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@thebaemarcus Marcus @thebaemarcus

SADLY today is not that day

@Callmerahhh Poker Face Fan Account @Callmerahhh

If teachers had guns, she'd air this room out SMH

@renci_miranda Renci Miranda @renci_miranda

Paano ba mag move on sa isang katulad mo?

@saamespiritu sam 🐣 @saamespiritu


@vojtarut Vojta 🎬 @vojtarut

@JullHoz I když jedna věc se rapidně změnila. A ta věc je: Renči prospěch. 🙂😂😂😂😂

@renci_miranda Renci Miranda @renci_miranda

🐱 #snapchat

🐱 #snapchat

@renci_miranda Renci Miranda @renci_miranda

Zero visibility pa rin. 😂

@renci_miranda Renci Miranda @renci_miranda

It depends on the situation.

@Necoke_Lane 𝓝𝓮𝓬𝓸𝓵𝓮 ✍🏽 @Necoke_Lane

Akon "if ya lookin' for me I'll be on the block, with my thang cocked possibly sittin' on a drop, cause I'm a rider…

@mihemed Mehmet Sanri @mihemed

Bragewrem Celal, Lêzan,delal billê:Be Kaweyi kurit neçête garac, bo seferî Slêmanî boye ewe nebû demanzanî, lewê ş…

@rencijain965 Renci Jain @rencijain965

You have discovered me, along with your imagination is send at the arouse of skimming over my of deceased updated p…

@rencijain965 Renci Jain @rencijain965

I understand few raw woman doing the job that the adulteress of these are practically residing qualified exceptions…

@LBNLcs Berkeley Lab CS @LBNLcs

RT @TheNextPlatform: Looking Back: The Evolution of #HPC Power, Efficiency and Reliability - TNP "The Interview" se…

@leeannchelsea19 leann.👑 @leeannchelsea19

If Renci Don’t Quit Yelling “Crip!!” We Ain’t Gone Make It Home 😂😂💀💀

@therealmxdbrbie Jae 🦋 @therealmxdbrbie

I need more $$$ and less problems 🙄

@ohthats_renci Renci..✨ @ohthats_renci

2 people followed me and 2 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by

@iamjayheinz Jay Heinz @iamjayheinz

@steven_king The Comm Dept has RENCI's old RED with a set of prime lenses. You should see if you can grab them.

@MapaResistencia MapaDeLaResistencia @MapaResistencia

@MAClasistas Movimiento de Agrupaciones Clasistas @MAClasistas

Comenzó en el #HospitalPosadas el #EncuentroTrabajadoresEnLucha contra el ajuste y los despidos

Comenzó en el #HospitalPosadas el #Encue...

@ohthats_renci Renci..✨ @ohthats_renci

This going be my first time .

@ohthats_renci Renci..✨ @ohthats_renci

I hope it come out right . 🤞

@ohthats_renci Renci..✨ @ohthats_renci

I guess I’ll try to make my own pasta today.

@dayanersss Repa💜 @dayanersss


@renci_miranda Renci Miranda @renci_miranda

Wala ng seryosong lalaki ngayon. 🙄

@HugotDre Hugot @HugotDre

Sana naiinform tayo na sasaktan lang pala tayo ng mga taong pipiliin nating mahalin.

@Emotions2k17 E m o t i o n s . @Emotions2k17

Dear heart, Sorry for the pain everyday. 🙃💔

@renci_miranda Renci Miranda @renci_miranda

Pakyu 🖕🏻

@FeelingsBible Unsaid Feelings @FeelingsBible

i keep so much pain inside myself i grasp my anger and loneliness and hold it in my chest it has changed me into…

@renci_miranda Renci Miranda @renci_miranda

It will never come again

@MarvBrownFilms Marv Brown #SWIL @MarvBrownFilms

Drake’s ‘God’s Plan’ Music Video Inspired Me Differently 😢🙏🏾❤️

Drake’s ‘God’s Plan’ Music Video Inspire...

@__janaeeeee Ariana's Mother✨ @__janaeeeee

I’m a bomb ass girlfriend I swear the only thing you’d have to deal with is my mood swings and my smart ass mouth

@__renci mama🐻 @__renci

My goal is to breastfeed until my baby is one.

@TweetLikeAGirI Tweet Like A Girl @TweetLikeAGirI

it's been 2 years since this video was released, and each day it becomes more and more important...

it's been 2 years since this video was r...

@CarioSlime bree @CarioSlime

Being a kids size in shoes is a blessing!!!!

@ohthats_renci Renci..✨ @ohthats_renci

I love my daddy so much bruh . 😩❤️

@renci_miranda Renci Miranda @renci_miranda

Goodmorning Saturday!!! 💃

Goodmorning Saturday!!! 💃

@renci_miranda Renci Miranda @renci_miranda

Ang sakit pag yung mahal mo nagka anak sa ibang babae. Yan kasi! Di ko talent ang lumandi kaya mas nanalo ang malandi sa maganda. #realtalk

@renci_miranda Renci Miranda @renci_miranda

In short, I’m falling for an idiot. 🙄

@PrfectFeelings feelings @PrfectFeelings

I'm not the person I used to be, I admit, a lot of shit got to me.

@renci_miranda Renci Miranda @renci_miranda

Hindi sa bitter ako ah. Nagsasabi lang ako ng reality base sa na experience ko sa exes ko lalo na sa minahal ko per…

@renci_miranda Renci Miranda @renci_miranda

Paano kung you both chose as friends? 🙂

@renci_miranda Renci Miranda @renci_miranda

Minahal mo, binigay mo lahat lahat pati pagkatao mo tapos iiwan ka lang? Galing mo din e!

@ivangotaltarot Ivan Gotal Tarot @ivangotaltarot

Hvala ti Renči od ❤️ za maslinovo ulje, a Željku hvala od ❤️ za Rapsku tortu.

@ohthats_renci Renci..✨ @ohthats_renci

Idk why this money not depositing in my account through cash app . 😩

@little_bibu 문구온F10작은비버 @little_bibu

@renci_happy 아 진짜....안 그랬음 좋겠어요...

@little_bibu 문구온F10작은비버 @little_bibu

@renci_happy ㅇㅇ...........................넘.....많아 서...

@Gorgeous_Pride Pretty 👑 @Gorgeous_Pride

My baby is getting so big 🙃😭 like slow down

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