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@4corners 4corners @4corners

Did you know Australians have the second-highest level of household debt in the world? #4Corners…

@neighbour_s Sally Neighbour @neighbour_s

Australians owe twice as much as they earn. Gulp. #4Corners

@mikejanda Michael Janda @mikejanda

Tune in to @4corners tonight to hear how dubious lending standards & incentives fueled Australia's property boom

@MichaelPascoe01 Michael Pascoe @MichaelPascoe01

I have enormous respect for @4Corners but tonight's effort was shoddy, a beat-up on a number of counts. Housing debt not that simple.

@MichaelPascoe01 Michael Pascoe @MichaelPascoe01

re @4Corners Nothing much has fundamentally changed since this - the last Sydney bubble burst.

@teakingw Travis @teakingw

It's investors driving unsustainable prices & they are predominately the wealthiest 20% exploiting generous tax con…

@MikeCarlton01 Mike Carlton @MikeCarlton01

Why does anyone give a fuck what Moody's thinks. They didn't just miss the GFC. They helped cause it. #4Corners

@Peter_Fox59 Peter Fox 🦊🏳️‍🌈 @Peter_Fox59

#4corners 7 houses in 2yrs & aiming to buy 20! Is this the 'mum & dad investors' Morrison keeps promoting? Negative gearing Rort.

@MrDenmore Mr Denmore @MrDenmore

1. Cut negative gearing. 2. Scrap CGT discount on property 3. Ban commission-paid mortgage brokers 4. Royal Commission into banks #4Corners

@mikejanda Michael Janda @mikejanda

Wanna know why Australia has a housing bubble? Watch @m_brisso's excellent @4corners tonight. Taster online now:…

@LesStonehouse Politic@l Spinner @LesStonehouse

Already ordered and made ready to put in place 😠 #Corrupt . @4corners @abc730 #auspol some investigation please

@trends5au Trends5Australia @trends5au

Top 5: 1: #SolarEclipse2017 +1 2: #qanda -1 3: #gamescom2017 4: Taylor 5: #4corners

@BubbaMacLeod Bubba MacLeod™🕗 @BubbaMacLeod

@neighbour_s @4corners When will 4corners discuss irrational doctrine of endless growth, especially population growth?

@1omhind ام امين @1omhind

Listen 🎧🎶to the best song👇👇 … #dance #SouhilaBenLachhab #qanda #4corners #SolarEclipse2017 #LiberalMPAnnSudmalis

@GorgiCoghlan Gorgi Coghlan @GorgiCoghlan

Watched 'The Big Short' last night and now @4corners tonight. Truly terrifying. #householddebt #somethinghastogive #housingbubble

@WorldOfMarkyD Mark ✊🏻🔴⚪️🔵 @WorldOfMarkyD

donations to Liberal Party 2013-16 💰ANZ $359,000 💰Westpac $10,309,187 💰NAB $685,884 💰CommBank $1,048,600 💰Macquarie Ltd $672,440 #4corners

@4corners_london 4Corners @4corners_london

New @virusinvader print being released on Thursday from @Lazarides_Art details below....good…

@Joe_Hildebrand Joe Hildebrand @Joe_Hildebrand

Great report on the housing crisis by #4Corners. I suggest bank CEOs do a certain Sleepout:

@eric_r_elliott Eric Elliott @eric_r_elliott

Tonight's #MurrayDarling another reason why we need an independent #abc #4Corners

@bazzio101 Bazzio101 @bazzio101

@MichaelPascoe01 @4corners

@MichaelPascoe01 @4corners

@iwantmynbn #FixTheNBN 🌈 @iwantmynbn

Mr Harbourside Mansion says to "live within your means". Will he support a Banking Royal Commission? #4Corners

@trends5au Trends5Australia @trends5au

Top 5: 1: #qanda 2: #SolarEclipse2017 3: #gamescom2017 +8 4: Taylor -1 5: #4corners -1

@theUNCLEdaily the UNCLE daily @theUNCLEdaily

Property is a cult. Sure rent money is dead money but so is interest paid to a bank. No shelter comes for free. #4corners #auspol

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