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@goyalsanjeev #Intolerant भारतीय @goyalsanjeev

ये टवीट👇 कसम से आँखों में आंसू आ गए ... आप अकेले नहीं हो दोस्त😁 #इतिहास_का_पेपर https://t.co/dUGHxNQgYQ

@goyalsanjeev #Intolerant भारतीय @goyalsanjeev

Unnecessary logic confuse people and create more doubts. Simple numbers always help👇 @BJP4India should share number… https://t.co/BuYlxIEFQ5

@goyalsanjeev #Intolerant भारतीय @goyalsanjeev

Pairo me bandhan hai - What an excellent satire and super funny😆 Great work @NKDeewan !! https://t.co/aoPp39ctmV

Pairo me bandhan hai - What an excellent...

@loosebool Loose_Bull @loosebool

Sir ji , If car belongs to So Called - VVIPs including Goons/Police personal/Bahubali Neta etc - This ₹50 / reward… https://t.co/BLXEQ43UqH

@goyalsanjeev #Intolerant भारतीय @goyalsanjeev

Now a 'masoom' argument to denigrate #Padmavati's sacrifice ...😇😇 Mr @shekharkapur we loved your movies, but this… https://t.co/8m2GmoN1j2


जिस धर्म में पेड़ों की पूजा होती हो,पत्थरों की पूजा होती हो..नदियो की पूजा होती हो..पंचतत्वों की पूजा होती हो..जी… https://t.co/jO4kxkKU8A

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

I voted for BJP for over 25 years in Gujarat.. This DUMB tweet ensures I will vote for them in Guj & Centre for ano… https://t.co/bnOy16dHAP

@RitaG74 Rita @RitaG74

Look at this 👇headline of @ndtv Disgustingly, shamelessly sickening! NDTV proves once again that they will always… https://t.co/p0neuzNVml

@goyalsanjeev #Intolerant भारतीय @goyalsanjeev

Isme #RSS ka haath hai .... right @digvijaya_28 ji?😜 https://t.co/UWF9rwWMcO

@goyalsanjeev #Intolerant भारतीय @goyalsanjeev

Forget PM, they can't even think to make @capt_amarinder congress-president ....🙈 Would be interesting if he contes… https://t.co/gMpRvwjVso

@goyalsanjeev #Intolerant भारतीय @goyalsanjeev

Ha..Ha.. Media ki aukaat in @mamataofficial rule 😏 Will any so-called stalwart press champions (@bdutt… https://t.co/kbDPX7peVw

@kailashwg Kailash Wagh 🇮🇳 @kailashwg

@goyalsanjeev @narendramodi “have full faith in Judiciary” means justice can be bought? @arunjaitley @rsprasad Out… https://t.co/Stut33uM7A

@MaheshJagga Mahesh Jagga @MaheshJagga

In Udupi, shoe seller is trying to sell me a casual shoe for Rs. 650 while MRP says 399 When I point it out, he sa… https://t.co/u3NOwtEwIm

@goyalsanjeev #Intolerant भारतीय @goyalsanjeev

When it comes to scams of big-names, CBI/ED/NIA agencies are still #CagedPigeons under @narendramodi Govt ....😌 N… https://t.co/uZcI0Ld971

@RituRathaur सत्यसाधक/Truthseeker @RituRathaur

Dedicated to "padalikha ganwaar" >> @devduttmyth 😊🙏 https://t.co/FE5kB1y8rZ

@mediacrooks MediaCrooks @mediacrooks

Thats how Beauty Queens save the world, remove poverty and fight for women's rights and all that crap... https://t.co/4Wqfxcm2c4

@goyalsanjeev #Intolerant भारतीय @goyalsanjeev

@raja1260 @ManushiChhillar You can look at it that way ... its ur view :)

@rvaidya2000 RVAIDYA2000 @rvaidya2000

Absolute waste of Govt money--who cares--everyone silent-no massive protest over this waste:)))) RT https://t.co/6cSmi1OOrr

@goyalsanjeev #Intolerant भारतीय @goyalsanjeev

Ha..Ha.. Kisi ne sach hi kaha hai .. "Aurat hi aurat ki sabse badi dushman hoti hai" .. 🙈 Such is the arrogance in… https://t.co/wOrV962bZY

@TapariaLD LiladharTaparia @TapariaLD

गुजरात के सूरत के @sanghaviharsh जी भाजपा एमएलए 165-मजुरा निकल पड़े थे गुजरात की बाड़ मे, पुरे भारत मे ईतना बढ़िया… https://t.co/Ua0bm0WVkH

@goyalsanjeev #Intolerant भारतीय @goyalsanjeev

Ladies & Gentlemen ... Introducing you to our newest constitutional expert >> @shahidkapoor !! Please listen to hi… https://t.co/J0kOvHqepQ

@goyalsanjeev #Intolerant भारतीय @goyalsanjeev

Yes, same is being followed for NDTV, Prannoy-Roy and many cases as well. Very consistent☺️ #FightAgainstCorruption https://t.co/GrVmuIZwfE

@AndColorPockeT Jon Yadav @AndColorPockeT

Oh Fatima tera jhumka Oh Fatima tera burka Oh Fatima teri natkhat najariya Oh Fatima tera Sulla Aur Fatwa deta mu… https://t.co/b74TdaXpzk

@goyalsanjeev #Intolerant भारतीय @goyalsanjeev

Never expected this .... 😏 Modi'd 50-cr-gf was a direct charge... it was no pun!!! All investigations into IPL mone… https://t.co/Kr54RlhgQy

@goyalsanjeev #Intolerant भारतीय @goyalsanjeev

COLOSSAL FAILURE of CBI under @narendramodi in nabbing big-guys😕 SC had no choice but 2 let him go as CBI didn't ar… https://t.co/T6HDrmkcH4

@goyalsanjeev #Intolerant भारतीय @goyalsanjeev

As if @ShashiTharoor jibe on @ManushiChhillar wasn't enough, now ToI-chief add to the sexist-joke. What do u mean '… https://t.co/v13lgkFDD2

@ajay191803 Right is Right @ajay191803

@goyalsanjeev @ManishTewari @INCIndia Ha ha same logic these Congies use to give MMS clean chit "MMS is honest he d… https://t.co/Ibswc9YwbN

@cong_mukt_desh srisri @cong_mukt_desh

@coolfunnytshirt LOOTYENS gang @sardesairajdeep shud quickly interview @capt_amarinder to check if he has become a… https://t.co/eWpdcMvq4b

@ModiSwamy Modi Swamy @ModiSwamy

@mediacrooks These are the 8 point . . . . . . . .

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