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@gretelsugar Gretel Armstrong @gretelsugar

@piersmorgan That'll be why you hounded out every week on here like most Arsenal fans did so this fake adoration of… https://t.co/JiJZmKqCTl

@MarshallSbar Marshall 📎🇬🇧🇺🇸 @MarshallSbar

@cj_wentz please RT the tribute to Colin, 18, we lost him today at @ChildrensPhila Pray and light a candle for hi… https://t.co/3Ut1ldCtKl

@MarshallSbar Marshall 📎🇬🇧🇺🇸 @MarshallSbar

We lost the incredibly brave Colin Delaney today a Senior at Springfield Township HS This boy fought his Cancer li… https://t.co/VH8cuTfF2m

@Hollyoaks Hollyoaks @Hollyoaks

E4 EXCLUSIVE: Nancy, Esther and Adam plot to bring Darcy down! https://t.co/lwUxiEdR1f

E4 EXCLUSIVE: Nancy, Esther and Adam plo...

@gretelsugar Gretel Armstrong @gretelsugar


@ellelljaytoo 🐾Beware of Dogma🐾 @ellelljaytoo

Ironically, #IfILivedInTheCountry - like way, out in the country, deep in the hollers - what would be considered in… https://t.co/lIDoneZtvc

@gretelsugar Gretel Armstrong @gretelsugar

@ParkLaneBlock40 Newcastle Utd will beat Spurs

@BrookeLVincent Brooke Levi Vincent @BrookeLVincent

English people as soon as the sun comes out 🙄 @JackPShepherd88☀️😎 https://t.co/cqeoc7B6ip

English people as soon as the sun comes...

@BBCR1 BBC Radio 1 @BBCR1

😱💧🌈😱💧🌈😱 @ArianaGrande's #NoTearsLeftToCry is here and it's so perfect 😍 Tune in now to hear its first play and lo… https://t.co/iSIWyF9vvs

@toontransfer Toon Transfer News @toontransfer

David Luiz on Kenedy: "I told him he would love Newcastle, I told him about the great support and atmosphere. Now h… https://t.co/EpapdYrRwb

@GaryLineker Gary Lineker @GaryLineker

Arsene Wenger is to leave @Arsenal at the end of the season. He has given much of his life to Arsenal. He has broug… https://t.co/UToI1lfTjn

@gretelsugar Gretel Armstrong @gretelsugar

@BBCSport They're not getting Rafa but I heard Pardew is available though

@guardian The Guardian @guardian

With Windrush, Theresa May mistook a national treasure for an easy target | Gary Younge https://t.co/yP0FpDHbTT

@gretelsugar Gretel Armstrong @gretelsugar

@SneijderRole But Newcastle were relegated & still had 50,000 fans so that joke makes 0 sense. Now if it had said M… https://t.co/G2BUpZoUvN

@ellelljaytoo 🐾Beware of Dogma🐾 @ellelljaytoo

When just one look👀at your expression tells everyone in the room #WhatYoureReallyThinking... You. Poor. Bastard. 🐾… https://t.co/HIsIlNz0m6

@Dazzling__Divas Divas👛 @Dazzling__Divas

Thanks for playing🎉 #NeverAskAnAngryWoman With @Dazzling__Divas Crew @GretelSugar @5Sunbeams @abtsag @GoGetChaLife… https://t.co/yBLO87shxq

@gretelsugar Gretel Armstrong @gretelsugar

@jswilliams1962 You're welcome 🙂

@gretelsugar Gretel Armstrong @gretelsugar

@newc88 You're welcome 😅

@gretelsugar Gretel Armstrong @gretelsugar

@JMoney731 😁😅

@gretelsugar Gretel Armstrong @gretelsugar

#NeverAskAnAngryWoman if she's drunk https://t.co/jABJwiT5Un

#NeverAskAnAngryWoman if she's drunk htt...

@GretelSugar Gretel Armstrong @GretelSugar

#NeverAskAnAngryWoman To clean up,the house https://t.co/PO8rr3PTop

#NeverAskAnAngryWoman To clean up,the ho...

@gretelsugar Gretel Armstrong @gretelsugar

@LievensATweet You're welcome Ben 🙂

@gretelsugar Gretel Armstrong @gretelsugar

@Royal_RannaAnna You're welcome 🙂

@gretelsugar Gretel Armstrong @gretelsugar

@JMoney731 You're welcome 🙂

@gretelsugar Gretel Armstrong @gretelsugar

@LievensATweet https://t.co/q9LhFVlQrS

@LievensATweet  https://t.co/q9LhFVlQrS

@LievensATweet Wouldn’t You Like To Know @LievensATweet

#NeverAskAnAngryWoman anything. Anything at all. Just nod.

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