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Welcome to the USA’s official travel & tourism organization. Be inspired to come for a #USATrip.

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@VisitCA Visit California @VisitCA

#GriffithPark in @discoverLA is the perfect spot to enjoy a romantic outdoor adventure! RT if you agree… https://t.co/IBTrJ4obzD

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@onairantara We look forward to having you in the USA, Antara! :) #USATrip

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@VISITFLORIDA Look forward to connecting again! #FLTravelChat

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Yes we are! 😀 #FLTravelChat https://t.co/RpIVsOTNta

@VisitBradenton Visit Bradenton Gulf Islands @VisitBradenton

A8. Watching a baby turtle take its first sandy steps is a turtley awesome experience. Learn more at a turtle talk… https://t.co/DohFUAVZ0d

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A8. Getting up close with nature in Gainesville! 🦋 https://t.co/7TTT6CgB4j #FLTravelChat https://t.co/Dlm0Pc3Mo3

A8. Getting up close with nature in Gain...


A7: Grande Lakes #Orlando offers families a beautiful oasis in Central #Florida that is minutes from the magic and… https://t.co/813ZuKnncY

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@TheJetSisters @GinnieSprings @VISITFLORIDA Wow, 18 years?! That's amazing! :) #FLTravelChat

@FLStateParks Florida State Parks @FLStateParks

A6: #FLStateParks are the perfect place to gather the family for some campfire cooking! #FLTravelChat https://t.co/jNhkiAk0iv

A6: #FLStateParks are the perfect place...

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A6. From unique dining experiences in theme parks to lavish seaside brunches, every town in Florida has some great… https://t.co/GNIhcAFgLk

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@MomsWanderlust Ah, we hope you're able to plan out something soon! :) #FLTravelChat

@VisitStLucie Visit St. Lucie @VisitStLucie

@VISITFLORIDA A5: We know dogs are family members, too...Walton Rocks Beach in Fort Pierce is dog-friendly!… https://t.co/lFmtPR4oiB

@EmeraldCoastFLA The Emerald Coast @EmeraldCoastFLA

@VISITFLORIDA Q5. We have so many incredible beaches in The Heart of The Emerald Coast. Here's a list of some favor… https://t.co/bQWpRFCJ2g

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@MomsWanderlust It sure does! Tell us about any destination you visited in FL recently and absolutely loved it! #FLTravelChat

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A5. Clearwater, St. Pete, Daytona, Amelia Island, Fort Lauderdale... Gosh, the list is endless! Here's a shot from… https://t.co/FNHUSxMurc

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@DeeringEstate We are on our way! 😉 #FLTravelChat

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@FINDRENTALS That sounds like a complete experience! #FLTravelChat

@KidsInParks Kids in Parks @KidsInParks

@VISITFLORIDA A3. Never met a kid who wasn't over the moon with excitement at the incredible wildlife in the @EvergladesNPS ! #FLTravelchat

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@AlongfortheTrip @UniversalORL Nothing beats the Theme Park experience! :) #FLTravelChat

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@corcovadolove Did you have a favourite Florida destination then, Emily? #FLTravelChat

@visitlakefl Visit Lake FL @visitlakefl

A3: For adventurous kids that want to explore the "Real Florida," make a stop at one of our many U-pick farms, like… https://t.co/zcYTQxVpN8

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A3. Nothing spells more fun for kids than theme parks! In fact, we have a perfect guide for exploring three most po… https://t.co/27bNV3oMDd

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@VISITFLORIDA A2. Age appropriate activities & entertainment, access to child care, baby equipment rental service a… https://t.co/bT7HcIHLpo

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@AlongfortheTrip Gorgeous! #FLTravelChat

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Today is Mardi Gras! Known as one of the hallmarks of New Orleans with its bountiful dancing, food, and sounds of j… https://t.co/fCE2qcokvX

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@sorasmly We would love to have you over, Emely! 😀 #USATrip Cc. @GoUSAjp

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Spring will soon be knocking on our doors! Have you started planning your next family vacation yet? Come along as w… https://t.co/rhikvEbQLR

@NebraskaTourism NebraskaTourism @NebraskaTourism

We can't stop thinking about the upcoming crane migration! #VisitNebraska https://t.co/AKbEAFGHD4

We can't stop thinking about the upcomin...

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@authoramish Welcome to Boston! Hope you've a great stay here. :) #USATrip

@VisitOrlando Visit Orlando @VisitOrlando

With #winter coming to a close, it's time to look forward to springtime festivals! From now through the end of spri… https://t.co/b2moYFOFz2

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