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  • @ammarmalik1 I don’t believe I stated it as fact — just that it used to be true, years ago, and I think a lot of people assume it still is true. Was this from a podcast?
  • @UlurooSpeaks @NSExceptional I, for one, do not think Twitter should ever budge from rendering only plain text. The beauty of Markdown (if I say so myself) is that it reads properly even in plain text, with the punctuation showing.
  • @marcelosomers @daringfireball I would guess so, right?
  • @lightsout565 @MacSparky @macpowerusers @ismh @siracusa @atpfm If I recall correctly, a few old Mac email clients used ⌘E for Send, presumably because E is the next letter after S in the word “Send” (and ⌘S is universally reserved for Save).
  • @MacSparky @lightsout565 @macpowerusers @ismh I’ve long wondered about that shortcut. The whole range of S shortcuts are generally reserved the various Save commands, so I guess the D is from Sen_D_?

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