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@kthopkins Katie Hopkins @kthopkins

Please show your support for @amanda_spielman - A WARRIOR in the battle against the Islamification of the U.K. thr…

@elijahdaniel LIL PHAG @elijahdaniel

jokes on u amanda ive always been white trash

@kthopkins Katie Hopkins @kthopkins

Heads of Muslim Organisations have actively encouraged the targeting of Amanda Spielman. In contrast, any British p…

@the_deevah Modiegi Mogale Sowho @the_deevah

@amanda_thusi Don’t worry, girl. You’re being shielded from work. He works in mysterious ways.

@kasavukanyama Promie @kasavukanyama

Amanda told me to stop expecting a lot from human beings and to remember that people are different . I'm legit taking that shit to 2018!

@peasoupprincess Baby Face✨ @peasoupprincess

23) So Amanda took me as her date to the Blizzard holiday party!!! It was Haunted Mansion themed and honestly, it w…

@greyvwaren love, gius @greyvwaren

todd: who could possibly stop a superpowerful dark wizard? dirk and amanda: farah

@geo_tweety Geo_Tweety #FBPE 🇪🇺🌹 @geo_tweety

@toadmeister @amanda_spielman Can you tell us what so called British values are?

@amanda_maia66 Rodrigues Maia❤️💕 @amanda_maia66

@JvSequeira Kkkk

@pethetik sav🌸 @pethetik

me and amanda have a 37 day snap streak lmao this is the longest we’ve ever gone

@123beauts BeautifulLegs&Heels @123beauts

Amanda Holden #Legs #Heels

Amanda Holden #Legs #Heels

@Meridian_HIE Meridian @Meridian_HIE

#NHS delegates at @wmahsn’s free #ITT workshop on 31 January will be able to learn about the Innovation and Technol…

@lisacarole1 LisaCarole @lisacarole1

@amanda_jenkins0 @Amorphophallus1 @Shastina_Eloff They will find out one day. After all, they are all just one bre…

@LeoraCruddas leora cruddas @LeoraCruddas

It is indeed Toby. Amanda has shown great courage and leadership. @Ofstednews

@dianamahon Diana Mahon @dianamahon

@toadmeister @amanda_spielman She’s right.There needs to be a balanced approach.The faith element is fine but Briti…

@amanda_peruffo Amanda Peruffo @amanda_peruffo

Que noite bicho Nunca nem vi

@ColdAsMax_ max . @ColdAsMax_

together, under this weather here in gbagada we are gathered with an order, waiting for tega oh look, there he com…

@ItsOchieng Wakili Ochieng @ItsOchieng

Good afternoon @MarthaKarua may you have a wonderful Sunday.


Our award-winning CATCH app has been recognised as a nationally-important innovation by @NHSEngland…

@tc44uk_trev Trev Churchill @tc44uk_trev

@MandsThompson Morning Amanda I've got wot I guess is strange request. Is there any chance I can get permission to…

@rubenvivo68 Alamierdáteles @rubenvivo68

Si alguna vez piensas que eres triste, piensa en el árbol de Navidad de Albacete

Si alguna vez piensas que eres triste, p...

@NHSAccelerator NHS Accelerator @NHSAccelerator

Have you met the new 2017 @NHSAccelerator Fellows? Take a look at their profiles on the NIA website…

@browea Alan B NUFC @browea

Amanda IN....Ashley OUT.......We want Rafa to SHEIKH it all about!!!!!

@jacf57 John Frost @jacf57

@toadmeister @amanda_spielman It is appalling as is for example the front page report in the Mail today. But is pub…

@allisonjanesmi2 Allison Jane Smith @allisonjanesmi2

@AmandaSeager @physioroom You know he’s our MVP. Media just haven’t caught onto it yet!!! He was the difference last season Amanda!!

@amanda_jenkins0 Amanda Jenkins @amanda_jenkins0

@Amorphophallus1 Recovered 54 years ago. But you need to acknowledge that you are an idiot when it comes to the thi…

@CamilaCabelloBR Camila Cabello Brasil @CamilaCabelloBR

Camila no palco do #FLZJingleBall (via @amanda_waple)

Camila no palco do #FLZJingleBall (via @...

@schoolsimprove Schools Improvement @schoolsimprove

New Post: Dear Amanda, my ‘socially mobile’ school is spiralling downwards. What should I do next?

@BarryNSmith79 Barry Smith @BarryNSmith79

Ofsted chief Amanda Spielman receives 'venomous' threats. This is truly repulsive. Sadly, not surprising. Social me…

@jane_j_smith Jane Smith @jane_j_smith

@toadmeister @amanda_spielman Tommy Robinson talks of a school in Luton which celebrates Eid and Divali etc. But th…

@themeanestj9 spooky foot @themeanestj9

Amanda is already snoring and I'm rolling an indica joint

@nothatamoto Dan Gould @nothatamoto

I just joined Amanda Palmer's fan list via @FanBridge. You should join it!-: via @FanBridge

@NHSAccelerator NHS Accelerator @NHSAccelerator

🎶 On the fifth day of Christmas the NIA gave to me... 🎶 #12DaysNIA

🎶 On the fifth day of Christmas the NIA...

@toadmeister Toby Young @toadmeister

This is appalling — @amanda_spielman is absolutely right to call out Islamic schools for failing to teach British v…

@amorphophallus1 La Resistance @amorphophallus1



@NHSAccelerator NHS Accelerator @NHSAccelerator

🎶 On the fourth day of Christmas the NIA gave to me... 🎶 #MentalHealth #12DaysNIA…

@nochill4d ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ4D Don't Eat Pap @nochill4d

@Amanda_Aphane What if he broke what should he do?

@masqpromo Masquerade Promos @masqpromo

Hammer by Amanda Lutterman #kindle

@EsdeviumGames Esdevium @EsdeviumGames

#BoardGamesAdventCalendar Day 9 is: Fallout! Simply #RT & #follow us to be in with a chance to #win! This year we'l…

@mateusmoraistyf 2M#TropaDa17 @mateusmoraistyf

Foi só novinha gata na resenha de amanda

@forster_keith keith forster @forster_keith

@holland_tom @TheresaMcMeekin @amanda_spielman I am of the opinion that all "faith" schools should be closed down.…

@VoceNaoSabiaQ Você Sabia? @VoceNaoSabiaQ

Hoje é domingo. Dia 17 de dezembro de 2017. É exatamente o 351° dia do ano. Falta apenas uma semana para a véspera…

@DavidPetts1 David Petts @DavidPetts1

@Amanda_Vickery @Gabe55Gabe And I bet he uses plenty of university research for his own books....

@viewspic VIEW$ @viewspic

Podia ser nós

Podia ser nós

@nowonwhus WHUS Now Playing @nowonwhus

Amanda Pearcy — A Little Bit More (feat. Jimmy Lafave): right now on @whusradio

@louiseallain Louise Allain @louiseallain

It’s not a faith it’s a supremacist ideology , hence the issues & reaction.. Ofsted chief Amanda Spielman receive…

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