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when will the world wake up to the truth...

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@Eminem Marshall Mathers @Eminem

#REVIVAL OUT NOW - https://t.co/1acPseclKb https://t.co/BsQHhPXZi8

#REVIVAL OUT NOW - https://t.co/1acPsecl...

@gunsta33 gunsta33 @gunsta33

@Eminem listening to "Like Home" from #REVIVAL , you smashed it! #DonaldTrump should listen to track no9... #World #No1 #Hit #USA #UK

@brendanjharkin Brendan Hark! The Herald Angels Sing @brendanjharkin

I am going to spend today laughing at the fact Paul Golding came over here to support Jayda Fransen and the PSNI we… https://t.co/mkcLIBQRNg

@HerNameIs_Bea Bea @HerNameIs_Bea

If I didn't tell you Today... #JerusalemIsTheCapitalofPalestine #JerusalemCapitalOfPalestine#AlQuds Lens Islam… https://t.co/Hn8e8xL9zn

@gunsta33 gunsta33 @gunsta33

#Tragic. Exactly what you expect in country that elected the countries lead criminal as it's leader - @nerendermodi… https://t.co/z0p4vvhQrz

@gunsta33 gunsta33 @gunsta33

@taslimanasreen No you don't, monsters look much better than you ever will!

@gunsta33 gunsta33 @gunsta33

#COWARDs #IDF - land thieves, pussies in uniform, the illegal occupiers. using guns against children with rocks. L… https://t.co/wGl7xXRHP4

@MPSTowerHam Tower Hamlets MPS @MPSTowerHam

Great work today by the Street Duties team engaging members of the public outside Mile End Tube Station providing C… https://t.co/wpI1lDJIrf

@gunsta33 gunsta33 @gunsta33

This #PREVENT bollocks is an absolute #JOKE just this stupid #Tory Government! They don't want #Muslim they want to… https://t.co/1Omh3XDlkO

@gunsta33 gunsta33 @gunsta33

Rohingya Muslim death toll hit 6,700 in one month, say #DoctorsWithoutBoarders - @OfficialSuuKyi very hot where you… https://t.co/1mJjZmG1dP

@gunsta33 gunsta33 @gunsta33

@China #RESPECT! https://t.co/pfgXoJ79tw

@gunsta33 gunsta33 @gunsta33

@chrisjmcmillan May be if #DailyMail started paying it's fair share of #UK #Tax then people might just give a F***… https://t.co/Idxag0ZYU0

@gunsta33 gunsta33 @gunsta33

@Nigel_Farage Career Politician hey.... £2m of taxpayers' money in expenses and allowances as a member of the… https://t.co/u8l978HPby

@DavidLammy David Lammy @DavidLammy

1. You've been an Member of the European Parliament since the 20th century and ran for Parliament 7 times 2. You sa… https://t.co/SzU9TIuw2M

@gunsta33 gunsta33 @gunsta33

'very deliberate genocide' & "will to intervene" on the #Rohingya crisis is missing, says former @UN General… https://t.co/XrN79f8lB8

@gunsta33 gunsta33 @gunsta33

Can't believe any thing the #Tories implement https://t.co/RSpKWhu7m5

@haaretzcom Haaretz.com @haaretzcom

Opinion: Liberal American Jews can no longer reconcile the enlightened Israel of their dreams with the reality of a… https://t.co/sKLSQHAOEy

@gunsta33 gunsta33 @gunsta33

@realDonaldTrump - #AlabamaSenateElection Hahaha hahaha! In ya orange face!

@lsarsour Linda Sarsour @lsarsour

If Alabama comes through for Jones, it'll be because Black people saved us. When will we learn in investing in thes… https://t.co/W6vYNy6plR

@rogerwaters Roger Waters @rogerwaters

@GaryLineker All respect to you mate. Freedom, justice, equality, peace. Kids in cages is always wrong, period. The… https://t.co/nTBcEHyw1y

@MarkRuffalo Mark Ruffalo @MarkRuffalo

Love and decency prevails. Thank you Alabama! The black folks of Alabama saved the day. They should seriously get p… https://t.co/UgIxhmNZHi

@AsaWinstanley Asa Winstanley @AsaWinstanley

Celebrities break taboo on Palestine https://t.co/KZ6smfwLD8

@gunsta33 gunsta33 @gunsta33

Much love and respect to @GaryLineker, for standing firm against cruelty and injustice. https://t.co/1CHhLDwmJq

@JeremyClarkson Jeremy Clarkson @JeremyClarkson

Palestinians: why not announce that as far as you're concerned, the capital of America is London.

@PressTV Press TV @PressTV

Members of org. of Islamic cooperation deliver statement after emergency summit #FreePalestine https://t.co/RleCZPX5PY


WATCH: ‘Terror Laws & Identity’ “Just because you’re born here doesn’t make you British!” We asked 3 European nat… https://t.co/SfKv1nOdRJ

@gunsta33 gunsta33 @gunsta33

@whitford747 Spot on mate! Amazing how one religion gets away with murder (literally) and other, where everyone is… https://t.co/ARXXDydsHD

@gunsta33 gunsta33 @gunsta33

@realDonaldTrump - good advise for President, listen to this man and I swear you will learn a thing or two about… https://t.co/xRooft4sho

@gunsta33 gunsta33 @gunsta33

@UK_CAGE Aren't the #French always reminding people of the #Holocaust and branding everything with the antisemitic… https://t.co/acMmUyIhj4


French President is touring Africa and telling them how 100+ yrs of murder, rape and looting was good for them and… https://t.co/up66NbBnm0

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