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Skhohtane samampela, part of short 3D animated clips of the daily endeavors of izikhothane.


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@MlindoRSA @SunELMusician Bamthathile. Got me feeling so emotional ... Made me think about my ex #AfricaToTheWorld https://t.co/CFMspHhAzR

@MlindoRSA  @SunELMusician Bamthathile....

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@Gwiinya Phe

@Siyabon28253230 @msiyasi lah @Siyabon28253230

@Gwiinya Phe

@kay_ricado 👑Kay the sonnet👑 @kay_ricado

No debit no credit 😂😂😂💰💳💵 https://t.co/DEaqlAMYO4

@gwiinya Gwinya @gwiinya

Uyazi mos, izinja ze game😎😎😎 https://t.co/89lvHYJjce

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Phe https://t.co/HlScEfwCcj

@gwiinya Gwinya @gwiinya

Yithi “phe” and the timeline will be covered in Ncam Nce. https://t.co/T0Uom7QtS1

Yithi “phe” and the timeline will be cov...

@SbuIsKing King Sbu @SbuIsKing

@Ayanda_Dlams @Mosensei No secret here they sacrificed a lot of their lives so we could live and be happy, they sa… https://t.co/aypL8UGXam

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My team and @sunelmusician are in New York City! We working with the best. I’m not there yet but soon I’ll be able… https://t.co/UdTKa97XZn

@Yfm #Yfm @Yfm

MUSIC NEWS 🚨 - It looks like @SunELMusician is in studio with @THEREALSWIZZZ Are you excited to hear what magic t… https://t.co/qTUSb8yYjP

@gwiinya Gwinya @gwiinya

Friday feeling #KhothEkhothayo https://t.co/dVvorVRnfF

Friday feeling
#KhothEkhothayo https://t...

@animschoolsorg Animation Schools @animschoolsorg


@animschoolsorg Animation Schools @animschoolsorg



Finely crafted in Italy, the #Carvela Junior Patent Moccasin range is an example of Italian luxury that can be worn… https://t.co/wB3cXbUPux


Add a touch of understated and undeniable sophistication to any weekend ensemble with a pair of #Carvela Embossed S… https://t.co/kDmQaCiCf3

@gwiinya Gwinya @gwiinya

Izinja🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/VBGSRsmKtq

@gwiinya Gwinya @gwiinya

🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/FuBGAoWhzR

@gwiinya Gwinya @gwiinya

🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿 Inspirational. https://t.co/gIpZLuGAru

@gwiinya Gwinya @gwiinya

@SMtima16 🔥🔥🔥

@SMtima16 4:20AM @SMtima16

The Skhothane culture is back and invading streets in SA💰💳💲👞👖📱👅 https://t.co/Dp37sn8pnu

@gwiinya Gwinya @gwiinya

Your intelligence needs a lift. https://t.co/xfFGz4amJU

@gwiinya Gwinya @gwiinya

Izinja #KhothEkhothayo https://t.co/3xrJ0pctlK

#KhothEkhothayo https://t.co/3xrJ...

@PrinceKaybee_SA Prince Kaybee @PrinceKaybee_SA

Been playing around with this lead synth the whole night🤔 https://t.co/LijKgrLpU0

Been playing around with this lead synth...

@gwiinya Gwinya @gwiinya

Friday feeling. https://t.co/V8BzYPR3mm

Friday feeling. https://t.co/V8BzYPR3mm

@gwiinya Gwinya @gwiinya

Deleting your tweet is free😒 https://t.co/eiFMUSUkEd

@i_D i-D @i_D

Wrapped up in print, gold and grills, immerse yourself in the world of Skhothane. WATCH: http://t.co/lXhlEZwM5Q http://t.co/KaDh2Z0evz

Wrapped up in print, gold and grills, im...

@gwiinya Gwinya @gwiinya

@lebohanglech Izinja 🔥🔥🔥

@lebohanglech Błäçk_Łøøńëŕ @lebohanglech

@Gwiinya https://t.co/BR6uiipB0o

@TheAfricanVault AFRICAN FACTS @TheAfricanVault

A Ghanaian teacher, who didn't have access to a computer to use to show his students an example of what a computer… https://t.co/IrgMK7wHqK

@gwiinya Gwinya @gwiinya

Let me show you how to walk on a Friday. #KhothEkhothayo https://t.co/bs7bzkzOvo

Let me show you how to walk on a Friday....

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