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@windows Windows @windows

One word: BIGDADDY. The classic cheats are there in @AgeOfEmpires: Definitive Edition. What's your favorite code t…

@ageofempires AgeOfEmpires @ageofempires

Ahhh, good times⛪️🗡️🚙

@windows Windows @windows

Every. Second. Counts. Use hotkeys in @AgeOfEmpires: Definitive Edition to quickly progress your civilization. Sta…

@wainmanmarc Marc Wainman @wainmanmarc

@AgeOfEmpires Would be good times if the games wasn’t fucked and loaded up

@ki_lay Ki'Lay @ki_lay

@IamPREZSTEVE @AgeOfEmpires Heck yeah! That would be awesome to co-stream with ya. Just let me know of a time or sc…

@sibmcls Jannik Himmelbach @sibmcls

@AgeOfEmpires @nfh50 @eaglemut1 Not today! 😭

@ageofempires AgeOfEmpires @ageofempires

@nfh50 @eaglemut1 We're working on it guys, thanks so much for letting us know!

@nfh50 nawaf hassanin @nfh50

@eaglemut1 @AgeOfEmpires

@eaglemut1 @AgeOfEmpires

@griffdingo Memento Mori @griffdingo

@TheStalq @RChaply @AgeOfEmpires Were you able to sign in? I'm still unable to...

@nfh50 nawaf hassanin @nfh50

@TheStalq @AgeOfEmpires ME2

@TheStalq @AgeOfEmpires ME2

@elbriantorres Brian Torres 🚬 @elbriantorres

Jugar @AgeOfEmpires con mis romies me trae un chingo de nostalgia.

@Gamer_Guru_Girl Gamer Guru Girl @Gamer_Guru_Girl

Remember to have enough resources on hand in any of the games you play. Especially with regards to upgrades and hea…

@ageofmemes_esp Age Of Memes Español @ageofmemes_esp #ageofempires #memes #aoe2 #humor #steam #voobly

@lukepettway Luke Pettway @lukepettway

@mrcodella @AgeOfEmpires I can't wait to read it!

@thestalq TheStalq @thestalq

Hey @AgeOfEmpires, any idea what's going on with ESO AOE3 Servers? Is the maint. window closed? I am not able to connect...

@thestalq TheStalq @thestalq

@RChaply @AgeOfEmpires Thanks

@rchaply Ryan Chaply @rchaply

@TheStalq please reach out to @AgeOfEmpires

@bilalmussa89 Bilal Mussa @bilalmussa89

@sarkarbishal191 @AgeOfEmpires @Windows Thanks but its Amazon India. Can you find me something in UK ?

@infoseccanuck Jonathan Younie @infoseccanuck

I HATE being away from my wife when I'm on business trips. But honestly, the thought of playing Age of Empires in…

@peppi_kidda joe jones @peppi_kidda

@AgeOfEmpires hi the age 3 servers are down they been slow all day

@AgeOfEmpires AgeOfEmpires @AgeOfEmpires

Crazy day of streams today! First at our usual time (in 1 hour) we'll be casting the finals of the in office Age II…

@eaglemut1 Eaglemut @eaglemut1

@AgeOfEmpires it appears that the AoE3 ESO multiplayer service has suffered a Denial of Service attack today and is…

@danield36022715 Daniel de sousa @danield36022715

@AgeOfEmpires what happened to the competition giveaway

@mrcodella Danny Codella @mrcodella

This week I'm finishing up a new article: "What @AgeOfEmpires Taught Me About Marketing." Can't wait to share it with you all :) #marketing

@rbeck911 Robert Beck @rbeck911

@nfh50 @AgeOfEmpires Same

@nfh50 nawaf hassanin @nfh50

@AgeOfEmpires what happened?. The server has not been working for more than 3 hours ? in age of empires 3 !!!

@AgeOfEmpires what happened?. The server...

@ageofmemes_esp Age Of Memes Español @ageofmemes_esp #ageofempires #memes #aoe2 #humor #steam #voobly

@thelordofdarkn3 VladTheImpala @thelordofdarkn3

@AgeOfEmpires Bigdaddy vs tucktucktuck, who would win?

@sarkarbishal191 BISHAL SARKAR @sarkarbishal191

@bilalmussa89 @AgeOfEmpires @Windows I recommend dell laptop .... check this link

@alex96475693 Alex @alex96475693

@AgeOfEmpires Hello guys ! When are we going to get some Age of Empires IV news ?

@pcnerd37 Jeremy @pcnerd37

@AgeOfEmpires Quick question, for the new AoE: DE, is there a way to play the game with the old art style rather than the new art style?

@swizzlerz Michael Borody GT:Swizzlerz @swizzlerz

@Windows @AgeOfEmpires I thought it was bigmomma

@user_spawn Micael @user_spawn

@AgeOfEmpires Laser Bear !!!!

@bilalmussa89 Bilal Mussa @bilalmussa89

@AgeOfEmpires @Windows Awesome. Thank you. I need a new laptop though. Can you recommend anything that's good enough for £350 or so

@iamprezsteve Kieffer Bryant @iamprezsteve

@Ki_lay @AgeOfEmpires absolutely! co-stream?!

@ageofempires AgeOfEmpires @ageofempires

@bilalmussa89 @Windows Age of Empires: Definitive Edition is out for Windows 10! It is a completely remastered vers…

@ageofmemes_esp Age Of Memes Español @ageofmemes_esp #ageofempires #memes #aoe2 #humor #steam #voobly

@ki_lay Ki'Lay @ki_lay

@IamPREZSTEVE @AgeOfEmpires Well it is nice to see you jump back into streaming(I need to do the same as it was a b…

@FREAKDOMorg Freakdom Live @FREAKDOMorg

#AgeOfEmpires is SHIT !!!

@cakencarrot me @cakencarrot

##MyEmpireSweepstakes and #AgeofEmpires Tuesday

##MyEmpireSweepstakes and #AgeofEmpires...

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