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🇬🇧🇬🇧HAPPY TO BE BRITISH 🇬🇧🇬🇧 Unlike some these days ❤ ❤Spectra is the cat ❤❤


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@MarkACollett Mark Collett @MarkACollett

The failure of multiculturalism can be illustrated by the type of policing that is now needed to keep the peace. Di… https://t.co/FWlm1Eqdcl

@mikelallen6 michael allen @mikelallen6

The EU has now told May that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed is no longer satisfactory . The EU now in… https://t.co/xiDJsF04j3

@SocialM85897394 The Core @SocialM85897394

Labour has a big problem. Labour likes immigration, a lot. But traditional working class Labour voters don't like… https://t.co/dWKJdm763M

@V_of_Europe Voice of Europe @V_of_Europe

Austria joins Eastern Europe! Rejects EU plans for more migrants https://t.co/9dZ7gcPf3t

@PrisonPlanet Paul Joseph Watson @PrisonPlanet

This is not what I voted for. This is not democracy. https://t.co/7U5xPJ3tDN

@YesBrexit Yes Brexit @YesBrexit

It's evident that EU will not agree to any deal short of status quo or worse. Spineless @theresa_may has brought th… https://t.co/1NkfGujziE

@StirringTrouble Alexander Nekrassov @StirringTrouble

That memorial service in St Paul's for the #GrenfellTower fire victims shows what May's Britain is all about. Loony… https://t.co/ncvLJKr9aX

@DVATW David Vance @DVATW

When will the many victims of Jihad in this country get a service at St. Paul’s? https://t.co/oAAUE0Rpt3

@AMDWaters Anne Marie Waters @AMDWaters

There's been a tragic fire in London, and the response is to have Muslim children (wearing overt symbols of Islamic… https://t.co/SBtmhozdXH

@AMDWaters Anne Marie Waters @AMDWaters

As the censorship increases, it's more and more important that we share these videos with as many people as we can.… https://t.co/Dhc3q7XWo2

@memphisbbq77 Whitey McPrivilege 🥃 @memphisbbq77

@JaydaBF Congratulations on your victory over the far left totalitarians

@JaydaBF Jayda Fransen @JaydaBF

VICTORY! Judge throws out police attempts to imprison Jayda! https://t.co/jUgbEqieqF

VICTORY! Judge throws out police attempt...

@_samcorfield Sam Corfield @_samcorfield

Dont support these two, but their crime is political. They should not be facing prison for words. https://t.co/1Dyb2PbvT7

@PeterSweden7 PeterSweden @PeterSweden7

The UK will now ban advertisements containing traditional women cleaning and cooking because it promotes "harmful s… https://t.co/qH04EVYccb

@Nigel_Farage Nigel Farage @Nigel_Farage

If the trade talks don't start until March then why did @Theresa_May leave Downing Street so early last Friday? We'… https://t.co/MGnHrHNdfC

@AMDWaters Anne Marie Waters @AMDWaters

Petition to leave the EU immediately is gaining ground. We need a petition to ask the government to do something w… https://t.co/yWAQXN41AP

@Nigel_Farage Nigel Farage @Nigel_Farage

If the Remainer rebellion in the House of Commons makes you angry, just wait until the unelected House of Lords get… https://t.co/WXd5cuxFaU

@UKfollowgain UK Patriot Gain 🔱 @UKfollowgain

Thanks quisling Conservative Party members We are 100% guaranteed a real Marxist Labour government because you are… https://t.co/zzpyeTrIqg

@Ngarbuttmoore Nathan Garbutt Moore @Ngarbuttmoore

Well done Frank Field & @KateHoeyMP, the ONLY 2 Labour MPs who had the guts to vote against politicians overruling… https://t.co/NbTUDOWpbB

@JamesHasson20 James Hasson @JamesHasson20

Who among us hasn't opened an unlocked gym locker, found an unlocked smart phone among its contents, used it to log… https://t.co/Ghw4jVRWT7

@LeaveEUOfficial LEAVE.EU 🇬🇧 @LeaveEUOfficial

We hope they pay a heavy political price for their disloyalty. These faux Conservatives must be deselected and repl… https://t.co/tNv7XDkqjv

@KateHoeyMP Kate Hoey @KateHoeyMP

True democracy will be restored when the UK finally leaves the anti democratic European Union -March 2019 https://t.co/5O8DfVaREJ

@cllrjoeporter Cllr Joe Porter 🇬🇧 @cllrjoeporter

Any Conservative MPs who voted against the government on #Amendment7 - including Dominic Grieve, Stephen Hammond, K… https://t.co/Ogj74ZUlcs

@RedHotSquirrel Robert Kimbell @RedHotSquirrel

When a parliament no longer serves the needs of the people, it ceases to serve any beneficial purpose. The time for reform has arrived.

@PeterSweden7 PeterSweden @PeterSweden7

The irony with Sweden is, even though it's supposed to be socialist and "equal", Sweden is in fact run by a very sm… https://t.co/hsJa8PznnT

@hampshirecat Spectra @hampshirecat

Treason against British democracy is never "in the interests of everyone" #ScotBudget #SantasAutobiographyTitle… https://t.co/LRdc7jIhP1

@vandives A E V @vandives

I’m gravely concerned for both the women who suffer sexual assault, and the men who are falsely accused of sexual a… https://t.co/GXiuWi5xXz

@hampshirecat Spectra @hampshirecat

Clearly we don't understand the internal nuances of American politics, but how is this a good thing???… https://t.co/zW0BYoU9du

@Real_Assange_ Julian Assange 🧢 @Real_Assange_

@Twitter just deleted this tweet with no explanation as to why. I’m posting it again. Please retweet! Leaked medi… https://t.co/QqjykqWhrp

@HuwGruffydd Huw Gruffydd @HuwGruffydd

The scale of Islamic mass murders, during its 1400+ year history should come as no surprise to anyone who knows th… https://t.co/CeTiW26iAi

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