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"I want Aveo brought to their knees, for the harm, damage, injury, hurt and trauma they have caused me". #4Corners…

@4corners 4corners @4corners

Malaysian billionaire Seng Huang Lee is a major shareholder in Aveo, Australia's largest listed retirement village…

@neighbour_s Sally Neighbour @neighbour_s

$5 for a cup of milo, $10 for a bandaid... Gwyneth Jones on life in her Aveo retirement village, tonight on…

@billshortenmp Bill Shorten @billshortenmp

Appalling to see elderly Australians ripped off on #4corners last night. I'm asking the PM to work together on this

@MrDenmore Mr Denmore @MrDenmore

Deregulation is a polite term for price-gouging, profiteering and exploitation by carpetbaggers under the guise of the market #4Corners

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#AustralianValues #ShapelleCorby🕊️@OddemocracyA #auspol #ausmedia The US The UK #SerenaShim🕊️ #4corners #QandA…

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5 Tips to Launch an eCommerce Business in College

5 Tips to Launch an eCommerce Business i...

@muzzlefreemadam Iceberg Lady❄️ @muzzlefreemadam

Get a list of their assets & boycott them all. Time for a class action for every family ripped off by #Aveo. #4corners

@lucethoughts Lucy Carter @lucethoughts

And it's not just #Aveo. We were receiving about 1 email every 5mins today at #4Corners about retirement villages. Sector reform needed.

@neighbour_s Sally Neighbour @neighbour_s

Aveo chairman Seng Huang Lee lives the high life, unlike residents in his company's retirement homes #4Corners

Aveo chairman Seng Huang Lee lives the h...

@MikeCarlton01 Mike Carlton @MikeCarlton01

And where are the federal and state Ministers for Aged Care, I hear you cry. Answer: AWOL, cowering in the bunker. #4Corners

@MikeCarlton01 Mike Carlton @MikeCarlton01

And the Malaysian shareholder in Aveo bought his uni student daughter a $38m apartment on Sydney Harbour. #4Corners

@mjrowland68 Michael Rowland @mjrowland68

Wow! Huge metro audience of 954k for @4corners last night. Now for tougher government oversight of retirement villa…

@Wendy_Bacon Wendy Bacon @Wendy_Bacon

#AVEO =Avarice at expense of older citizens.More corporate gouging like private colleges eg. CareersAustralia. Great #journalism @4Corners

@MikeCarlton01 Mike Carlton @MikeCarlton01

I wonder when we will realise that unbridled, unregulated,entrepreneurial capitalism is naked, predatory greed. #4Corners

@MikeCarlton01 Mike Carlton @MikeCarlton01

Huge audience for #4Corners aged care program last night. 1.341 million viewers - almost as many as Chris Kenny gets for his fabulous show !

@MikeCarlton01 Mike Carlton @MikeCarlton01

And where is @KenWyattMP Federal Minister for Aged Care ? As useful as tits on a bull. #4Corners

@WorldOfMarkyD Mark 🔴⚪️🔵🎶 @WorldOfMarkyD

"donations" to Liberal Party 💰Aged Care Association WA $7,500 💰Freshfields Aged Care $53,500 💰McKenzie Aged Care $20,000 #4corners #AusPol

@pamelajoydavid2 Pamela Joy Davidson @pamelajoydavid2

@4corners @abcnews Hi

@smh @smh

‘Bleed 'em dry til they die’: the horrors faced by retirees - for a profit. A Fairfax Media-#4corners investigation:

@barriecassidy Barrie Cassidy @barriecassidy

Around about now #4Corners

@JohnDunmoreLang John Dunmore Lang @JohnDunmoreLang

Liberal Senator Ken White said he will look into #Aveo just as soon as he finishes counting the donations #4Corners #Lateline

@RadioMonash Radio Monash News @RadioMonash

#BREAKING Aveo's website has crashed in the middle of an alarmingly revealing report on #4Corners #Aveo

@MikeCarlton01 Mike Carlton @MikeCarlton01

This is a sadly familiar story for me. Aveo ripped off my elderly mother with cynical, rapacious greed. #4Corners

@ElizabethJMars ElizabethJMars @ElizabethJMars

@slsandpet How much does Aveo donate to political parties. Another reason for a federal ICAC #4Corners

@intestinalworm Paul @intestinalworm

Follow the $$$$sss - all the way to Sydney Harbour! Criminal conduct - dirty money and totally shameful! Are you…

@phealixe Michael Johnson @phealixe

@4corners @theage @smh Time to #stormthebastille . Need legislative ACTION from @TurnbullMalcolm to destroy immoral…

@NannanBay Nannan Nelson Bay @NannanBay

Govt has just deregulated #agedcare giving the likes of AVEO and Freedom/Aveo free reign to rip of aged and vulnerable. #4corners

@MsRonnyB RonnyB @MsRonnyB

Ken Wyatt LNP Minister for Health had not yet read the damning #Aveo report on Aged Care #4corners #TheProjectTV #RetirementVillages #auspol

@WorldOfMarkyD Mark 🔴⚪️🔵🎶 @WorldOfMarkyD

💰Bupa Australia have "donated" $283,000 to Liberal Party they've also gotten into the Aged Care sector #4corners #AusPol

@PSyvret Paul Syvret @PSyvret

Ain't unfettered neoliberal economics just grand. #4corners ... let the free market prey at will.

@afcoory Anne Frandi-Coory @afcoory

Current owner of #Aveo is a young billionaire whose father is in prison in Hongkong for corporate fraud;son now defrauds retirees #4corners

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