses ma’am

@potusantidope Bruce Burns @potusantidope

@realDonaldTrump isn’t UNWITTING the bedfellow of DIMWITTED? It should be. Next to HOODWINKED AND BAMBOOZLED. Dotty Dotty Dotty😂

@flobucz88 flora buckle @flobucz88

So after being terribly drunk while watching @FriendsTV, me & the Boyf played #bamboozled!!! It's awesome!

@gchrisb1990 G. Chris Brown @gchrisb1990

@lancemann It's sad and awful!!!! But this is what happens when people don't vote and those that do get bamboozled smh!!!!

@vanntrann_ tran 🤡 @vanntrann_

i’m upSET i got bamboozled by 7 leaves drive thru they gave me the wrong drink but i didn’t realize and it’s too late to turn around now 😡

@rhematoschrist Rhematos Christou @rhematoschrist

@CBNNews pray for this nation. Society has been BAMBOOZLED!

@MonsterMike24 3BB Mike @MonsterMike24

We have been hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, run amuck, and flat out deceived people.

@sexatoxbridge S A O @sexatoxbridge



@j_aanderson1 bag boy @j_aanderson1

Until I got bamboozled

@erinsharkies Shorkdork™ @erinsharkies

@w1ckr8396 Bamboozled

@mgobluegirl6 mgobluegirl6 🇺🇸🗽✌🏼🌊 @mgobluegirl6

@VicenteFoxQue @kanthom2000 @realDonaldTrump No, he really thinks it'll work! 😂😂🤣🤣🤡🤡 And his bamboozled supporters…

@taytaytay134 Tay @taytaytay134

Every Sunday Chick-fil-A is closed and yet EVERY SUNDAY I WAKE UP BAMBOOZLED

@varnayvish Vish Varnay @varnayvish

@wake4est80 @dane_hedquist @BillKristol An obviously you do not have the right to call yourself an American. But su…

@srikanthtalagad SriTal @srikanthtalagad

@realDonaldTrump Best political tweet ever. Hey NASCAR "family": You might be getting bamboozled!

@laurennkayley Lauren♡Kayley @laurennkayley

Ive been bamboozled.

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