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@bloefeld437 Michael the anti pc @bloefeld437



@Neologicality Kenneth Taylor @Neologicality

ATTENTION THERESA MAY & AMBER RUDD !! I am the one on the left !! I am 80 years old and wish to publicly inform y… https://t.co/W1VYH8rwrp

@hampshirecat Spectra @hampshirecat

NO ONE believes you Dodgy coppers letting little girls get raped because it's not PC to stop it #WorldSleepDay Cou… https://t.co/JEqA9iosQg

@Lou_i5e Nigella @Lou_i5e

What is this country coming to when opposing Muslim rape gangs is seen as Hate Speech?? https://t.co/l7j4wiSrvO

@PrisonPlanet Paul Joseph Watson @PrisonPlanet

Hungarian Prime Minister: ‘Those Who Do Not Halt Mass Migration Are Lost: Slowly But Surely They Are Consumed’ https://t.co/fguuUupuPm

@Lou_i5e Nigella @Lou_i5e

Jailed for what the majority are thinking, meanwhile others are allowed to act without fear of punishment, what has… https://t.co/FKjakG6USe

@NadineDorries Nadine Dorries @NadineDorries

Are the @BBCNews going to issue a statement informing us all why they are refusing to cover the worst child sex gro… https://t.co/NFheHV9vXD

@Jonteinspain John DeVries @Jonteinspain

How I detest this government. They are doing the same with Golding and Fransen as they did with Robinson which is t… https://t.co/W3MwxqEh3S

@TookEnglandBack The English Brexiteer 🇬🇧 @TookEnglandBack

Whether it's: Pakistani Rape Gangs Black knife gangs Russian poisonings East European sex traffickers Albanian maf… https://t.co/L9N1k68NgN

@hampshirecat Spectra @hampshirecat

@oflynnmep You are joking !! The threat from Russia looks distant and suspect in the face of the REAL threats here… https://t.co/yBxEWpgNy2

@dunstablian John @dunstablian

UK bans the use of training dog collars labelling them cruel whilst continuing to allow the slaughter of millions o… https://t.co/s119sdh1RH

@JonD99 Jonathon Davies @JonD99

Russia: currently 0 deaths proven (subject to change.) "Highly likely, robust response, expel diplomats, etc" Isla… https://t.co/KNky6Jcu5N

@V_of_Europe Voice of Europe @V_of_Europe

Dutch MEP charged for saying 'Muslims will launch Europe straight back into the Middle Ages' https://t.co/1G6Km7KLi9

@LiarMPs LIAR MPs @LiarMPs

These children never stood a chance. #Telford https://t.co/PoIO5Ds3po

@PrisonPlanet Paul Joseph Watson @PrisonPlanet

Sweden: TV Show Describes Youths Who Gang Raped Woman For 10 Hours as “Victims” https://t.co/T1vEAvJEeK

@bloefeld437 Michael the anti pc @bloefeld437

@CromwellStuff @Twitter really recommend https://t.co/bsmC8ypuUj

@bloefeld437 Michael the anti pc @bloefeld437

Just been suspended for a week for tweeting the #ManchesterArena bombing was carried out by a muslim terrorists an… https://t.co/MmqTQwNTwk

@KeithMuray Lord Keithelot Kingsman. 🔱🇬🇧 @KeithMuray

I’m back now, I got banned for 12 hours, Apparently if someone commits many terrible and unthinkable crimes then th… https://t.co/VEqrmCxvDH

@hampshirecat Spectra @hampshirecat

"If you think......" "You might be......" Besiktas Jim Bowen Thiago Atalanta For our Bayern Munich Altior Tiger R… https://t.co/djPdag3692

@Gareth91882603 Gareth🇬🇧🇺🇸🇪🇸🇫🇷🇮🇹 @Gareth91882603

KFC f*cks up Chicken order Skynews bores us Stupid over it for days 😕😕 A 1000 girls get Raped and the Cesspit Skyne… https://t.co/WglKLANBbJ

@AMDWaters Anne Marie Waters @AMDWaters

What's wrong with saying Allah is gay? Are they suggesting there's something wrong with being gay? Isn't that a h… https://t.co/4xtkn5INI5

@OkKelly22 Kelly @OkKelly22

When I was a schoolgirl, not one of my very large circle of friends had a “gender crisis” Divorced parents were unu… https://t.co/U2v8PqtEhK

@AMDWaters Anne Marie Waters @AMDWaters

BBC playing down Telford, nothing to see here. Police say "I don't believe Telford is any worse than lots of place… https://t.co/dGQ9oygPGA

@LTHlondon LTH🇬🇧london @LTHlondon

#PMQs May AND Corbyn both make it their FIRST priority to condemn something unacceptable done to Muslims. White wo… https://t.co/LpF9nG2U3U

@smartnotstupid 🤔 @smartnotstupid

In Banana Republic News today: ‘The Home Office laid out the red carpet for 100’s of returning Jihadis, but a dang… https://t.co/qd2UWDCCBy

@PrisonPlanet Paul Joseph Watson @PrisonPlanet

Farage on treatment of Southern, Pettibone and Sellner by UK government: 'In a free society, we should be allowed t… https://t.co/ppsSfBds2J

@RitaPanahi Rita Panahi @RitaPanahi

I’m sure the BBC will get around to reporting on the mass abuse/rape of vulnerable girls when they finish their 64-… https://t.co/AEYERJK1iQ

@bloefeld437 Michael the anti pc @bloefeld437

@MartinDaubney Typical.. blame ANYTHING except islam..

@hampshirecat Spectra @hampshirecat

One ( 1 ) Russian spy gets poisoned - Government goes NUCLEAR! Thousands ( 1000's ) of young British girls get rap… https://t.co/dkTsAbCuAW

@JWilliamXIII William @JWilliamXIII

Allowed to speak at Speaker's Corner: Karl Marx ✅ Vladimir Lenin ✅ George Orwell ✅ Every Islamist in Britain ✅ No… https://t.co/ULHLI2pPWW

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